1 2 3 Triplet Lambs at the Animal Sanctuary

Apologies for the lack of updates on our website recently but it has been all hands on deck for lambing duties. Our small herd of sheep play a vital role at the sanctuary keeping all the fields neat and weed free. They make sure the grazing is top notch for our horses and make great companions for our mini ponies.

Some of our sheep are mums for the first time, so we have been keeping a close eye on them and helping out with the births. We’ve had some late nights with births occuring at 2am. Delilah started to go into labour in the early hours and had two healthy baby girls. We thought she had finished and then she gave birth to a lovely baby boy. Triplets. It’s quite an achievement and really unexpected. With triplets extra care is needed and we gave them all some extra colostrum. It is recommended that lambs receive 10 percent of the body weight in colostrum within 24 hours after birth. So bottles at the ready, we have them a dose just to help them along as the last one out often doesn’t receive enough. We are happy to report that all triplets are doing really well and Delilah is taking it all in her stride. She really is a brilliant and devoted mum.

We still are waiting on three more mums, so a few more late nights to go and cups of coffee are at the standby. Here’s some pictures of the proud mum with babies.

Lambs at the sanctuary

Triplet lambs


Sheep getting ready to lamb