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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

A cat with attitude

cats - tallulah 2

We were told that Tallulah was a Maine Coon cat who was found living wild as a stray.  She certainly looks like a Maine Coon – she’s huge and just look at the size of her feet!   She is certainly a beautiful girl and a confident cat with no shyness or hesitation in her make up.  The trouble is that Tallulah is a bit of a tyrant!   Looks are only skin deep and although Tally is charming she is also a feisty character and liable to swipe and bite.   We all have the scratch marks to prove it!

Tallulah is no better with her own species and is dominant and aggressive towards other cats.  We haven’t found anyone she gets along with so far.   What makes a cat go off the rails like this?   It might be that she has been cooped up somewhere and it’s unbalanced her a bit.  Some cats like to be safe and warm indoors but Maine Coons are noted for their outdoor adventuring so it could be pent up frustration.

We’re not giving up on her though.  We’ve had cats in before like this and find that giving them as much space and freedom as possible will help to sort them out.  One of our other permanent resident cats, Cilla, came in as an attack cat and is now on the ‘greeter’s list’.   It took six months of complete freedom before she decided that people were not sos bad after all.

cats - tallulah 11

Fenella Ferret needs a home

ferrets - ruby 2

Fenella is an exceptionally beautiful ferret young lady, champagne and caramel coloured and dainty in appearance.   She was brought in recently and we are looking for a new home for her.  Fenella is good tempered and used to being handled.

Like all captive ferrets she will need companionship, regular handling and exercise.  Secure housing with a cosy sleeping quarter, plenty of space and light in the living quarters is essential.  Please get in touch if you’d like to come and meet Fenella.

ferrets - ruby

What happened to Paris?

cats - paris kittens

Paris came in as a stray and was then put up for adoption.  Before we could find her a home she began to put on weight.   We were pleased as she was a bit on the thin side when she arrived.  Then her tummy began to bulge ……. we had to put prospective adopters off until we knew whether it was too many cooked dinners or ….. was she pregnant?   Sure enough it was kittens and last week Paris gave birth to three beautiful babies.

She is a lovely mother, devoted to her little ones and aren’t they gorgeous!   Two girls and a boy, the boy is the tabby on the right.  Paris is feeding them well and the feisty girl we saw at first has mellowed into motherhood  – she is a real sweetie now.

cats - paris mommy

Good little girl.  Hasn’t she done well!

Happy Easter

ponies - on new grass

It’s turnout time on to new Spring grass and the ponies love it.   It’s the equivalent of giving them a big Easter egg and they can’t stop munching away.  (No chocolate for ponies for though or for dogs either – they can’t digest it and it’s a killer for them).   The ponies have wintered well with ad lib supplies of haylage and a feed every day.   They love going out in the fields and exercise is vital for horses who are animals whose prime motivation is movement.

Don’t forget – ;if you’d like to sponsor one of the ponies and help with their care, a donation of £15 will provide a year’s adoption.  Choose your pony and we’ll send you their story, a photo ready to frame and adoption certificate.   You’ll get updates throoughout the year and a card at Christmas too.   Adoption is £15 per year (cheques made payable to Pet Samararitans or by donation on the website).

Who will I choose?

Chloe – bay mare, small with a big personality

Bridget – a slightly disabled filly — red and white – the ‘baby’ of the herd

Sundance – a chestnut gelding and a cheeky chappie!

Holly – one of the ‘golden oldies’ – good natured and enjoying her retirement

Bibby – brown and white and loves food

Little Dorrit – black mare needs special care as she suffers from skin problems in the summer

Grace – chestnut mare, gentle and kind

Ruby – red chestnut, a herd leader

Daydream – red and white and inquisitive

Pixie – tiny pony with a big character

Send your name, address and chosen pony and we’ll send your adoption pack back to you.

Happy ever after home for Bella

dogs - bella 30

She was an adorable little girl when she was with us and it’s good to know that Bella is still as good and much loved now.  We love to here about our rescued pets so if you’ve adopted one of our dogs ior cats please get in touch.   Bella has been with her new people for over a year and they love her to bits – ‘Just an update on Bella, the little girl my parents had from you last ytear.  She’s doing great and enjoys all the fuss and attention she can get, which is lots!  She settled in straight away as though she had always been there. Keep up the good work.’

Thanks Sheryl for the update and for giving Bella such a good home.

Big Tom the Macho Man

cats - dominoNo mistaking this big fella for a tom cat!   Domino came in as a thin and hungry stray and was covered in scars and battle wounds.   Although he looks like a ‘big bruiser’ he is really a sweetie and is polite and inoffensive.  As soon as we fed him up we had him neutered, which is always a bit sad, his wild tom-catting days are over.   Impossible to keep him here or re-home him without having it done though.   Domino soon recovered and is settling in well, he is gentle and good natured although he still looks a bit of a scruff! He’ll become sleek and dapper as time goes on – this is an appreciative cat who has so far had a hard life, if you’d like to re-home him to a settled life in the lap of luxury please get in touch.

cats - domino 6

Poppy & Minnie are settling well

cats - poppy 3

We’ve had two lovely sister cats brought in, they are very similar in appearance and both have a lovely affectionate nature.  Already they are settling well and enjoying their new surroundings.  Poppy and Minnie are girl cats around six years old, both are spayed and  fully vaccinated.   We are hoping to find them new homes and we think that separately will be fine.  They do enjoy individual attention.

Poppy and Minnie like to explore and will enjoy going outside in a secure environment.   We’ll be letting them out here when they are fully at home.  It sometimes takers months before this moment arrives, in the meantime they have plenty of space indoors to roam around.

Outside here is nice and safe for cats with plenty of fields and open space to roam and have a natural cat life.  Some cats like being indoors and feel safe but we think these two young ladies will enjoy the great outdoors when the time is right.

cats - minnie

If you’d like to come and meet these beautiful cats please get in touch.   01246 455777.  We’re open every day (except Thursday) between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

Flicka finds a new home

cats - flicka 5

Happy endings are what it’s all about and our friend “Flicka’ has found a lovely new home.  This pretty little girl cat took a while to settle, although she was confident from the start she had a bit of an attitude problem at times – especially with other cats.  It could have been because she had to survive and fend for herself and she meant to assert her rights.  Living out on the streets as a stray wil give most cats a different perspective on life.

Gradually though, Flicka has come round and last week went on trial to a home where there is another cat, a very good natured young lady but one who will stand her ground.  Flicka has accepted her new role model and is doing her best to fit in and be friendly.   So her new home is now assured – good girl Flicka!

Friendly guinea pig needs a home

guinea pig - sonny 3

Re-homed – to a guinea pig paradise!  Thanks.   We’ve had a lovely tame and friendy guinea pig brought in and he needs a new home.  He’s called Sonny and is lemon and white, well marked and with a placid nature.   Sonny was taken in to a vet’s surgery with an injured eye when his owner could no longer keep him.  He was treated but his sight could not be saved in the eye and he is now partially sighted.  His other eye is fine though and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

The vet handed him over to us as soon as his treatment was complete and all we want now is a loving home for this sweet little fella.  He likes being cuddled and stroked and fussed and as  you can see, he is quite a poseur!  If you can offer Sonny a home please get in touch.

guinea pig - sonny 2

guinea pig -sonny

Another Easter Bunny

rabbits - wild boy

We know it’s spring and Easter time when we get baby rabbits brought in.  This little fella was found wandering far from rabbit territory and with none oi his family around.  He looks frightened but is good to handle so might have been tamed.   He’s a bit like a wild rabbit in looks but hasn’t the right colouring, he has a silvery blue tinge to his coat.

He was rescued by two kind hearted people and taken in to the vets who suggested bringing him to us.   He’s around five weeks old and will be able to feed himself, very tiny rabbits have to be bottle fed.   We’ve called him Speckle and put him in with Fudge (the wild baby we rescued last week) – hopefully they’ll become friends and do well together.

rabbits - wild boy 2