Our very best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year from all of us at the sanctuary and from all the animals too.   Many thanks for the food brought in over Christmas, it’s been most welcome and greatly enjoyed by dogs and cats.  They’ve eaten it all up though now – woof!  woof!    Like Oliver we’re always needing more.    The ponies and goats loved the apples and carrots too.   If one of your new year resolutions is to clear out the wardrobes, don’t forget that we take in clothes and can change them into pet food, please leave in Reception if we’re not around.

Our new year resolutions?   To continue to educate and provide information and to help people to understand the nature of our animal friends.   Things mostly go wrong because of lack of knowledge and bad circumstances.    Although many people like to humanize cats and dogs, they are different species to us, this is their birthright and should be respected.   We’ll go on rescuing strays and abandoned cats and dogs and providing a long term home for the ‘golden oldies’.   The plight of the unwanted ponies is always a worry and if funds allow, we hope to save more from slaughter.   Advice, help and problem solving is one of our main aims this year.   We hope that you will join us – it’s £10 for a year’s membership – and you will be making a real difference to animal welfare.     Please include your name and address we’ll send you a welcome pack and newsletter.