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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Puppy is safe at last

dogs - puppy sunniA narrow escape for this pretty little puppy.  She was about to be destroyed when a kind hearted dog lover agreed to take her – saving her life.   She was brought in to us as her rescuer wasn’t able to keep her.  It was an emergency and we were glad to help.   The pup is only ten weeks old and has a lovely nature.  She’s bewildered and a bit scared right now but when she’s had her tea and lots of cuddles we’ll snuggle her up in some blankets, give her a teddy and make her cosy.  One of our volunteers is taking her home for the night so she’ll not be on her own.   This little baby will be up for adoption when she’s grown up a bit, been vaccinated and had a health check.

We’ve called her Sunny – it was bright sunshine and a lovely blue sky when she came in – a lucky day for this little girl dog who almost didn’t make it.

18 years and still going strong

cats - pudsey 5

He’s eighteen years old and still doing well.  Pudsey has been an adventurous cat in his younger days but now it’s time for a quiet life.  He was brought in to us becvause his owners are moving abroad and he’s joined our ‘Golden Oldie’ Club without any problems.  Pudsey is a handsome fella, jet black with just a small white flash on his chest.  His ears are a bit raggy but apart from that he is in fine shape, agile and alert although we would hesitate to let him wander outside unsupervised, sometimes elderly cats forget where they are and how to get back in.

It’s early days but Pudsey and Homer are making friends.  They have side by side rooms and we see them have a chat to eath other. Maybe sardines for breakfast?  Last night’s mince was delicious.   Can you smell chicken?  Food is high on the agenda for both of them.
cats - pudsey

Character kitten

kittens - jet 9He’s full of mischief – can’t you just see it on his face?   Jet is a character kitten, ten weeks old and never a dull moment with this little lad.   He’s a mackerel tabby with well defined stripes and big golden eyes.  He’s confident and bold and a ‘people-pleaser’ – Jet is an extrovert and loves to play and climb and have a fuss.   He’s been vaccinated but his new adopter isn’t able to take him yet so he’s staying with us for a while and we don’t mind that at all.

kittens - jet 5

What a poseur!

Domino is a happy cat

cats - domino with rebekah

Domino came in as a stray, he was an entire male cat, very thin and grizzled and withdrawn.   We had him neutered, vaccinated and the intention was to put him up for adoption.   That didn’t work out because Domino settled down so well and so  quickly.  He loves it here, always a happy smile on his face, he wanders around during the day, breakfast in the ktichen, afternoon tea in the lunch room, supper and bedtime in the kitty cabin and lots of fuss and cuddles in between.  He is one of the most placid and lovable cats we’ve ever had staying with us.   Here he is with volunteer Rebekah – everyone loves the way he has made himself at home.   He is a forever friend to everyone.  So is adoption still an option?   ‘Fraid not, we all love this happy cat and we’d miss him too much.  We think he’d miss us too so Domino has found a home for life – here with us.

Gentle dog left home alone

dogs - tinaTina is an elderly dog with a sweet nature, she is a bit of a worrier though.  When her owner became ill and went in to hospital she was left on her own.  Tina was brought in to us and we’ve reassured her and made her comfortable  Although she was stressed at first, she has begun to settle and likes her walks and tasty meals.   She isn’t a greedy dog so a bit of chicken went down well to start with.   Tina’s owner has been unwell for some time and hasn’t been able to walk her so her feet needed attention and her nails were very overgrown.  Walking wears the nails down and so if dogs aren’t taken out they are in trouble.

Tina is still nervous and doesn’t like having her nails clipped so we’re doing it a bit at a time. They are badly deformed and can only be sorted out gradually.  Tina is a good little girl – a collie x terrier perhaps – maybe a bit of whippet in there as well.  She is clean and well behaved, gentle and quite dainty – a real little lady.   The vet thinks she’s about ten years old, hopefully her condition will improve and we’ll soon have her running around and playing.  It will be good to see a smile on this worried little face.dogs - tina 5


Homer joins the Golden Oldie Club

cats - homer 6

When his owner could no longer keep Homer we were asked if this handsome black cat could come to stay with us.  He’s a senior who has reached the grand age of fifteen.  Home has been well cared for and loved all his life and so he is in great shape and looks younger than his years.  He’s a cat with a lovely personality, polite and well behaved, Homer likes a quiet life and has settled well from the start.  He appreciates a regular routine, enjoys his food and lots of cuddles – a pleasure to oblige.  Homer is a good listener too.

Homer is a well travelled cat who was born in an aircraft hanger in Orkney, his owner has had him from a kitten, so it was a real wrench to part with him.  He’s fine with us though and is already making friends.  Pudsey is in the next room and he is 18 years so these two old stagers are getting to know each other.  It’s a chat over the wall at the moment but they seem to be interested and like each other.  What do cats talk about?   Mealtimes?   Mice?  Other cats?    Binkie is across the room and she is a calico glamour puss – so maybe she is on the agenda.

cats - homer 5

Jack Spratt a brave boy

dogs - Jack spratt brave boyHe’s an inspirational little dog – Jack Spratt is brave and uncomplaining, he has lots of stitches but isn’t letting that stop him doing anything.  Spratt never complains and is always cheerful even though this latest trouble is another thing for him to put up with.  He just gets on with life and makes the best of it.  Spratt is loving  the attention, the get well cards and especially the lunch box given to him by Kate and Jo – it had meat sandwiches and sausages and he was in heaven.  Miss Nolene is so pleased to have him home, she never stopped fretting while he was at the vets, these two little dogs have been together for a long time.   When he came round, they kissed each other and she is still fussing round him.

We’ve tried to take his bandage off but he won’t let us. It’s from when he was on the drip at the vets.  He loves it and is insisting on keeping it on.  A badge of honour maybe?

dogs - worried nolene

Miss Nolene’s worried little face while Spratt was at the vets – all she did was pace up and down till he came back.

Jack Spratt Good News

Manor Court, Pete, ponies, Krystal and Spratt 041

Jack Spratt has made it home and the news is all good so far.  He’s had surgery and the lumps don’t look malignant and they’ve been removed.   Spratt had a pre-med as soon as we took him in this morning and that eased his fear and helped him to relax.  Even before we started to get ready he was shaking – how did he know what was coming?   We fetched him back just before five o’clock, although he was still groggy he was really glad to be home.

We should have asked for some sedation for Miss Nolene too – she has been fretful all day and wouldn’t eat her tea even though it was chicken.   When she saw him again she was overjoyed and so were we.  Spratt too, he cried when he was back home, in his room and his own comfy bed.  He’s back to the vets on Friday for a check up – thanks to everyone at Spire who has helped him and cared for him today.

Operation day for Jack Spratt

dogs - Jack and Nolene 8

No breakfast for Jack Spratt this morning – it’s the day of his operation.  The vet has diagnosed testicular cancer but is hopeful that he will make a good recovery.  He can’t be sure until  he’s done the operation though.   We’re giving Spratt lots of fuss and reassurance, he’s a plucky little chap and if any dog can pull through it will be our little  Spratt.  He’s been promised his own special lunch box for when he comes home – he loves sandwiches and always begs when our volunteers are having their snacks.   We’ll have to give Miss Nolene some extra special fuss, she doesn’t like to be separated from her pal.  We know he’s in good hands at Spire Vets but still, it’s a worrying time.   Special good thoughts and prayers please ……..

Owls make friends

birds - ozzie & woodie

We’ve had these two tawny owls in for several months.  Ozzie (the larger) is now fit and well and can fly.   He is a timid bird though and very clingy.  Open doors hold no attraction for him and he doesn’t want to leave!   Ozzie ‘talks’ to us and clicks to tell us when he sees something new or when he wants something – maybe just for attention at times.  He is a lovely intelligent bird but apprehensive about new people, places and experiencesx.  A companion might help him to gain confidence?

Woody is another tawny owl who came to us with an injured wing, he was weak and poorly to begin with.   He has recovered his strength now but it has been a long haul, although he can flutter, he can’t fly properly.   It would be great if we could keep the two owls together but would they get on?   Woody has been kept in a smaller pen so that he could rest his wing.  They would have to get used to each other before we could trust them to be loose.

At first we put Woody in a large pen in Ozzie’s aviary.  This led to a frenzy of clicks – who is that???   Ozzie gradually settled down and went nearer to investigate, Woody didn’t bother about him at all.  We kept them like this, side by side, for nearly a week, feeding them at the same time.   The big day came and we decided to open Woody’s pen and let the two owls meet.   Woody looked out, watched Ozzie for a moment or two and then fluttered to a branch next to him.  Ozzie looked startled but then pleased.  He clicked to tell us all about it.   So far they are fine, perching next to each other, no jealousy over feeding times though we’re giving them extra rations just to make sure.  Ozzie and Woody are already best friends.