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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Beautiful Tallulah

cats - tallulah beauty

Tallulah is a gorgeous Main Coone cat who came in to us at the beginning of the year.   She was just under a year old  and a skinny and very stressed young lady.  Maine Coone’s need special care and like their freedom most of all.  We thought she had been cooped up and no matter how carefully we cared for her, she was a bit feisty and it was elastoplasts at the ready!   Nothing would do for this Miss but to be able to roam in the great outdoors and it’s been the making of her  We have some safe ‘wild wood’ areas where cats can be cats , still come in to the barn at night and be safely away from cars and traffic.   This suits Talullah perfectly.   She now has her own room and likes to snuggle up secure in the knowledge that she can be off on the hunt whenever she likes.

Talullah has become friendly and affectionate and there are no longer any of the bad tempered swipes we saw when she first came to stay.  She is a lovely cat who likes to be picked up and cuddled – not for long though, there is always another field mouse to stalk through the undergrowth.   She’s a large cat now she’s mature and with a magnificent coat – a real beauty.

Finding the right lifestyle for each cat is the key to feline happiness.   Some of the cats we have here would cringe at the thought of wild wooding – for others, like Tallulah, it’s the only thing that makes life worth living.  Every cat is different.

Injured hedgehog doing well

hedgehogs - WombleUsually we get hedgehogs handed in because they are thin, very young or poorly.  Mr. Womble is a large, adult hedgehog who was brought in with an injury to his back.  It’s healing up but he’s  lost a lot of his spines and has a bald patch.  Will they grow back?   We don’t think so but we’ll keep him a while and find out.  If he is left without spines it will make him vulnerable to predators.  Apart from man, hedgehogs are at risk from dogs and badgers who eat lots of these little creatures..

If Mr.Wombles spines don’t re-grow we’ll keep him and make sure he’s safe.   He is a great little hedgehog and quite a charmer, he isn’t afraid of us and doesn’t mind being picked up.   What motivates him most of all is food, he has a big appetite.  He’s also sociable with the other younger hedgies we still have here.   They all came in as hungry and poorly babies, they are well now but not big enough to hibernate yet.   Hedgehogs are usually loners but Mr.Womble goes to see the youngsters every day.   Maybe it’s for an extra meal and to finish their leftovers.

hedgehogs - womble 2

Walter the pigeon comes to stay

birds - walter 5

Walter is an ex racing pigeon who was badly injured and found by a kind lady who saw him hiding under a bush in her garden.  She nursed him until he was back on his feet but his injuries are, sadly, permanemt .  We don’t know what happened to him but he lost one of his eyes and has a damaged wing – he can flutter but can’t fly.   We don’t think that Walter will ever be able to live on his own so he was brought in to us at the weekend.   He’s a lovely handsome bird and is settling in well.  Walter is quite tame and likes to have attention and have a chat.  Pigeons are among the most intelligent of birds and we’ll make sure he has a happy life here with us.   We don’t have any more pigeons in at present – they’ve all recovered and flown away.   When another pigeon comes in he’ll have a friend.  Until then he’s making do with us.

birds - walter 2

You can see his injuries, he’s blind on this side and his left wing droops.   We’ve known their wings to improve and enable them to fly again and this is what we’re hoping will happen in time.  Nothing can be done about his eye though so it’s doubtful if he could survive back in the wild.  It’s better for pigeons to be free but they do take well to captivity and become attached to their human friends.

Placid puppy needs loving home

puppy - sunny 7

Sunny settled down with us very quickly and it was soon obvious that we’d given her the right name.  Not just for her beautiful golden colour but also because she has the most placid and sunny nature we’ve seen in any pup.   Sunny is so good and placid that she is a pleasure to look after – no puppy naughtiness, she sleeps all night through and we’ve not heard her bark at all.  She is a little doll, a round roly-poly little girl who loves to be cuddled and held close.

We took Sunny for her first vaccination last week and she had a health check too – passed first class.  She loves food and is having puppy nature diet at present, plus some baby dog milk and treats of cours – yes, that’s right we’re spoiling    her!  So what breed is she?  She’s a chunky little girl and we thought at first that she could be a staffi x.  Now, we’re not so sure.   She looks more like a Rhodesian Ridgeback x.   We have some Ridgebacks ourselves and she is the image of them as puppies.  This would account for her placid nature, these dogs are real couch potatoes, need lots of fuss and c uddles and a snooze on the sofa when they’ve had a big meal.

Sunny has a slight ridge down her back (and ridgebacks often don’t have a ridge at all), she has the right rich golden coloure and her head says ridgeback.  She is a big smaller than our puppies were at the same age though.   Whatever she is – she’s gorgeous.

If you can give Sunny a great loving home please get in touch and come and meet her.

puppy - sunny with jodie

Sunny with volunteer Jodie – thanks for taking this baby dog home at night when she first came in.  Comfort, cuddles and companionship make all the difference.  Jodie told us that she was amazed at how good a puppy Sunny is.

puppy - sunny 11   puppy - sunnypuppy - sunny 7puppy - sunny 9

Another Golden Oldie

cats - charlieCharlie is the latest member of our Golden Oldie club although at 14 years he is one of the youngsters.   Peaches is the oldest at 23 years and still going strong and we have lots of resident cats who are in between.   Charlie is a lovely boy, very friendly and fussy.  He has settled in right away and  made himself at home.   Charrlie has been a much loved pet until his elderly owner’s hospitalization meant that he was home alone.   He is a handsome cat, and is in fine form except for his teeth – he doesn’t have any!   Biscuits are off the menu although we may try him with some tiny crunchies.   Some cats still eat biscuits even though toothless but Charlie isn’t used to them and loves soft food.   No complaints os far – he’s licked his plate clean every time!

Charlie’s fate was in the balance before he was brought to us, the vet had suggested that he be put to sleep if a retirement home couldn’t be found.  We were happy to help – Charlie is fit, active and healthy and we’ll make sure thst he has many more happy years ahead.


Thanks for all your help

than yous

This is the most well behaved dog we have here!  Mutley was brought in as a donation and spends his time looking after Jack Sprtatts disabled carriage for him.  This ‘doggy pram’ has also been donated and is much appreciated by Spratt and Miss Nolene. They run about around the kennels during the day and they are fine because it’s nice and flat.  If we want to take them up the fields the ‘chariot’ is ideal because it’s too far and too uneven for them to walk their.   Spratt goes back to the vet today for a check up and to have his stitches out.

A big thank you to everyone who helps us and bring such good things in for our residents and to keep us going.   The food, blankets, towels, papers and other items are wonderful and a great help.  Thanks also to our dog walkers, fund raisers, kitten cuddlers and especially to Geoff who goes on rescue missions and takes dogs and cats (and a poorly hen last week) to the vet’s for us.

We couldn’t do any of this without you………

thank you - dog and cat

Puppy is safe at last

dogs - puppy sunniA narrow escape for this pretty little puppy.  She was about to be destroyed when a kind hearted dog lover agreed to take her – saving her life.   She was brought in to us as her rescuer wasn’t able to keep her.  It was an emergency and we were glad to help.   The pup is only ten weeks old and has a lovely nature.  She’s bewildered and a bit scared right now but when she’s had her tea and lots of cuddles we’ll snuggle her up in some blankets, give her a teddy and make her cosy.  One of our volunteers is taking her home for the night so she’ll not be on her own.   This little baby will be up for adoption when she’s grown up a bit, been vaccinated and had a health check.

We’ve called her Sunny – it was bright sunshine and a lovely blue sky when she came in – a lucky day for this little girl dog who almost didn’t make it.

18 years and still going strong

cats - pudsey 5

He’s eighteen years old and still doing well.  Pudsey has been an adventurous cat in his younger days but now it’s time for a quiet life.  He was brought in to us becvause his owners are moving abroad and he’s joined our ‘Golden Oldie’ Club without any problems.  Pudsey is a handsome fella, jet black with just a small white flash on his chest.  His ears are a bit raggy but apart from that he is in fine shape, agile and alert although we would hesitate to let him wander outside unsupervised, sometimes elderly cats forget where they are and how to get back in.

It’s early days but Pudsey and Homer are making friends.  They have side by side rooms and we see them have a chat to eath other. Maybe sardines for breakfast?  Last night’s mince was delicious.   Can you smell chicken?  Food is high on the agenda for both of them.
cats - pudsey

Character kitten

kittens - jet 9He’s full of mischief – can’t you just see it on his face?   Jet is a character kitten, ten weeks old and never a dull moment with this little lad.   He’s a mackerel tabby with well defined stripes and big golden eyes.  He’s confident and bold and a ‘people-pleaser’ – Jet is an extrovert and loves to play and climb and have a fuss.   He’s been vaccinated but his new adopter isn’t able to take him yet so he’s staying with us for a while and we don’t mind that at all.

kittens - jet 5

What a poseur!

Domino is a happy cat

cats - domino with rebekah

Domino came in as a stray, he was an entire male cat, very thin and grizzled and withdrawn.   We had him neutered, vaccinated and the intention was to put him up for adoption.   That didn’t work out because Domino settled down so well and so  quickly.  He loves it here, always a happy smile on his face, he wanders around during the day, breakfast in the ktichen, afternoon tea in the lunch room, supper and bedtime in the kitty cabin and lots of fuss and cuddles in between.  He is one of the most placid and lovable cats we’ve ever had staying with us.   Here he is with volunteer Rebekah – everyone loves the way he has made himself at home.   He is a forever friend to everyone.  So is adoption still an option?   ‘Fraid not, we all love this happy cat and we’d miss him too much.  We think he’d miss us too so Domino has found a home for life – here with us.