Gillie the wonder dog

He’s been with us for awhile now. He was a little ruff around the edges when he first came to the sanctuary. A typical terrier. On guard and ready for a fight. He’s transformed over the months and become one of the family but we are sure he would like to find just the right home. Somewhere with open spaces, lots of walks and plenty of mischief. He likes some dogs and not others. Some people are his best friends and others are not to be trusted. He’s a bit of a top dog and needs a firm hand. Hopeless with children (he finds the little ones too noisy), he would suit some with experience of terriers and their mindset. He loves country life and is a real working dog through and through. He’s not had the best of starts but we are sure there is someone out there that can bond with him and except him for who he is.
If you would like to know more or come and meet him, give a call on the old dog and bone.