Robbies Natural Dog FoodDid you know the Sanctuary stocks the wonderful Robbie’s Holistic Dog Food.

We’ve used Robbies to treat all sorts of health problems in dogs with fantastic results. As far as dog food is concerned in most cases it is either open a can or a packet, pour in bowl and your job is done – Dog fed! Convenience is the key. Well, Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine requires just a little bit more effort and the reasons for this lie in the quality. Most of the ingredients are ‘Dehydrated’ which means they have had the water removed and before feeding it needs to be replaced.  This is where Robbie’s ingredients come into their own.  Dehydrated foods is the oldest form of food preparation there is and the lovely part is that the nutrients are not affected in any manner or form. They retain their bounty of nourishment for your dog to enjoy and you to get the satisfaction that you are feeding the right food.

The Principles Of Holistic Dog Food To Health
Health is something which most of as as humans and pet owners take for granted until something goes wrong. Many of us fail to see the longer term connection between diet and health or its failure. A dogs coat very often reflects the state of its health. Inadequate nutrition, poor quality ingredients or simply too much of certain foods may produce abnormal hair loss, scratching and a dull coat. At the Pet Samaritans, we’ve found switching to Robbies can help to eliminate many of these symptoms.

*Itchy Skin * Eczema * Hot Spots * Hair Loss * Excessive Hair Loss/ Shedding * Waxy Ears
*Runny Eyes * Tooth Tarter * Bad Breath * Chewing Feet * Anal Gland Problems
*Digestive Upsets * Body Odour * Eating Grass
* Hyperactive* Loss of Energy

It’s also great for keeping your dogs in peak health. You really can see the difference after a couple of weeks feeding. Wet nose, glossy coat and improved condition and energy. A little goes a long way and it is very easy to feed – no opening cans or messy tins to deal with. Available in 3 different flavours – Robbies Salmon, Lamb and Robbies Chicken. We even feed it to the Chihuahuas. It’s great for delicate stomachs and those prone to bloat as there is no swelling of food in the stomach – it is all done in the bowl!

Weight of Dog

Amount Robbies to Give grams/day

1 – 5kg

16 – 45

5 – 10kg

45 – 90

10 – 20kg

90 – 180

20 – 30kg

180 – 270

30 – 40kg

270 – 360

40 – 50kg

360 – 450

Amounts may vary depending on age, exercise, and other factors like age. Young dogs will require more while older dogs less.

Typical ingredients include:

Ingredients (Dehydrated)

  • Brown Rice – Is the natural state of rice with the husk removed. : Contains calcium, iron, zinc and the B vitamin, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin. Brown rice is renowned in for its health giving properties. It supports the spleen /pancreas, soothes the stomach, expels toxins, increases energy, hypoallergenic, beneficial for the nervous system.
  • Pearl Rice – is simply brown rice which has been milled. It has significantly less vitamins than brown rice. Like humans, some dogs do not take well to an all brown rice diet .and suffer from from insatiable appetite and struggle to maintain weight. Chinese nutritional approaches suggest that pearl rice is warming or neutral hence its ability to neutralise the very powerful influences of brown rice. It nourishes spleen, harmonises the stomach and relieves thirst.
  • Chicken – From battery free hens. Highly digestible protein source so small amounts can satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs. Acts as a energy tonic – in particular the stomach, spleen and pancreas while toning the kidneys.
  • Oats, – Calming, low in cholesterol and supports the arteries, digestive track and cardiac muscles
  • Chicken Fat – Rich in Linoleic acid (omega 6) Dogs. High energy source.
  • Green Beans – harmonises digestion, rich in chlorophyll – helps in absorption of carbohydrates. Chinese nutritional approaches suggest they nourish the liver. Neutral or warming
  • Carrots – Benefits the lungs, supports liver function and the elimination of wastes including putrefactive bacteria. Rich in beta-carotene. Neither warm or cold but helps to clear heat.
  • Spinach – Cleans the blood of toxins that cause overheating of the skin. Rich in iron and chlorophyll and helps build blood.
  • Sunflower Oil -High in Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, lecithin, and unsaturated fatty acids. Enable production of prostaglandins which supports the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and central nervous systems.
  • Seaweed – Contains 10 – 20 times the minerals of land plants. Help detox the body and supports the lymphatic system, liver and supports thyroid function which controls metabolism, in particular protein metabolism.
  • Sage – Considered to be a good hair tonic, supports the lungs, soothes the nervous system and cleans the digestive system
  • Oregano – Supports the stomach, heart, skin and digestion.
  • Green Tea – The Chinese, with 4000 years history of usage, have advocated its health giving properties – rich in antioxidants – protects against free radicals.
  • Parsley – Tones the kidneys and urinary system and the adrenal glands.
  • Chicory – Good for expelling morbid or toxic matter and toning up the system. Supports kidneys, liver, stomach and spleen.
  • Vitamins and Minerals.