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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

A poorly little dog

dogs - little billy 4In dogs, as well as humans, health is everything.  We take it for granted until it breaks down.   This is Little Billy, an elderly and poorly Jack Russell, who has been brought in to us because his owners, who have their own health problems, can’t cope with him any more.   He’s been unwell for a long time and has been treated with tranquilizers (diazapam) and steroids.   He’s been getting worse and becoming more distressed, he’s started to howl for long periods and has become incontinent.

Little Billy has Lupus which is a disease of the immune system.  His body has broken down and the skin around his eyes is raw and looks horrific.  When he first came in he looked very miserable.  Lupus can cause the nose and skin in other areas to be raw too.   Little Billly’s condition is challenging but he is such a sweet little chap and we have seen other dogs improve dramatically with a holistic approach.  The other option was for his owners to have him put to sleep, the howling especially was a big difficulty and a sign of extreme unhappiness.   They have another dog and the two of them do not get on.  This may have been making Little Billy worse.  Feeling unhappy can be a cause of ill health.   We’ll make him comfortable (one of our specially cosy duvet beds) and put him on an organic diet.  We’ve stopped the tranquilizers, they aren’t doing him any good anyway.  He’s having lots of love and holistic treatment – it may not work but we’ll give it a try.dogs - little billy 2

dogs - little billy

dogs - little billy 5

Get well Little Billy ……..recovery prayers please …….

Engagement thank you

dogs -jack & nolene 20

A big thank you to Lisa Pilmore and her fiancee for helping all our animals.  They had the brilliant idea of asking guests at their recent engagement party (Congratulations!) to make donations to Pet Samaritans in lieu of gifts.  It raised a super £90 which they donated to help keep us going.  Many, many thanks, it came at just the right time as we are really struggling at present – cats, kittens, dogs, ponies, wildlife….. and winter coming on.

Congratulations and wishing long life and happiness  to both of you


To help find your own luck and happiness, come along and stroke our ‘Lucky’ Calico cat – she’s called Princess Tortie and she loves a fuss!

Laddie is doing well

dogs - laddie 15

Laddie was nervous when he first came in – what a difference now!   He’s not put a paw wrong and is loving it here.  A calm routine and lots of exercise, fuss and good food is obviously suiting him.   He is a well behaved dog who is friends with everyone he meets now.   Laddie is a large handsome boy and rapidly becoming a laid back character who is enjoying life.   Good boy!


Injured Sparrowhawk is brought to us


This beautiful bird was brought in to us yesterday.   She is a sparrowhawk and has an injured wing so she can’t fly.   We think she is a youngster and a female (they are larger than the males) – a sparrowhawk is a challenge to rear and care for.  They are very nervous birds have to be kept quiet and not stressed in any way.   So far she hasn’t taken any chick but has had a sliver of raw meat overnight so that is something.   They are used to eating small birds or mice so we’ll try a ‘pinkie’ (baby mouse) later on today.

Sparrowhawks are quick, agile birds and fierce hunters.  They live in woodlands and also hunt in gardens.  Some years ago their numbers declined because of being poisoned through chemicals in farming but they are on the rise again now and are no longer endangered.  To watch a sparrowhawk soaring in the sky is a wonderful experience.   It’s amazing to see this lovely bird up so close.   We are hoping to get her eating well which is the first step, and then flying and then we can release her.  That’s the plan anyway and to disturb her by our presence as little as possible.

sparrowhawk 1

Mandarin ducks come to stay

ducks - mandarins 12

We’ve had some beautiful young ducklings brought in this week.  Two male Mandarins and a speckled orange tipped Teal.   They are about fourteen weeks old  and have had to be separated from their siblings as they are related.  Inbred ducks are not wanted.   The Teal is only half the size of the Mandarins but they all get on well.  The colouring of the male Mandarins is stunning – the females, if we had any, would be a drab brown.

We’ve given them a hay nest and a big pool of water.   If you are keeping ducks always make sure they have a way of getting out of their paddling pool – a few bricks and stones make a safe way out for them.   Ducks can’t be let out round here because there are too many foxes, they would be a tasty snack for a hungry predator.

Wouldn’t they fly away and be safe?   Sadly no, these ducklings have already been pinioned.   The bones in their wing tips have been broken so they can never fly.   It’s illegal for anyone other than a vet to do this and quite right too, it’s a cruel thing to do.    It’s done because humans want the birds to be kept captive, this is the cheaper option because no fences are needed, it’s impossible for the ducks to fly away.   Imagine how dreadful it is for the poor little things, they see the sky and the wide open spaces, they flap their wings and want to soar up in to the sky – but they can’t.  They have broken bones and mutilation that can’t be reversed.

This is done routinely to  other captive birds.  It’s a painful procedure and one of the ‘hidden’ cruelties, few people know when they are feeding the ducks in the park that they have been pinioned.

So our little ducklings are grounded and have been denied a natural life.

ducks - mandarins 2

ducks - teal


ducks - mandarins 14

Jack Russell for Adoption

dogs - sparky 14Sparky is a handsome little fella who came in to us because of his elderly owner’s ill health.  He’s a handsome dog, smooth coated and a well marked tan and white.  He might even be a Parson Jack Russell as his legs are a bit longer than the traditional J.R.  He’s still not very big though.  He’s neat and sweet and very affectionate.   Sparky is an enthusiastic chap, ready for anything, he loves walks and fuss and treats, going out in the car and meeting people.  He’s a sociable dog who walks nicely on the lead and is well mannered.

Sparky is fully vaccinated and will have a health check at the vet’s before he packs his bags and goes off to his new home.  If you would like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.

dogs - sparky 5

dogs - sparky 11

Laddie is settling well

dogs - laddie 10

Laddie is gaining confidence, he enjoys his walks and as you can see – he’s good with cats.  He’s a clean, well behaved dog and affectionate and friendly when he gets to know you.  He’s still wary of strangers though.  It will take a while for him to gain confidence I think.   Sometimes it just happens overnight – I do hope so.

dogs - laddie 9

He loves a big fuss!

Shepherd x Needs Socialising

dogs - oliver 2

We’ve had several unwanted dogs brought in over the last week.   They are all settling down but Oliver has more problems than the rest.  He is a lovely dog ….. but ……. he has a lot of issues.  He’s a big lad who has been neglected recently as his owner’s life has changed dramatically and Oliver has been left on his own.  He is around four years old and hasn’t been socialized enough as a youngster so being home alone has made everything worse.  Oliver is nervous and shy of strangers.   When he gets to know you he’s fine but until he does he backs off.

Oliver has not had enough exercise lately and this shows in his lack of muscle.  We’re befriending him, building a relationship with him,  giving a calm and consistent routine.  It’s gentle exercise to begin with – when he builds his fitness up we’ll take him further.

On the plus side, Oliver seems good with other dogs and cats also.  He’s a clean dog and apart from being a constant worrier, he’s good to handle.   We’ll start him on Scullcap and Veralian tablets (we keep them in stock) and these are excellent for promoting a calm approach to life.   Lots of conversations, treats, hugs and fuss will also help.   When he came in his collar was embedded in his neck and we had to cut it off.  It’s what happens when life’s challenges mean there is no longer any time for the dog.

dogs - oliver 3It will be good to see him smile again…

dogs - oliver

Owl brooch a perfect gift

owl broochEvery purchase of this lovely Ozzie owl brooch helps to raise funds for our rescued birds and wildlife.   It’s a very sweet brooch, small and neat – just over 1″ in height and under an inch in width.  It’s well made and with an antique finish, two green glass eyes and with three diamante stones on the chest.   Ozzie owl is a nice size, not too big and the perfect accent for your outfit.  Excellent for a gift and helps supports wildlife rescue too.

Ozzie owl comes packaged in a sweet organza pouch and we’ll do our best to post out same day. Price is £7.50  includes FREE POSTAGE.   Pay by paypal or as a donation through the site.  If you’d like to send a cheque or p.o. order that is fine too.  Made payable to Pet Samaritans please.

Call and collect is fine and saves on postage.  Our opening hours are 11.0am to 3.0pm each day.

Staffi puppy needs a home

dogs - puppy staff 8

Brisco has found a perfect home with fantastic people -  He’s doing well and it’s a happy ending – thanks folks.  This lovely apricot coloured staffi puppy is a real poseur.   He’s called Brisco and has a wonderful temperament already -  calm and clean and gentle – all ready house trained and clean at night.  Brisco is a plump roly-poly placid fella who likes a lot of love and fuss.  He’s adorable, loves to be praised and told he’s a good boy – which he is!  Brisco already knows how to sit and stay – he’s quick to learn and very loving.

Brisco was brought in because of family circumstances – he’s fully vaccinated and will make a superb forever friend for some lucky person..  We think Brisco is about 12 weeks old so he’s ready to go to a new home.

If you can give Brisco a new home please get in touch and come and meet him.   We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

dogs - puppy staff

dogs - puppy staff 10