cats - pusscat 2

A comfy bed, a good night’s sleep and what a difference a day makes.  Pusscat enjoyed her fishy breakfast and is settling well.  This timid little cat who was hiding and cringing when she first saw us is coming out of her nest and saying ‘hi folks’ straight away.  She is a sweet and affectionate cat and loves to be fussed.   She was so stressed and frightened when she first came in but now she is gaining in confidence and showing us her loving nature.  It must feel good not to be itching now that she has been de-flea-ed (we used Advocate which zaps fleas, worms and ear mites).   She’s had soothing aloe vera on all her sore places and she’s looking much happier.   Now all we have to do is fatten her up – and get her vaccinated – that’s on tomorrow’s list.

If anyone can buy us some Advocate (get it from the vet) we would be very grateful.  It isn’t the cheapest but we’ve found it to be the most effective, easiest to use and the safest.

cats - pusscat 6