Surgery for Sundance A Success

We recently told you about poor old Sundance who had developed a cancerous tumour that needed urgent surgery to remove it. We are happy to update you that the surgical procedure has been completed and Sundance is on the mend. Scarsdale Veterinary group performed the complex operation at their equine centre and everything went according to plan. Sundance was a model citizen and took it all in his stride, enjoying all the fuss and attention from visitors and the staff. He recovered very quickly from the operation and was ready to come home in a few days. It’s still early days and he will need constant monitoring but we are optimistic he will make a full recovery.

Special thanks to Scarsdale Vets for photographing the whole thing and allowing us to share them with you.

Sundance arriving at vets
Sundance being weighed in at the centre and below being prepped for the operation.

Sundance prepped for op
Here on the operating theatre. The surgery required great precision and care due to the position of the tumour. Thankfully he was in good hands with the skilled team at Scarsdale.

Sundance operating theatre

It’s a thumbs up from Katie, surgeon at the equine hospital. The operation was a success without any complications.

Vet Success

A post op feed for a brave little pony. A good sign he was looking for food and eating well after the operation.

Sundance feed

Feeling better already and looking forward to going home and seeing all his friends.


If you would like to donate to Sundance, you can do so online at our donations page. All donations will go towards his vets fees and recovery care. Thankyou.

Thankyou Cat