Do they look happy?   Or terrified and dreadfully stressed?    Without a doubt it’s the latter.   Horse racing is a bad experience for a horse who has no choice in the matter.   They are bred and trained to run faster and faster and whipped to go beyond their natural speed and endurance.    In the case of steephechasing and the Grand National they also have to leap over huge fences.

Would a horse do this in his natural life?   Of course not.   What is the point of horse racing then?   Why, as a society,  do we allow this to happen to the beautiful, sensitive and intelligent horse?

It’s traditonal.   So was beheading, bear baiting and cock fighting but we don’t do them any more.   People love it.   Why?   So they can say they own the fastest horse?    So they can win a lot of money?    It’s entertainment then?   The Romans games were said to be entertainment too.    None of these are valid or rational reasons for putting horses through this misery and danger.

Let’s pray for the souls of the poor horses who died in yesterday’s ‘Grand’ National.  Also for the others who were forced to take part.   Let’s pray for the owners and all associated with this industry for that is what it is.   We are praying that they will allow horses to have a natural life and give up forcing them to race so that humans can make money and be entertained.