Samson the super hero cat


He’s pure white and Samson is not only good looking but he has a wonderful temperament.   All the other cats around the sanctuary think he is quite a hero and he gets more than his normal share of admiration.    Samson is quite a laid back chap and although he likes to have a roam round and check out his pals, he loves home comforts –  cushions, heated pads, fleeces, soft music, a saucer of chopped up meat with jelly….. well, you get the idea.   Samson came in through no  fault of his own and would be a perfect companion for any cat lover.   He loves fuss and cuddles and is always pleased to see you.   A home where he is the ‘one and only’ would be the best although we find him to be sociable with other cats, he does love to have your sole attention ….keep stroking, just behind my ear, yes that’s the spot … purr, purr, purr.

Samson is about three years old and has been neutered and vaccinated.   Unlike some of the white cats he has perfect hearing and the most beautiful limpid green/grey eyes.    Please do come and meet him if you are looking for a new feline friend, he is a favourite, undemanding and polite member of the sanctuary team and we would love to find him a wonderful home.