Tom Cruise lands big role in new hit movie Cockatiel

In the follow up to the hit film Cocktail, Tom cruise is set to star in a new sequel titled Cockatiel. The film is about a bird working in a pet shop to pay for elecution lessons at bird college. Together with his co-star, a large African grey parrot, their showy tricks and charisma command large crowds and tip payments for their singing and talking routines. Tom said this is a dream role for him and he is looking forward to connecting with all his feathered friends out there.

Okay, you got us. Its not actually the real movie star of Hollywood fame, but we think our latest arrival at the animal sanctuary is a true A list movie star. Meet Tom, (aka Tom Cruise) a beautiful Cockatiel that was brought into the Sanctuary recently. He’s dashing, handsome and quite the actor and already a big hit with the ladies. His favourite movie is Cocktale and we think he’s just like his hero, Tom Cruise. He’s about 1 year old now and has started to mimic and we are hoping he will learn his lines soon.

Cockatiels are very sociable birds and form a strong bond with their owners. They make great companions and often groom and preen their owners. Their species name is Nymphicus hollandicus and they weigh between 80 and 180 grams and grow to about 12 – 14 inches long. They have quite a long life span and it’s not uncommon for them to live 25 years. While they are not as talkative as parrots, they love to whistle. We’ll let you know how Tom settles down over the coming weeks but if you are coming down to the Sanctuary, stop by and whistle him a tune.

tom cruise cockatiel



cockatiel at the animal sanctuary