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Find out about the dogs, cats and four legged friends at the Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in Derbyshire.

Hedgehogs are waking up

hedgehogs - Womble Hello Mr. Womble!  He’s had a good winter sleep and now he’s waking up and he’s hungry.   After a good feed Womble went back into his nest, the weather isn’t quite warm enough yet for a complete abandonment of hibernation.  Some of the others who stayed with us are also stirring, the rest are still asleep. We’ve been putting a big dish of food out for the last month or so, hedgehogs are nocturnal so we don’t always know who is eating it.

If you have hedgehogs in your garden please put food out for them, the last weeks of hibernation are critical.  They need enough energy and body fat to survive till the spring finally comes.   Cat food is good (chicken not fish), also sunflower seeds or special hedgehog food.   A big dish of clean water is appreciated but not milk as it isn’t digestible for them.

Our hedgehogs have wintered in several nests of hay and leaves, all quite close to each other.  When the weather finally turns warm they’ll be up and away.  Not to find friends and family though, hedgehogs are solitary creatures unless they are looking for a mate.

Lovable Tramp for adoption

dogs - tramp 10

Where’s Lady?  If we only had a sweet girl dog we would have the real life Disney duo!   This lovable young dog, apart from being a look-a-like for the cartoon character, is acutally a cross between a golden retriever and a labrador.  It’s a great mix, very good looking and a fantastic temperament.   Tramp is golden and white in colour with a silky, slightly wavy coat.

He’s medium sized, not too big and with soulful eyes and an appealing expression – Take me home, pleeze!   He’s around 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated and so well behaved, it’s a pleasure to care for him.   He loves everybody and everything, walks nicely on the lead, and rolls over to have his tummy tickled.  He’s a sweetie.

This is definitely a dog who is going to be a faithful friend forever.  A super home wanted for him, you are most welcome to come and meet him.   We’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.  Please ring the bell on Reception (blue wooden cabin on right) when you arrive.

dogs - tramp 5

dogs - tramp 9

dogs - tramp

dogs - tramp 7

dogs - tramp 6


rufus - big rug 2Rufus is a slow eater, it may be because his mouth is still sore.  He’s had years without his teeth being rasped or by being fed proper food so we can’t expect him to get better all at once.  We give him soft mashes and chopped up hay so that he can wuffle it down in his own time.

Rufus looks longingly at the other ponies when they go out in the fields in the morning.    He want’s to be one of the boys!   When we’ve made him a little paddock of his own he’ll be able to go out and still be safe next to them.   A bit of spring grass to eat will do him so much good. – please help if you can.  Many thanks.

Beautiful budgie complete with cage

birds - budgie 5

This beautiful budgie is looking for a new home.  He’s a lovely fella, who is tame and friendly.  Budgie’s make excellent companions and are relatively easy to care for although they do need lots of companionship.  They relate well to humans when they are captive.

This is a young budgie who comes complete with a beautiful top of the range cage and lots of perches and toys.  Budgies need lots of flying time and freedom though, the cage is for night time and when they want a rest or to feed.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

Mini-staffi needs a home

dogs - alfie

Alfred the Great is a most likeable staffi – he’s a pure bred but …… he isn’t very big.  In fact, he is very small.   His legs just aren’t long enough and he’s more Jack Russell size than Staffi.   If a mini-staffi is what you are looking for then he is the one.   Alfie is very well behaved, placid and affectionate, he’s clean, obedient, likes to walk (and doesn’t pull) and is a friendly and lovable little dog.

He’s come in through no fault of his own, a house move to a flat meant that his people couldn’t keep him.  Alfie is approx. 5 years old,  were told that he’s excellent in every way, he’s used to children, cats and other dogs.   Alfie certainly hasn’t put a paw wrong while he’s been with us.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  01246 455777 or email.   We’re open for viewing between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.

alfie - staffi 2

dogs - alfie 4

Pet road deaths

Perro - black & white 2

R.I.P.  It’s so sad when we lose a pet, they are part of the family.   Even worse when we don’t know what’s happened to him or her.   Dogs escape, cats go roaming and if they don’t come back home we will be wondering about them forever.  Up to a few weeks ago there was no requirement on Local Authorities to screen pets who had been knocked down and killed.  They were taken to the Highways Depot and disposed of without being checked for a microchip.   It was then impossible to notify the owner and bring closure.

Now it’s mandatory for the Local Authority to check any pet road casualty and notify the owner what’s happened.    A lady from Sheffield whose pet poodle ‘Harvey’ was knocked down by a car only a few minutes after going missing, has won her battle with the government to make Local Authorities scan all pets and, if not microchipped, take a description of the pet.   If any cat or dog goes missing you can now check with the Council to see if he or she has been taken in as a road casualty.   It’s best to know even if it is the worst news possible.

Jasper came in with a terrible injury

cats - jasper 2

This young cat came in with a terrible injury.  Jasper is a lovely, friendly ginger boycat – how he’d hurt himself no one knows.  The people who’d brought him had seen him running round with this awful wound for many days and no one to help him.   Poor Jasper was thin and hungry, in no shape to survive.

We took him to the vet she said it was an old wound and was badly infected.   it was horrible to look at, you could see his muscle and organs inside him.  Unfortunately the hole was too big to stitch, the tissue round it had all died.   He was given antibiotics, the hope was that with lots of care, the wound would eventually heal.

We brought Jasper back to the sanctuary, gave him lots of good fresh food, wormed and flea-ed him (he was badly infested), kept his wound clean with hibiscrub and embarked on alternative therapy.   Aloe vera gel is one of our standby healers.  We also use turmeric, a naturel antiseptic which helps to dry up a wound and also promotes healing.  The problem is that as Jasper moves (and this is an active young cat) the wound opens.    He can’t live with a massive hole in his side – lets hope the treatment works.

cats - jasper 3

Would you like to sponsor Jasper?  A small donation would help – we’ll send you a photo by return.  Many thanks.

Beautiful tabby cat needs good home

cats - millicent 10

Millicent has been abandoned by her owners and has been living outside behind houses for the past six months.   It is only through the kindness of neighbours who feed her that she has survived.   We’ve taken her in now and she needs a loving home.  Millie is a very sweet and friendly cat.  She is also exceptionally beautiful.  Her markings are excellent and the underlying colour ranges from beige to deep orange.  Millicent is clean, litter trained and well behaved.   She likes to be held and cuddled, loves her meals especially pouches.

If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

cats - millicent 7

cats - millicent 5

cats - millicent 3

cats - millicent 4

Young staffi x needs a new home

dogs - jimbo 11

Jimbo is still a ‘baby’ dog – he’s only nine months old and very fussy and friendly.   He’s a staffi x , a nice brindle colour, smooth coated and well behaved.   Jimbo is small/medium sized and chunky with it, although he is on the thin side at present.  He loves food and we’re feeding him up!   He walks nicely on the lead and hasn’t put a paw wrong since he’s been with us.   Jimbo is spotlessly clean, not a single accident with this fully house trained youngster.

He’s microchipped and vaccinated, ready to be neutered, and that’s the next step.  Jimbo loves walks and playing, he has a lovable personality and is intelligent and always pleased to see you, the tail never stops wagging!   If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

dogs - jimbo 5

dogs - jimbo 11

dogs - jimbo

dogs - jimbo 8


Rufus needs his own paddock

rufus - headRUFUS NEEDS A PADDOCK – he’s walking the round the stables but it’s a concrete floor and hard for his poor feet. He looks longingly outside – but we can’t let him go out in the fields with the other ponies because Rufus is a stallion pony. His pals get turned out every morning but he has to stay in.  After all those years of being shut in with nothing to see, he yearns to be outside.  There’s a lot of anxious whinnying when the other ponies trot off.
Rufus can’t go with them because he was never gelded as a young pony – part of the neglect. Like cats and dogs being neutered, it’s usually done when the pony is between 1 and 2 years.
The vet has told us that he’s not well enough and too frail now to have it done.

What Rufus needs is a grass paddock of his own, then he can go out on the soft grass and at least see other ponies. He’d be next to them.
We have the space, the perfect place at the back of the stables.  All we need is the funds to fence it off and put a gate on. It would transform this little pony’s life. He’d still come back inside at night but having fresh air, exercise and being able to eat grass would help him to recover.

Most of all, it would give him a natural life and, after so many years of loneliness, the will to live.
What we need are fence posts, horse netting, posts, rails, a gate, a fencing contractor and – most of all, your help to achieve this.

Buy Rufus a fence post for £3.00?  Please donate on FundRazr if you can.  (or by direct donation – cheques payable to Pet Samaritans please) Many thanks.