Little birds need your help

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in full bloom and we have no end of calls for help with birds. Fledglings out of nest, injured blackbirds, even ducks in back gardens. It’s a mammoth task helping them all. Feeding baby birds is very time consuming, how do the parents cope? It’s so rewarding when they respond to their foster parents. The will to survive is strong and it never ceases to amaze us.

When you see a baby bird lying helplessly on the floor you have to do something – but what? They are fragile and difficult to rear. If you can find the nest put the little on back. If you can’t do that getting them safe from cats and magpies has to be done quickly. A shoe box or an old hat makes a very good substitute nest. Keep them warm and offer food and water until you can bring them to us – we release back to the wild as soon as they have feathers and can fly.

If you have found a baby or injured bird, please give us a call to arrange to bring it to us. We ask for a small donation if possible to help us keep going and continue to provide this essential service – we are one of only a few animal sanctuaries in the area that tend to and treat wildlife. We are open 10am till 3.30pm every day 365 days of the year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bird at animal sanctuary

This little chap had a bad injury to the wing. We’ve cleaned the wound and fingers crossed he’ll pull through. We see some terrible injuries but with love and care, we have great success in our wildlife rescue program.

bird recovering at sanctuary