Where are these two off to?    When Sundance decides to go somewhere you can bet that little Bridget isn’t very far behind.   These two rescued ponies are best friends and stay together most of the time.   Sundance is a bit inquisitive and also resourceful.   If he spots a gap in a fence he’s away.    Bridget is a good little girl and doesn’t roam on her own but when Sundance goes…… that’s it, she follows.

Bridget is slightly disabled so we don’t want her to go wriggling through gaps in the fences.    She’s doing well though and her legs are getting stronger.   The blacksmith came this week and trimmed all the little ponies hooves.    Bridget was very good even though she is the youngest and not so used to have her feet rasped. 

All the little ponies have had their feet trimmed now and have just been wormed also.   This has to be a regular routine to keep them free from parasites.    Next we’re moving on to the bigger horses and the blacksmith is here every three or four weeks and deals with the hooves on a rota basis.

We’ve been patching our fencing up for years and have areas of grassland we can’t use because the fences are unsafe.   It would be wonderful to be able to let the ponies on to fresh pasture – if you can help with our fencing appeal the ponies will love you forever!   [donate]