Vaccination day






The vet came to vaccinate the puppies today – they were in their usual ‘couch potato’ mood and didn’t blink an eyelid.  I’ve never known such placid well behaved puppies!   So now those that are reserved are ready for their new homes. Mum also had a vaccination as she wasn’t able to be done while she was so far on in pup.  Rosie too had a health check and was no problem at all.

The vet also vaccinated all the kittens that were old enough – so Leo and Dino, who are spoken for, are ready to leave us. It’s great to know they have such lovely homes waiting but we will be sad to see them go.

We hadn’t finished there – Rollo was vaccinated and one of the ‘golden oldies’ – a staffi whose a permanent resident and then we fetched out a wriggly bouncy brindle puppy who is around 16 weeks old and couldn’t be more different from Rosie’s babies.   He’s like a little tiger in colour, very attractive with white socks to set his stripes off (pic coming soon) – but would he stand still?   Fuss, fuss, fuss – the difference is that he’s a stray and hasn’t a mum or brothers and sisters to give him confidence.   He passed his health check with flying colours and we’ll find him a good new home.   What are we going to call him?   There’s a stripey cartoon character on the t.v. kid’s programmes – he looks just like him.