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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Newsletter summer issue ready now


Our latest newsletter is ready now with updates on owls, birds, wildlife rescue, cats, hedgehogs and more.  We’ll be happy to post a copy out to you – free to members (so why not join us now?) or £1.25 inc. postage.  You can call and collect from Reception if you are in the area, a small donation to cover our printing costs is appreciated.  We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.

newsletter summer 2014 3

To join the Pet Samaritans please send your name and address and a donation is much appreciated (sugges £10.00) for a year’s membership.   We are aiming to bring newsletters out on a regular bi-monthly basis so you will be able to  keep in touch and up to date with everything that’s happening.   You’ll also get a FREE keyring, FREE Emergency Pet Care Card, advice and info – we’re here to help.  Pay by Paypal – donate online – or cheque or p.o. payable to Pet Samaritans.newsletter - summer 2014 4


New pigeon patient

birds - pigeon injured

She’s a lovely looking bird but her wings are both injured.  Not broken hopefully but not quite folding back as they should do.  She was sitting quite still when she was found and brought in to us. Resting and moving as little as possible is best for her until her wings heal.   They usually do and we are optiimistic about her chances.  She looks well in herself and is eating with a good appetite.  When birds and animals don’t eat their chances are less good.

The little hedgehogs are all doing well, Justin has perked up and enjoyed his dinners today.  He had to be encouraged to begin with and soon got the hang of eating from a spoon.  Now he is quite lively.   Solo is free from masggots and is also doing well, which is quite miraculous after the dreadful state he was in yesterday.  Both these hoglets are quite tame and seem to be enjoying all the fuss and attention.  Our other baby hedgehogs in the nursery just eat and sleep and snuggle under their towels and yawn and curl up until it’s feed time again.  They are in good shape now but not big enough yet to release.  When they’ve grown a bit more and put on weight we’ll let them go.

Hedgehog hospital

hedgies - hospital 3

Our hedghog nursery now has a hospital wing, some of the babies brought in are quite poorly and need to be on their own and have intensive care.   Everybody has survived the night though and it seems like a miracle considering their condition on arrival.   The little one shown above is the worst and is still having a real struggle.   When he came in he was covered in ticks, we’ve had to pick them off as he is so small.  It’s a slow job and Rebekah and Amy (two of our wonderful volunteers) have endless patience.   When we managed to uncurl him and examine him further we saw that he was also infested with maggots.  He was close to death and they were in his eyes.   We’ve tweezed them all out but one eye has gone.   It seemed hopeless but then he took a bottle of milk and ate a bit of meat.  He’s a survivor and looking much better this morning.  We’ll call him Justin – he came in just in time!

hedgies - hospital

Sharp eyes and nimble fingers needed to get the ticks and maggots off this tiny hoglet.  Well done, girls.

hedgie - maggots

Hang in there Justin …..,

If anyone can bring in hedgehog food, sunflower seeds and peanuts we’d be very grateful.  We have a lot of little hoglets to feed!   Towels and lblankets also please.  Reception is open from 10.0am to 4.0pm = portacabin on right in top yard.  Many thanks.

Poorly hedgehog

hedgie - 19This little baby hedgehog came in yesterday.   He was looking very sorry for himself and was lethargic and cold in spite of the warm weather.  We warmed him up with a heated pad and a drink of special milk and then treated him for ticks.  He had a massive infestation and that may have caused his weakness.  Ticks suck the blood and will have made him anaemic.  There were too many to remove with a tick ‘twister’ so we gave him a careful spray of frontline, which kills the ticks instantly.  We don’t use this on the really tiny hoglets though.

This little chap  is looking much better now and had had some chicken and a nibble of sunflower seeds.   All he wants to do is is have a nap – hopefully he’ll sleep himself better.  All our baby hedgies like to be tucked up in bed and covered with a towel or thin blanket.   It’s like putting babies to bed!   We’ve called this little chap Solo – he came in on his own and has to stay by himself till we see if he’s well enough to join the others in the nursery.  Good thoughts and prayers for him please ……. if he’s still with us tomorrow he has a good chance of pulling through.

hedgie 19 - 2

Getting ready to snuggle down – night, night little one.


Happy ending for Ellie

dogs - ellie 10

A lovely photo of Ellie who came in as an unwanted puppy and has grown up into  such a good looking and well behaved young lady.   We were so lucky to find her such a great home and she settled straight away with her new family.  We’re told that she is a firm favourite with the younger members and loves to play with their toys as well as her own.   Thanks folks for giving this personality plus youngster such a good home.

Thank you for all your help

kittens - calico 2THANK YOU

Many thanks for bringing us newspapers and blankets and bedding for the animals, for the food  and other items which are much appreciated.  All the help from volunteers is vital and the animals love you for it.  Thanks to Geoff for ferrying cats and dogs to the vet whenever we need it and also for fetching pet food for us.   It’s an amazing feeling when we see cans and pouches in the Reception, it’s good to know we have enough food to go round.  We have animals and birds and wildlife come in every day and they all need us.  We couldn’t do any of this without you;  your kindness and good wishes make a real difference to the animals whose lives we are able to save – thanks to you.

It’s an ongoing process so more of the same please.   If  you are able to send us a small amount each month by standing order that would be a great help also.  You can dowload a standing order form from this website, pick one up from Reception or let us know and we’ll post one out to you

volunteers - geoff

The kitten shown above is Calico who is one of Paris’ kittens.  She has just been for her 2nd vaccination today.  Callie is a real mommie’s girl and is staying with Paris for the time being.  Her sister Wendy is going to her new home this week.  Happy endings….aaah!

Ragamuffins come to stay

cats - ragamuffinsThree beautiful Ragamuffin cats came to stay with us over the weekend.  It’s because of the ill-health in the family that the cats can’t be kept anymore.   There were lots of tears at parting with these lovely young pedigree cats.  It’s a rare breed, started in America in the ’70′s and previously associated with Ragdoll cats.  They are now recognised as a breed in their own right.  They are friendly cats, chunky in build and slow to mature, they don’t get to maturity until they are around five years old.

We have two six month old kittens – Pom-pom a young lady and her brother, Caspar.  Pom-pom is shown above.   Also another girl at a year old and that is Coco who is a slightly darker colour.   These cats have exceptionally loving natures, theyt like to go outdoors and climb and play but supervision would be necessary because of their rarity and desirability.   We are looking for homes for the cats, Pon-pom and Caspar must go together, Coco would be fine as an ‘only child’.

All three have settled well and eating, playing, fussing and purring.  They are sociable and charming by temperament.  They are all vaccinated, spayed and neutered.  All are very clean and fully litter trained.   If you’d like to come and meet them please get in touch.

Cat shot at by thugs

cats - tigerlily 5

This is a stray cat who used up one of her nine lives last week.   She was seen being chased and shot at by a gang of lads with air rifles and only just rescued in the nick of time.   This lucky girl cat was taken in to Carrick Vets to be checked over and fortunately none of the pellets had hit her.   Apart from being traumatized and very thin, she is alright.  We’ve called her Tigerlily and a sweeter cat would be hard to find.   A big thank you to Carrick Vets for looking after her so well and for vaccinating her before bringing her in to us.

Tigerlily is very pretty, she is a tabby with pale apricot and white markings and real tabby stripes.   She is very friendly and well behaved, still needs lots of reassurance after her ordeal.   She is very clean, fully litter trained, not microchipped.  We think she is about two years old.   If you could give this lovely cat a good home please get in touch. She is quite thin but is eating well and on the road to recovery.

We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm, 01246 455777.

Little owl comes back to feed

birds - perjoo 12

Perjo is coming back to feed every day.   That is such a relief for us.  It’s a wrench to let these little birds go, we are wondering if they will be able to find food and learn to hunt.  Now we know that he is eating and given time will learn to get his supper for himself.  He has to discover his own territory and where there is a lot of mice and rodents.   It’s difficult for a little owl who has been reared, virtually in captivity, to do this.   When we first gave him the opportunity to fly free he was unsure of himself.  Then he flew off and we kept seeing him in and out of the trees in the valley.   When he came back and stsrted ‘clicking’ to us from a beam in one of the stables, it was a great moment.   He took the chicks we’d left out for him and was gone again by next morning.   At the moment he’s coming early morning and at dusk to eat so we klnow he’s doing well.   No more communicatioin – he’s becoming more of a wild owl every day and that is good.

New kittens

kittens - dorcas babiesWe have some lovely kittens and they are growing fast, they seem to change and develop every day.   None of the next two litters are ready yet, we don’t like kits to go to their new homes until they have had a vet check and their first vaccination at nine weeks old.  Even then, there are some babies who are still emotionally dependent on mum or their siblings.  When they become more independent and confident at being handled we know the time is right.  The tabby here is a little boy, the calico is a female – no uncertainty about that – all tricolour cats have to be female, it’s their genetic programming.  These two are especially sweet, suggestions for names are very welcome.

We do have one boy kitten who is available for adoption, he is a mackerel striped tabby and went for his health check yesterday (a clean bill of health) and his first vaccination.