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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Rufus has a haircut

rufus - back scratch We’ve clipped Rufus hair off, he stood completely still and enjoyed every minute.  His coat wasn’t like normal horse hair, it was woolly and unaturally thick, full of lice and dirt too, he was constantly itching.  The big abscess on his back is nearly gone.  It’s easy to see that he feels much better although the grease is still there and will have to work itself out as his condition improves.  Whenever we brush him or even give him a pat, the grease is back.

Rufus loves to be groomed and wants it to go on and on, but pulls such a funny face while it is going on.  He is a little pony full of character which makes all his years of loneliness even harder to think about.  His recovery is going to be a long one but he is a model patient.

rufus - in barn 5

He is soon tired out so whatever we do, it’s a bit at a time.

Brilliant Border Collie is ready for adoption

dogs - bodieBodie went to the vets yesterday and had a health check and his vaccinations brought up to date.  He did fine and is a healthy dog, the vet thinks he is around five years old.   Bodie is fit and well, needs a bit more muscle but that will come with exercise.  Like many dogs who are brought in to us, he hasn’t had enough walks, running, playing – this is vital for all dogs.  Lead walking is good but nothing can beat free exercise, roaming around the fields and woods.

Bodie is a very well behaved dog, he is quiet and laid back, very friendly and affectionate.  He is medium sized, not too big and likes to go in the car and on trips out.  He’ll sit on the back seat and not move, he’s an intelligent chap and likes to please.   Back seat, Bodie! Yes, I’ll sit there now!

He walks nicely on the lead and gets on well with other dogs he meets, he is a sociable chap.  He loves people most of all and is a faithful friend who puts his head on your knee and wants to be stroked.   We’re looking for a super home for him, if you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

dogs - bodie 2

Rufus his abscess has burst

Rufus - abscess

Rufus has lots of sores and eruptions under his thick coat.  The worst is an abscess on his back which has now, thankfully, burst.   He feels much better now.  We’re still bathing it but can tell that it is healing.   We’ve decided to clip him so he’ll feel better all over.  It’s much easier to deal with the sore places.

He’s getting lots of good food, plenty of apples and carrots, vitamins and minerals and as you can see from his new picture, he’s looking much brighter.   We’re getting the skin right, the hooves are next.   Then the teeth which need more rasping ….. then, when he’s well enough, he needs an operation.  A long haul, but one day we’ll see him well and out in the fields with pony friends.

rufus - headAnd he knows that he’s loved…..

Please take a moment to check out his appeal on – Tiny Pony Rufus – Pet Samaritans.   We are desperately short of funds and have all our other animals to keep going.   Many thanks.

Rescued cat is lucky to be alive

cats - lucky 10

This young cat was brought in a couple of days ago and has already used up some of her nine lives.   First of all she was about to drowned, together with her brother, by her owner who didn’t want them.   A kind lady who heard about this rescued both cats minutes before they were due to die.  As she was rushing away with them, the boycat escaped and in terror ran across the road.   He was killed by a passing car right in front of his sister.

When the remaining cat was taken to safety a dog began to attack her.  It was obvious right away that keeping her anywhere near a dog wasn’t going to work.   By now the cat was totally traumatised, although glad to be alive.  She was brought in to us, shivering with fright.   We’ve called her Lucky (!) and in spite of her ordeal she is a gentle young cat who is well behaved and good natured.  Holding her is giving her some reassurance and a cat igloo to hide in and a fish breakfast this morning are helping her to recover.

She just needs time and comforting and she will recover.   We think she’s about a year old. When she’s been vaccinated and had a health check we’ll be looking for a new home for her.

Lucky is well marked and pretty, she is clean and although a bit shy now, she loves fuss and responds to kindness.  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

cats - lucky 12

cats - lucky 14

cats - lucky 10

Rufus has sore feet

rufus - hooves

This is what his feet were like when he first came in.   They are looking a lot better now.  The blacksmith has been coming to trim them a little bit at a time and it’s gradually getting them back in to shape.

rufus - hooves 5

The problem is that, after so many years of confinement, his legs have to adjust to the new shape and to walking again.  It’s a slow process but he wants to walk and we’re massaging his legs every day which helps his circulation.    We let Rufus out to have a potter round in the yard and then he can go just as far as he wants before it’s back to the soft bedding in his stable.   His feet are tender so we’re going to make him some boots!

Please help Rufus if you can, even a small amount will make a big difference – check our appeal for him at – Rufus – Pet Samaritans – you can click on the page on this website to take you there.  Many thanks



Injured little dove

birds - little dove 2Isn’t she beautiful?  This little dove was brought in yesterday.  She has an injured wing and can’t fly.  We’ve made her a cosy nest and she’s snuggled down and survived the night.  The first 24 hours are always critical.   She’s looking good now though and is eating.   She’ll stand up and walk round when she is ready.  It’s slow progress with injured birds, keeping them warm and quiet is the best treatment in the early days.

birds - little dove

Dementia sufferers need help with pets

ponies - rufus 12

Rufus is safe now, rugged up and warm.  The long process of his recovery has begun.   It’s sad to think of all the years he was neglected – not because his owner didn’t love him but because she had dementia.  The vet was called and then refused admittance.  The blacksmith was sent for and then turned away.   We have a campaign to help Rufus recover – at – we also need to think about making the public more aware of the suffering caused to animals by people with dementia.

Rufus isn’t the only one, although the worst so far.   A dog brought in last year was in a dreadful state, thin, neglected, ill and all because her owner couldn’t care for her because of his deteriorating mental condition.   Social Services acted swiftly and we were able to help before the situation was too bad.

If anyone with dementia, alzeimhers or any other health problems – please find out whether they have pets and what is happening to them and let someone know.  We are here to help and welcome your call.

Blue Whippet x youngster ready for adoption

dogs - finlay 3He’s a whippet x and only eight months old, we’ve called him Finlay and this is one of the most lovable and fussy pups ever.   He’s an elegant little chap and very baby-ish, he wants love and reassurance and to sit on your knee if possible!

Finlay is a beautiful colour, mostly blue but with smudges of white and fawn.   He loves everyone and apart from jumping up, which is to give you a kiss, he is well behaved.  Like all youngsters he will benefit from a bit more training.  He is a bit underdeveloped so it would be lots of good food and gentle exercise till he gets his muscles built up.   While it’s cold weather he needs a warm coat when he goes outside.  Whippets don’t have much hair and soon get chilled.   They are duvet dogs and our own whippets like to snuggle up in lots of bedding and by the nearest radiator.

Finlay has been vaccinated and is micro-chipped.   He hasn’t been neutered yet, which we don’t have done too early.  Your vet will advise – we think he’s just about old enough now.

If you’d like to come and meet Finlay please get in touch.

dogs - finlay

dogs - finlay 2

Saving Rufus the lonely pony

ponies - rufus & sundanceRufus finds a friend.  Rufus was a prisoner in his stable for many years.  He’s approx. 18 years old now and we don’t exactly know how long ago that his owner started to neglect him because of her dementia.  He had a sad and lonely life full of pain and misery which is why he is in such a bad state now.   When we were alerted to his plight by Social Services and brought him in to the sanctuary, it was obvious that he had no idea what another horse or pony was.  His isolation meant that he’d never seen them, perhaps even from a foal.

At first when he whinned to us and another pony whinnied back he was startled, then curious.  Even though he is still frail and unwell he became very excited when Sundance, the little pony shown here, came to see him.   Sundance is laid back and he is a friendly pony so he is the ideal ‘first friend’.   Rufus is besotted with him and wants to be as close to Sundance as he can get.   The problem is that he can’t walk properly yet, so it’s supervised visits only and for a short while.

Even though Sundance is a miniature pony and only 38 inches tall, Rufus is dwarfed by him.   He’s only half the size.  One day, when Rufus is recovered, we hope he’ll be able to meet the rest of the herd and go out in the fields with them.   Please join our Saving Rufus Appeal (on Fundrazr) and with your help we’ll make it happen.

Even a small amount builds up and makes a big difference – many thanks x

Handsome collie looking for a new home

dogs - bodie 2

Bodie is a curly coated collie with a lovely face and a personality to match.  He’s medium sized and around 3 years old, a chunky, laid back dog who hasn’t put a paw wrong since he’s been with us.

Bodie loves walks and lots of hugs and fuss, he’s a ‘people pleaser’ who tries to do his best.  He’s very well behaved and is good on the lead.  Bodie is clean and sociable and has been good with our other dogs and also with the gangs of cats who are always hanging around and living dangerously fussing up to the visiting terriers!

Bodie likes food but isn’t greedy, he is a happy dog who always has a smile on his face.  He’s black all over and his coat is curly which is very attractive.  He has a sturdy and reliable look –  a ‘proper dog’ – well, you  know what I mean.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

dogs - beau 2

dogs - beau

dogs - bodie 3