ponies - rufus 12

Rufus is safe now, rugged up and warm.  The long process of his recovery has begun.   It’s sad to think of all the years he was neglected – not because his owner didn’t love him but because she had dementia.  The vet was called and then refused admittance.  The blacksmith was sent for and then turned away.   We have a campaign to help Rufus recover – at Fundrazr.com – we also need to think about making the public more aware of the suffering caused to animals by people with dementia.

Rufus isn’t the only one, although the worst so far.   A dog brought in last year was in a dreadful state, thin, neglected, ill and all because her owner couldn’t care for her because of his deteriorating mental condition.   Social Services acted swiftly and we were able to help before the situation was too bad.

If anyone with dementia, alzeimhers or any other health problems – please find out whether they have pets and what is happening to them and let someone know.  We are here to help and welcome your call.