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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Horses grazing in evening sun

horses - grazing

Some of the sanctuary horses are shown here in the evening sun, they cast long shadows as they graze.  The grass is sweet as it’s recently been ‘topped’ or cut down to keep the field in good shape.  Our horses are very much a herd which is the natural state for this species.  Keeping them on their own or with changing companions is not natural for them.  They are herd animals and all have their place in the group.   There is always leader, which is Misty, one of the older mares,  in this group.  She decides what is happening next, the rest follow on.

We try to give the horses as natural a life as possible.  They need a large area to roam in and plenty of shelter from the wind and rain.   We need field shelters for our horses and are putting them on our ‘Wish List’ because even when it’s summer the horses seek shelter and like to get out of the sun.  If anyone can help us buy a field shelter the horses would love it.  A donation towards the ‘Field Shelter Fund’ would be magnificent – we’ll send you an Adoption Certificate for one of our rescued horses or ponies by return.

Thank you for wishes come true

kittens - Felix & Pippa 7

‘Yum, yum!  That was good!’   Thank you Lauren and Jag for sending us a pack of kitten milk chosen from our wish list.  We love it!  We’ve just had a saucer full and having some more tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Lauren told us:  ‘Hope the kittens enjoy this – Jags the tabby and white kitten I adopted last year, is still addicted to this stuff!  Thank you for giving him such a good start in life!’

Thank you Lauren for giving Jags such a good home and being so kind to our kittens – a kitten postcard on it’s way x

Join us and get a free keyring


keyring owlJoin us now and help the animals – there’s a FREE Pet Samaritans keyring with each new membership. You’ll also get our NEWSLETTERS post free, andf info and updates.  A year’s membership is only £15.00 per year, send us your name, address and which keyring you prefer.  We’ll send it straight out to you along with our welcome pack and latest newsletter.

Payment by cheque, paypal or donate on our website.  Many thanks.

keyring - dog

Kittens have an Amazon Wish List

kittens - wish list

Faces filled with concentration – our kittens are making a wish and it’s all about food,  they like any brand of kitten pouches – and a saucer of cat milk goes down well – and a dish of kitten biscuits to snack on.   We want the kits to be well nourished and grow up sleek and healthy – they’ve done an Amazon wish list (clever kits!) and if anyone would like to buy them some food they’ll be very happy.

It’s easy to do, just click on the url below, it takes you to Amazon and on to our Wish List.  Whatever you buy for them can be delivered straight to the sanctuary – enclose your name and address and we’ll send you a kitten postcard as a thank you.



Faithful friend dog needs a new home

dogs - jimbo 8He’s friendly, fussy and a bit of a wimp – Jimbo is a young dog who is looking for a new home.   He’s one of the nicest dogs you could ever meet and always rolls over for you to tickle his tummy.  Jimbo came in because his owner had to move away because of work.  If you’d like to know more about him go to our Pet Adoptions page.  Jimbo loves walks so if you’ve an hour or two to spare why not come and take him out.

Urgent appeal for kitten food

kittens - twinks kitsWe have lots of kittens at present and they are always hungry.  It’s good to see them eating well, it’s a sign they’re healthy and growing.   Another cat who was brought in recently had five kittens at the weekend – more mouths to feed.  We urgently need a huge mountain of cat and kitten food.  The weaned kittens eat two pouches a day – each!  The mother cats are feeding a family so we feed them to appetite.   Our pregnant ladies are always hungry.   We put out kitten biscuits all the time and a saucer of cat milk every day.  It’s lovely to see them thriving but they are always ready for more.  We have to vaccinate them all, flea and worm and the mother cats need to be spayed.   If anyone can help us with a donation or by bringing kitten food there will be some very happy little kit-cats and we’ll be very grateful.

Tiny dog needs lots of love

dogs - pippa 25

She’s a tiny tot but Pippa has a huge amount of love to give.   This little girl is a Chihuaha x Chinese Powder Puff and although she is just over a year old and fully grown she is dainty and only a handful to hold.   Pippa came to us because of her owner’s illness and hospitalization.   She is an adorable little girl – very loving and affectionate.  You can read more about Pippa on our Pet Adoption pages.


Labrador x affectionate youngster

dogs - kandy 5

Although she’s fairly small, Kandy is a chunky young lady.  She’s a Lab x and a lovely colour, rich tan and pristine white.  How do white dogs keep themselves so clean?  Kandy is about a year old and very loving and well behaved.  She’s looking for a new home and will make some lucky person a faithful friend.  More details on our Adoption pages.

dogs - kandy 15

More dogs for adoption

dogs - greyhound 3We’ve had several more dogs come in through various circumstances, abandonment, bereavement etc.  They are all lovely dogs and deserving of the very best homes possible.  The one shown above is Pollyanna who is a gentle greyhound who was very badly treated.  Her body is covered in scars.   You can read more about Pollyanna on our adoption pages.

Greyhounds make excellent pets, they are invariably clean and well behaved – Pollyanna is no exception.  They are ‘duvet’ dogs who love to keep  warm and like a soft, comfy bed.  They’ll lounge about forever but if  you decide you want to walk the Pennine Trail – they’re up for it!

We’d love you to come and meet Polly, after all she’s been through she deserves the best home possible.   See pics and read more on our Adoption pages…..

Kitten tea party this weekend

kitten tea party july15

We’re having a kitten tea party this weekend, it’s a chance for you to come and meet our beautiful babies and give them a cuddle and a fuss.   If you’re looking to rehome a kitten we have some that have been vaccinated and health checked and are ready to pack their little bags and go off to their new family.

They’ll be having their tea while you’re here and if you want to bring them a pouch or some chopped chicken they’ll love you all the more for it!    Our tea party is between 12 noon and 3.0pm Saturday and Sunday.  Just press the bell on Reception (blue cabin on right in top yard) and then come on down.  We look forward to seeing you.