Fancy Faverolles make good pets

chickens - faverolles - 1The Faverolle hens we had brought in recently have settled well.  They have impressed us with their lovely placid and friendly nature.   These are quite big hens, the breed originates in France and has been established for over a hundred years.

Faverolles are well feathered and a ‘muff’ under the beak is a characteristic.  Because of all these extra feathers they can stand the cold well and also make good mothers.  To hatch eggs successfully it helps if there is plenty of fluff to brood the eggs and keep the chicks warm.

The Faverolle temperament makes them ideal for beginner birds.  They are very good natured and easy to look after.  Because they are heavy birds they don’t fly so well so are less likely to go over the fence and escape.

Our girls follow us around, looking for titbits and enjoying company and conversation.  They bond well with their carers and are good with children especially.

The pecking order, which makes so many hens quarrelsome, doesn’t seem to bother the Faverolles at all.  They are polite and sociable – no arguing over the best place on the perch – you first, no after you!

What about eggs?  These hens are good layers and produce a large egg.  Faverolles are said to lay well through the winter too.  It doesn’t matter to us whether they lay or not though, a long happy life is what we hope for them.

chickens - fleur - 1