Pets for adoption

cats - snowy 7Snowy has a lovely home all ready for him, thank you.   We don’t offer our rescued animals for adoption until they have had a health check, been vaccinated and we’ve assessed their personality and behaviour.  Matching people to pets is vital, we want you both to be well suited and happy!

Many of our dogs aren’t available for adoption until they have settled down and are behaving well.  Some have health problems and we have to get these cleared up before they can go to a new home.  Not all animals brought in can be adopted, they stay here for a long time, sometimes the rest of their life.  Quirky animal behaviour doesn’t bother us!

We have cats here who are too feisty for domestic bliss.  Others spray or are unpredictable.  We never put any healthy pet to sleep and these misfits stay with us.  We actually have a cat called Misfit but she is becoming calmer.   Most of the behavioural problems have been caused by their owners cruelty or inability to provide a good environment.  Sometimes the wrong people get the wrong pet.

At present we have some lovely cats and a dog ready for re-homing.  Diesel is a super staffi who hasn’t put a paw wrong while he’s been with us.  Snowy is a gentle young cat, Mr.Frostie is a blue and white cat who is well behaved and intelligent.   We have several ducklings who need a home.  A beautiful pink canary who was rescued from near death and now entertains us with his singing.  We have lots of kittens, which is surprising for this time of year, they must be second litters.   Some are tiny but others will be ready for adoption later this week when they’ve been vaccinated and had a health check.

Our Adoption page has all the details.