A big thank you for all your help this week – this year has so far been a struggle and it’s been wonderful to see pet food arrive and donations and all sorts of good things brought in to raise money for the animals.   We’ve had so many strays arrive recently (thrown out because of the high cost of pet care?) that our recources have been severely stretched.   Then there are the cats (one lot of kits born already and another two pregnant ladies brought in) and all the other permanent sanctuary residents.

Jack Spratt, shown above, is a friendly chap who likes to meet everyone and is usually in the visitor centre Thursday and Friday.   It is sometimes by chance or appointment though as we don’t have any permanent reception staff and taking poorly or injured animals for treatment has to take priority.  If we miss you – our apologies.     A hospital wing here would be of tremendous benefit and it’s high on our ‘wish list’.    A new rabbit pen and more cat cabins are up there also.

How many animals would be having a hard time right now without your help?   A lot – so thank you once again for all your kindness.    Did you know you can donate to us by standing order?   Even a small donation of £1 or £2 per month will help – regular income is vital to help us keep going.    Please let us know if you’d like a standing order form.