Dwarf rabbit for adoption


Hector is a super cuddly dwarf rabbit with a lovely temperament and friendly nature.  He was brought in because of domestic circumstances and he’s settled well with us, he likes a lot of fuss and attention.   He’s a beautifully marked rabbit, pristine white with black splodges and spots, very smart.

He likes to be stroked and petted and has a laid back nature.   The main diet of a rabbit is hay, it must be clean and not dusty.  Hector has special rabbit hay with dandelions and herbs in it, munching away on fibre helps keep the teeth in good condition.  A little bit of cereal is alright and twigs are good for him to chew on – those from fruit trees are the best.

Hector is a sociable rabbit and likes to come indoors for a pit-a-patter round, a hutch needs to be spacious with separate compartments for feeding, sleeping and a toilet area.   An adjoining exercise paddock is needed too, who wants to be shut up all the time?

Hector is a lovely boy, he’s around 4 years old and is vaccinated.  If you can offer him a loving home please get in touch.