Snowy Rabbit is our Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week is Snowy, one of our rabbit residents.   He’s a lovely chap with a bit of the ‘Lion Head’ breed about him, he has a nice fluffy ruff round his head.   And no, he isn’t especially a Sheffield Wednesday fan, he’s blue and white because of the spray we put on a sore place on his neck.   It was caused by his fur being so matted that it had pulled the skin away leaving an open wound.   It was infected and this is what usually happens when it’s not dealt with quickly.   Check any long haired animal over for knotted and matted hair on a regular basis.

Snowy has a lovely nature and likes to be petted and is fine with being picked up so he would make an excellent pet for some lucky people.   We’ve separated him entirely from Chumley now.   They came in together and were alright for a while but have both decided they have issues so are better apart.   Rabbits do develop friendships and we’d like Snowy to have some pals but it would be a gradual process to get him integrated into a new rabbit community.

Please get in touch if you can give Snowy a new home.    He needs plenty of space, a secure and large hutch, a garden run or exercise in the house is fine.   Rabbits litter train quite easily, they do chew though (and need to do this to keep their teeth short) so plenty of wood twigs should be made available.   Keep any electrical wires well out of reach too.   Contact – email via the contact page, phone us on 01246 455777 or call round 11.0am to 4.0pm any day except Monday and Tuesday when we are normally closed (appointment only on these days).  Many thanks.