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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Keeping cats safe

cats - talullah 6

Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep cats safe.  It’s down to personality, some cats are runarounds and adventurous and there isn’t anything we can do to change them.

An indoor cat will be safe but not all cats like to be inside.  If they do, that’s fine, but if they are gazing up to the sky with their nose pressed against the window pane then letting them have some freedom is the only thing to do.

So getting the right cat is a big advantage and with an adult girl or boy you have some idea of what you are in for.   Any cat re-homed to a house near to a busy road has to be indoors so you have to make sure that will bring contentment.

Having your cat microchipped is essential, it isn’t just for dogs.   Your cat can easily be identified if chipped and hopefully returned to you.   We don’t put collars on cats, it isn’t necessary if they are chipped.  It must be horrid for a cat to have to wear something tight round his neck and we still see collars that have been left on too long and are covered by skin.

Cats love to go out at night but unless your cat is streetwise and feisty, we don’t recommend it.  There are too many foxes out there on night patrol too.  Sometimes foxes ignore the local cats – other times they are a quick supper.  Staying in is the only way to be sure of safety.

A friendly cat is more at risk of being picked up and taken away than a grumpy one who doesn’t like strangers.   Some cats will follow anyone and then forget the way home or get shut in a shed on the way back.

If your cat is lost then a good poster/flyer campaign in the local area will usually produce results. Notifying vets, schools, local newsagents and of course, animal sanctuaries, is the best way to make sure everyone knows that there is a missing cat. Again, a flyer with a photo is best, something that can get pinned up – phone calls get forgotten

Our sanctuary cat, Talulah, went missing for several days last year. Talulah is a Maine Coone and is big and temperamental. Pick her up if you dare.  Who would take her on?  When she eventually came back she was looking thin and the worse for wear.  Then we saw the dog who had attacked her – he had to go to the vet!
cats - talullah on mule


Forever home for Pippa

dogs - pippa 12

Pippa is such a good girl, she has met some new people already and is all set for her ‘forever’ home.   Lurchers are usually excellent dogs, ready to walk the Pennine Trail when you are feeling fit and also to be a couch potato  and watch some t.v. when you want to chill out.   They are often terrible thieves though – turn your head for a minute and the cheese sandwich you’ve made for lunch has gone.

Blue Lurcher needs a new home

dogs - pippa 10 - 1Pretty Pippa is a rough coated lurcher, she’s a lovely blue colour and with a coat just like a teddy bear.   She’s a super girl, cuddly and well behaved, very friendly and loving.  Is she a bit skinny?  Yes, maybe but that’s the breed, she certainly has a good appetite.  We’ll do our best to fatten her up a little bit.  More on our Pet Adoption pages.

dogs - pippa 8 - 1

Lovable Jack Russell

dogs - barney 3 - 1Barney came in to us when his 99 year old owner sadly passed away.  He’s a lovable little Jack Russell and although not a youngster he is fit and sprightly.   A gentle retirement home with lots of love and comfort is what he’s needing – he is an excellent companion and will be a best friend for someone.  More on our Pet Adoption pages.

dogs - barney 5 - 1

Check your dog’s ears

dogs - simba sharpei 7 - 1Simba has had a good night, a big breakfast and been a nice walk.  He loves to go out and seems to appreciate all the fuss we’re making of him.

But, (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?) when we gave him another health check this morning we were horrified by the state of his ears.   They look alright from the outside don’t they?  Turn them back though and they are mucky, red, swollen and very sore.  Both are the same – looking better now we’ve cleaned them, treated him for ear mites and soothed them with medication.  It must have been painful for him and Simba is a stoical chap.  He was brave and didn’t make any protest (apart from wincing) when we treated him.  Good dog.

We hope for a speedy improvement but will be taking him to the vet next week to make sure no permanent damage has been done.  Check your dog’s ears regularly – if they are itchy then shaking the head will alert you to trouble.   If they are infected and sore the problem may be missed unless the ears are actually examined.

dogs - simba sharpei 14 - 1



Sharpei needs love and attention

dogs - simba sharpei 3 - 1

Simba is a lovely fella who has been brought in because of his owner’s work commitments.  It’s hard when you have to work and your dog is left home alone.  Simba has become run down, he has a great temperament though and is loving and friendly.

Sharpei’s are generally placid and, like most dogs, they need companionship and regular exercise.   It will be gentle to begin with until we get him built up again, he’s underweight at present.

dogs - simba sharpei 10 - 1

Standing up is an effort and for now he’d rather lie down.   He is such a handsome chap, although not a particularly large dog he has a big frame to fill.  He’s going to have a new laid egg with his tea, we’ll soon have him right.

More on our Pet Adoption pages.

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Downy duckling rescue

birds - ducks donald - 1

This tiny baby was all alone with no other ducks in sight when he was found. He’s only a day old and maybe was left behind when the family went to find water.   We’ll do our best to rear him, he’s on a heat pad to keep him warm.  We don’t have any other duckling in at present so a teddy bear for company is going to be the best we can do. Thanks to the  kind people who brought him in, at least he’s safe from predators now.

Motown & Soul fundraiser

motown 5 - 1

Get your glad rags on May 30th for a great night of Soul and Motown – it’s at Station Lane, Old Whittington and is a fund raising event for us – so it will all go to help the animals.  Fantastic music, foot tapping, dancing and a free glass of wine – a night to remember!

Can you spare £2 a month

Cats - sapphire 9

URGENT HELP NEEDED – With so many desperate cases coming in every week we’re having a struggle to keep going.  Cats, dogs, birds, small animals turn up here, injured, abandoned, scared and needing somebody to do something NOW.  It’s what we’re here for and our arms are open for them.   We take them in, patch them up and give them all the care they need until they are well again.

It’s on a ‘wing and a prayer’ though – we don’t have massive reserves like the large animal shelters.  If enough animal lovers made a donation of £2 per month by standing order it would give us some regular income and make all the difference.  It’s the price of a cup of coffee but it would help us keep the doors open for all the creatures great and small who need us.

So long as we have space we never to turn anyone needing us away and we never put any healthy pet to sleep.  All donations go directly for the care of the animals, we have no other income – they rely on your help. We can’t keep going without you.

If you can send us £2 a month it will help to keep us going. You can download a standing order form on this website or send your details and we’ll post one out.

An email to let us know (with your address) is much appreciated – we like to keep in touch with our Pet Samaritan Friends and have some nice pictures of our residents to send out to you.  Many thanks.

Pets are more popular than ever

dogs - jacko 31

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bird or a gerbil a recent survey, done by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, has shown that pet ownership is on the increase. Pets are more popular than ever.

Eleven million households have pets and the total population exceeds 57 million.  More people have fish than any other pet, dogs come next at 8.5 million with cats close behind at 7.5 million.

The pet food industry is very powerful with the dog market around £1.3billion pounds whilst cats account for £1 billion.   Pets really are big business – it all used to be so low cost and simple!  Are we over-commercializing pets?  Back to basics and a natural life sounds good to us.