Rosie and her puppy love

It’s been a traumatic experience for Rosie when we’ve found homes for her puppies.   She is the best mother dog we’ve ever known and has cried when each one has left.  If only we could have kept them all!   There is one little boy left, we’ve called him Jimmy (after the children’s t.v. favourites Rosie and Jimmy) and Rosie adores him.   Most dogs get fed up with their puppies as they get older but not Rosie.   They eat together, play together and she kisses him every few minutes.   There is no way we could see him go away from her.

Jimmy is a lovely little fella, playful and good natured, he loves his mommy.  It would be easy to find him a home but ….. we’re going to make sure they stay with each other.   Rosie and Jimmy are looking for a forever-together home and whoever adopts them will get two of the best little dogs ever.









Please get in touch if you’d like to come and meet them. 01246 455777 or email.

If you’d like to sponsor Rosie and Jimmy please let us know.   A donation of £10 and we’ll send you a photograph and their story.