Urgent Appeal to Save Sundance Our Minature Pony

Sundance Appeal at the animal sanctuary

Little sundance, part of our minature herd of ponies at the animal sanctuary, needs a life saving operation to remove a malignant tumour. We recently found out after a vets visit that without this operation he doesn’t have much chance at a healthy pain free life. The tumour could grow and prevent him from passing water and even spread throughout his body. The vet kindly sent us this picture to use on our website as it is something they see more than you would think. Horses are prone to cancer just like humans and thankfully, Scarsdale vets have state of the art facilities for surgery and the latest treatment for conditions such as this.


Here he is enjoying life out with his friends during happier times at the animal sanctuary.

Mini ponies
Sundance has been at the sanctuary for many years and is one of the gentle-ess ponies you could ever meet.

Sundance minature ponyHe’s been a regular at Sanctuary events and often makes an appearance at our easter fairs, standing patiently while being stroked and politely taking a carrot or polo mint when offered.

He’s tiny at around 30 inches and much loved by all the animals and gets on with everyone from sheep to dogs. Cats love him too and often jump on his back which he takes all in his stride.

Unfortunately the surgery is very expensive and follow up treament may involve chemotherapy. His recuperation will take many weeks, so we urgently need your help.

We are launching our APPEAL TO SAVE SUNDANCE and any fundraising or donations would be greatly appreciated. The cost of treatment is very expensive and he needs the operation as soon as possible. Please help us to save him. You can donate directly to sundance using our online paypal shop or pop down to the sanctuary and ask for Jo or Kate.


Thankyou Cat