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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Poppy & Minnie are settling well

cats - poppy 3

We’ve had two lovely sister cats brought in, they are very similar in appearance and both have a lovely affectionate nature.  Already they are settling well and enjoying their new surroundings.  Poppy and Minnie are girl cats around six years old, both are spayed and  fully vaccinated.   We are hoping to find them new homes and we think that separately will be fine.  They do enjoy individual attention.

Poppy and Minnie like to explore and will enjoy going outside in a secure environment.   We’ll be letting them out here when they are fully at home.  It sometimes takers months before this moment arrives, in the meantime they have plenty of space indoors to roam around.

Outside here is nice and safe for cats with plenty of fields and open space to roam and have a natural cat life.  Some cats like being indoors and feel safe but we think these two young ladies will enjoy the great outdoors when the time is right.

cats - minnie

If you’d like to come and meet these beautiful cats please get in touch.   01246 455777.  We’re open every day (except Thursday) between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

Flicka finds a new home

cats - flicka 5

Happy endings are what it’s all about and our friend “Flicka’ has found a lovely new home.  This pretty little girl cat took a while to settle, although she was confident from the start she had a bit of an attitude problem at times – especially with other cats.  It could have been because she had to survive and fend for herself and she meant to assert her rights.  Living out on the streets as a stray wil give most cats a different perspective on life.

Gradually though, Flicka has come round and last week went on trial to a home where there is another cat, a very good natured young lady but one who will stand her ground.  Flicka has accepted her new role model and is doing her best to fit in and be friendly.   So her new home is now assured – good girl Flicka!

Friendly guinea pig needs a home

guinea pig - sonny 3

Re-homed – to a guinea pig paradise!  Thanks.   We’ve had a lovely tame and friendy guinea pig brought in and he needs a new home.  He’s called Sonny and is lemon and white, well marked and with a placid nature.   Sonny was taken in to a vet’s surgery with an injured eye when his owner could no longer keep him.  He was treated but his sight could not be saved in the eye and he is now partially sighted.  His other eye is fine though and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

The vet handed him over to us as soon as his treatment was complete and all we want now is a loving home for this sweet little fella.  He likes being cuddled and stroked and fussed and as  you can see, he is quite a poseur!  If you can offer Sonny a home please get in touch.

guinea pig - sonny 2

guinea pig -sonny

Another Easter Bunny

rabbits - wild boy

We know it’s spring and Easter time when we get baby rabbits brought in.  This little fella was found wandering far from rabbit territory and with none oi his family around.  He looks frightened but is good to handle so might have been tamed.   He’s a bit like a wild rabbit in looks but hasn’t the right colouring, he has a silvery blue tinge to his coat.

He was rescued by two kind hearted people and taken in to the vets who suggested bringing him to us.   He’s around five weeks old and will be able to feed himself, very tiny rabbits have to be bottle fed.   We’ve called him Speckle and put him in with Fudge (the wild baby we rescued last week) – hopefully they’ll become friends and do well together.

rabbits - wild boy 2


House cat goes missing


cats - seanPlease help find this much loved cat who was accidentally locked out of her home a few days ago. She is a house cat but her owner is blind and didn't realise she was outside. This is what he told us - '
I am blind so did not even know she was gone.  She is a well fed black cat.
She hasn't a collar on because she took it off herself but she is microchipped and she is a rescued cat, I've had since 2011.  She will be about 6 years now.
She was last at the top end of flamsteed crescent, Pevril, Chesterfield
.  Please help me to find her.  Thank you."
We'll do our best - if you see a black cat who looks lost please get in touch with us and we'll pass the details on.  01246 455777

Baby wild rabbit

rabbit - wild

This little girl was brought in by a vet, she was taken into the surgery when she was found disorientated and wandering on her own far from a safe ‘rabbit’ environment.   She’s a wild rabbit and we are hoping to keep it that way so that we can release her when she is fully reared.   We’ve called her Fern and she’s a sweet little thing, eating well now she is over her initial shock at being in such close proximity to humans.   Brambles are her favourite food with dandelions a close second.  Rabbits, whether they are wild or not, need mostly natural food and plenty of hay.  They should only have a small amount of concentrated grain.  Fern eats well and snuggles up in a hay burrow when she’s full.  We think she’s around five weeks old – if she’d been smaller she would have need bottle feeding.   We have our own ‘watership down’ with plenty of scrub, bushes, brambles and other rabbits, so hopefully we’ll be letting her go when it’s a nice warm sunny day and she’s all grown up.

Poor pigeon with bad injuries

birds - bald pigeon 3

He’s a beautiful bird with lovely colouring but this poor chap has had a close encounter with a cat and been badly mauled.  His injuries are to his back and tail, all his feathers are gone and the wounds were open and bleeding when he was brought in.   The will to survive is important and we feel this little chap has it – he’s made it so far and is now eating.

We put him on a heated pad at first and treated his injuries when he had warmed up.  Shock and cold are killers.   We used aloe vera gel, it is soothing and takes the pain away as well as helping the skin to heal.  An Aloe plant is essential first aid in every house!

An egg is a good tonic for a poorly bird and this pigeon loves it, we break an egg in half and he ests it from the shell.   Pigeon corn is going down well and we’re going to try him with some peas tomorrow.   An invalid diet, special treats and why not?

We’ve called him Pedro, he has a somewhat exotic look to him, more deeply coloured than our usual pigeon casualties.   We are hopeful he’ll heal and pull through.  At present he is in a shady corner because he gets stressed in brighter light.

birds - bald pigeon 2

Prayers for Pedro to heal and get well please …….


Shar Pei puppy for adoption

dogs - buddy 3Re-homed with a wonderful family – thanks everyone.

This is a breed that originated in China, the characteristics are said to be ‘Devoted, Reserved, Suspicious, Affectionate, Loving and Independent’.  This fits Buddy perfectly.  He is a sweet little fella who was brought in when his owner suddenly became ill.  It was heartbreak for her to give him up but there was no alternative.

Buddy has settled very well, he is a lovable pup and very well behaved. He is already house trained and love to go for walks, not too far at present because he is only 16 weeks old.  It’s mostly play-exercise at this age.

Buddy is very cuddly and loves to be fussed although he is a bit reserved at first with strangers – breed charactistic again.   He has a full pedigree and is fully vaccinated.  The vet has given him a health check and he has no problems.

If you’d like to come and meet Buddy please get in touch.   We are looking for an especially good home for this faithful forever friend.  01246 455777

dogs - buddy 6

What a poseur!

dogs - buddy 4An inquisitve little fella…..

dogs - buddy

Cute and cuddly!

Grand National who is the winner?

horses - grand nationalWell, it isn’t the horses is it?  Do they look as though they are enjoying it?   Being made to gallop to the limits of their endurance, having an iron bit in their mouth, a jockey on board with a whip in his hand and having to leap over those fearsome fences – isn’t this a cruel sport?  The poor horses are often lamed and sometimes killed.

This isn’t a natural thing for a horse to do and what is the point of it?  So that humans can watch a terrifying spectacle (who will fall, who will be injured, who will be killed) and be entertained;  so that someone can own a horse who can run faster than the rest:  so that people can bet and win money and of course, it makes for engrossing t.v.

No, pity the poor horses, they have no choice in what they do and we won’t be watching the ‘grand national’.

Yorkie sisters need our help

dogs - yorkies 10

These two little Yorkie sisters were brought in because their owner has become seriously unwell.   Her illness has meant that she could not care for her pets.  They are the sweetest little dogs you could ever meet and so grateful for the immediate care we gave them.   Their faces are matted up so after a bath we cut most of the knots out.   Their nails were the next to get attention, some were badly overgrown and their hair had matted up in between their toes. It’s painful for dogs to walk when this happens.

These two little dollies are called Coco and Annie and both are fond of putting their tongue out at you!  It might be because they have no teeth – soft food only for these elderly ladies – we think they are around 15 years old.   When they were cleaned up, de-matted and had their feet and nails sorted you could see they felt better.   All is not well with Coco though, she has an infection around her bottom and a large sore area where she has been matted up.  She is responding to treatment though so hopefully all will be well eventually.

If you have family or neighbours who become ill and have pets, a check up on the animals as well as the people is good to do.   When illness strikes it’s sometimes hard to look after the animals, no matter how much they are loved.