Missing cat Bolsover area

lost-cats-ted-1He’s a big cat and very handsome but sadly he’s gone missing from his home near Bolsover.  He’s a home boy who doesn’t usually roam and his owner is devastated and desperate for news.

He has to be somewhere, might be shut in a shed so please check outbuildings, garages etc.  The heavy showers of rain we’ve had recently make cats dive for shelter.

If a cat goes missing it’s best to put flyers up – post offices, newsagents, vets, animal shelters – it’s a permanent reminder and better than phone calls.  Also checking with postmen is worth a try.

It’s a horrid thought but a call to the Council Cleansing Department will let you know whether the cat has been a road casualty, they come out to pick cats up who have been knocked down and hopefully will keep a record.  At least you know.

Hopefully though, cats wander back on their own accord, sometimes after a long time.  We heard of one local roamer who returned none the worse after a year!

Please get in touch with us in first instance if you see anything of this lovely tabby – he does have distinguishing features so we’ll know it’s him and we’ll pass the info on to his owner right away.