Fidlin Horse for Adoption – Rehomed

Fidlin came to us in a very poor state last year. He’d been neglected due to his families circumstances and was due to be euthanised as he had no where to go. He started his racing career at the age of 3yrs and in his younger days was a champion racehorse. He’s won many a race and travelled all over the country. We just had to save him. When he arrived at the sanctuary he was stressed and withdrawn. He’d been neglected for some time and was in poor condition. We noticed straight off that he had a problem with his mouth. After a visit from the dentist to sort some sharp teeth out that had caused painful ulcers and pedicure from our wonderful farrier, Fidlin started to feel much better. We also checked for internal parasites by sending off samples to the lab and treated him for a large worm count.

After a few weeks, we felt that Fid would benefit from some other company and we turned him out with our elderly and retired horses. We’re not sure if he’d ever been out in a herd before as it took him a little while to adjust. The other horses made him feel very welcome and he soon slotted in to the pecking order. He has spent the winter out with this herd and has proved to be a real gentleman. After his spring health check he got a clean bill of health. The Vet commented on how well he is looking and that he might benefit from being brought back in to light work. He loves cuddles and kisses, loves being groomed and loves company of both horses and humans. He has made friends with our sheep, cats and miniature Shetlands too.
Being a retired athlete Fidlin is used to being stabled, travels like a pro and has good manners. He does now enjoy being out though too, grazing with friends is really important for a horses wellbeing.

We’d love to find Fidlin his forever home with a loving family. One where he can have some one to one attention and have all the cuddles and love this wonderful horse deserves. He will need to be bought back in to work gently and with someone who has experience. We have started doing some work with him on the ground and he is lovely to handle. We find that groundwork/natural horsemanship etc is a great way to bond with a horse.

If you would like more information about offering this wonderful horse a forever home please get in touch.