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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Border collie with problems

dogs - kimme

When Kimme first came in she was feeling very sorry for herself.  Her owner had become permanently incapacitated and had gone in hospital, there was no one to care for her.  When a person becomes ill it’s hard to continue to look after a pet and Kimme wasn’t in good shape.  She was nervous and her tail between her legs most of the time.

Kimme was very thin and had lost the hair on her back legs.  It wasn’t through an irritation or parasite problem, she just seemed weak and upset.   We’re trying to restore her in several ways, worming, de-flea-ing, good food, oily fish, gentle exercise and raising her spirits.   Thanks to our dog walkers Chris and his wife who have been giving Kimme a lot of attention, she is improving.  They’ve been taking her out to socialize (lunch in the park!) and giving her lots of fuss.  She’s having lots of t.l.c. from everyone here too.   It’s working but a slow process.

Kimme is gradually looking brighter, likes to play with her ball and is a very loving dog.  Getting her well again is a slow process though.   A vet check is next on the agenda and hopefully she will get a clean bill of  health.

dogs - kimme 2

dogs - kimme 5


dogs -  laddie 20

Yes, once again, in a vote done by Frontline, the top dog in the UK is the Labrador Retriever.  Well done, guys and gals, there is no doubt you are the nation’s favourite.  The next in line is the German Shepherd, which surprises us as we see far less of them nowadays.  Border Collies came third  with Yorkies and Boxers fourth and fifth.   The poll also showed that women are close to their canine pals with over 65% wanting a doggy companion while only 54% of men want a dog.

The survey shows that men prefer big dogs, while the top qualities generally are cuteness, cleanliness, loyalty and good behaviour.  Everyone wants a dog who is quiet.  The Pet Food Manufacturers Association have done a survey showing that there are 8.5million households in the U.K. with a dog.  Cat owners total 7.4 million.

Ducks are ready for re-homing

ducks - indi run

We have three female ducks, all friends, who need a new home.  If you like duck eggs then you would be happy because at least one of them is laying.  The main criteria is how to keep them safe, ducks are vulnerable to all kinds of predators – dogs, foxes and humans who steal them.  Check out more details on our adoption pages

Ducklings fight for survival

ducks - babies 2

It was only the quick action of a passer by that saved two little ducklings this weekend.  The ducklings had fallen into a drain with fast moving water, there was nowhere for them to rest and they were paddling furiously to keep afloat and stop themselves being washing into the outlet.  There were no signs of the parents or any other ducklings.   They were quickly scooped out and brought in to us.

The little mallards were tired and cold (in spite of the weather) when they arrived.  It was straight into a heated pen to begin with, they loved the warmth and huddled under the brooder, which is a raised heating element we use for chicks, baby birds and any small creature that is chilled. .  A few hours later and it was a different story, they were coming out and looking for food.   A quick swim in a tray of water and they were back to normal.

They are wild ducks so we’ll be returning them to their natural environment and in a safe place when they are bigger.   They haven’t been pinioned so they will have a good chance of survival.  How do we know they haven’t been pinioned?   They were out of their pen, fluttering to the floor and saying hello to Peaches (our oldest resident cat) within hours.  Yes, they can fly.

(Pinioning ducklings is when the tips of the wings of captive baby birds is broken in order to stop them flying away.  We have three more ducks in the sanctuary – looking for good homes by the way, and they have all been pinioned.  It’s very cruel.)

ducks - babies 3

ducks - babies

Thank you from the kittens

kittens - strays

Isn’t she lovely?  In spite of still looking stressed, she is doing well and all four of the latest kittens are friendly and like to be picked up and cuddled.   Thanks to everyone who has sent us food for the kits, it is very, very much appreciated.   That it is such good quality is making all the difference to the kittens growth and well being.   You can tell straight away when a kitten has been given cheap food, their coats are dull and they have health problems.  This little family is sleek and glossy – slightly long haired and just adorable.  Royal Canin kitten biscuits – and not forgetting the dogs – Burns pouches are first class, many thanks.

We have a lot of kittens around the same age and when they are nine weeks old and have had their first vaccination and vet health check they’ll be ready for adoption.  Watch this space …….

kittens - strays 2

Mr. Frostie is doing well

cats - frostie 12

Such a handsome cat – Frostie has settled down well with us.  He likes the food, the soft, comfy bed and, most of all, the company.  He is a friendly and affectionate cat who is quite at home already.   Frostie has a good appetite and isn’t a fussy eater.  He likes to be picked up and cuddled and is always ready for a chat.  The perfect companion cat?   Definitely.

cats - frostie 7

cats - frostie 11

Join the Pet Samaritans

cats - tiggyPlease join us and make a real difference to Animal Welfare.  There’s strength in numbers and the more members we have the more we can be a voice for the animals.  There is still such a lot of animal cruelty, neglect, ignorance and indifference out there but like ripples on a pond, we can make improvements.  We help animals and wildlife on an individual basis but also our campaigns against exploitation have a more substantial impact.

It’s £15 per year to join and we’ll send you bi-monthly Newsletters, a FREE Pet Samaritans Keyring (choose dog, cat, pony, owl) , an Emergency Pet Care Card, news, info, updates, a pet advice line, we’re here to help.   Just let us have your name and address, cheques payable to Pet Samaritans or donate online.  If for a gift don’t forget to include the recipient’s details.

keyring - dog

keyring owlMany thanks for all your help

Missing cat comes home

cats -talullah lap catIt’s so good to be back!   All the leaflets, notices, emails and requests for help – worked and Talullah came back home in the middle of the night.   She was thin, desperately anxious and covered in dirt and dust, so it seems as though she had been shut up somewhere.  She wouldn’t have gone in anybody’s house, she is not a friendly with strangers or with other cats.  She was very glad to be back home, she ate and slept and then felt a bit better.

Her family was overjoyed to see her, Talullah is a very special lady cat and it had taken over a year to tame her.   It’s easy to give up hope but cats often surprise us and if they possibly can get back to their home they will do.  We’ve known cats return after being missing for over a year.   We were told about one middle aged ginger fella who turned up at his back door after two years.  He was thin and had a broken jaw and teeth missing – nobody knew what had happened except that he wanted to be home and eventually he made it.

It had been thought that Talullah was badly injured as a dog had been seen attacking her.  Apparently it was a real ruckus, she was thrown in the air and fur was flying.   But Talulla is a big cat and very feisty.  When she came back she hadn’t a mark on her.   The dog had to be taken to the vet!

More kittens

kittens - more inWe had four more kittens brought in yesterday and although disorientated and missing their mommy, they are real beauties.  They are approx. six weeks old, two ginger boys and an all black and a tortie girl.  They are slightly long haired, just enough to be attractive but not long enough to cause grooming problems.  The kittens are friendly and like to be picked up and fussed.  It is important to handle kittens as much as possible.  If they aren’t socialized they can grow up to be real problem cats.   A tiny hissing spitting fury is one thing – if they are like that as full grown it is hard to change their attitude!

Many, many thanks for bringing us kitten food in – it is much appreciated.  We have found some wonderful homes for the older kittens but still a lot of babies.   If we didn’t take these little ones in they would have nowhere to go – and we couldn’t do it without your help.

kittens - gingerlad

kittens - foursome

Turtle needs a new terrarium

turtle - 5

This is Ninja, the beautiful turtle who was brought in to us because his owner had become ill and unable to take care of him. Turtles are part of the reptile family and the species has been in existence for over 150 million years.  They are a far older group than snakes and crocodiles and although they’ve managed to survive for so long, many of them are endangered today.  Our so-called civilized (polluting) society is no doubt to blame.

Turtles need a suitable environment for them to thrive.  They are an intelligent species, said to be better at learning than white rats.  They can solve problems, navigate a maze and although they don’t have quick reflexes they have a good memory.  Turtles are able to remember things for over six months.  They have exceptionally good eyesight with colour vision.  They also like to play which must be good to see.

Ninja is a young turtle but has to swim round in circles because his terrarium isn’t big enough.  It must be miserable for him – and to be on his own, we’d like him to have a companion.

We urgently need a much larger terrarium for Ninja and have put this ‘want’ on our Amazon Wish List.   If anyone can help we (and Ninja) would be very grateful – it would transform this young turtle’s life.

turtle - ninja


This is his home at present.