Rosies puppies are 8 weeks old









Finnegan is a lovely placid puppy.   When his mum Rosie first came in as a stray we didn’t know she was in pup.   But as she became fatter and fatter it was obvious and she gave birth to five beautiful bouncing babies after she’d been with us a only a few weeks.   It’s always a bit daunting when you don’t know the dog that well but we needn’t have worried.   Rosie is a wonderful mum and her puppies are absolutely gorgeous.    Finnegan is just like all the others, plump and perfect – he is so well behaved – they all are.   I have never known a litter of such placid and good natured pups.    There will be some very sad faces here when they all go off to the new homes.










This is Finlay who has a nice brindle coat and big white big.   There is nothing to choose from as regards their temperament, they are all roly-poly good eaters and placid natured puppies.    The other pups are reserved although they won’t go until they are over nine weeks old and have had their first vaccination.    Rosie is also a wonderful little dog, she will be up for adoption when her youngsters have new homes and whoever adopts her will be very lucky indeed.

While she has been rearing her puppies Rosie has organic food and Dorwest herbs to help with her nutrition.   It makes all the difference.    You can buy Dorwest herbs either in our online shop or call at the sanctuary.   We’ve been using them for over 40 years – because they work!

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