Prayers for Pets

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Join us in our Prayers for Pets across the world. We hope you enjoy these prayers and poems for the pets that are no longer with us or who need our help. If you would like to make a dedication for a loved one, please visit our pet memoriam pages for more details.

Prayers for horses

Horses - Krystal 2 b & w





The cruelty inflicted on animals by humans seems without limit.   Today we focus on horses – noble animals who are sensitive, intelligent and beautiful.   They build up rewarding and enduring relationships with people, they are vegetarians and do not cause injury or act with malice to any other species.

In their natural state they like only to be left alone, to live their lives in peace.

That so many are killed worldwide in such cruel and shocking conditions is a shame on the human race.  If we cannot treat our fellow creatures with respect and kindness what does it say about us?

Yet the focus of the news is not on the suffering involved or the terror these poor horses feel, but on whether the supermarkets should label their minced up meat burgers differently.  Why would anyone want to eat moshed up animal flesh from an unknown origin and that has been manufactured in a factory?   How could it be wholesome?  The horsemeat is said to have come from all over the world.   Such suffering is involved and it ends up plastic wrapped in a hyped-up package in a supermarket freezer.

The scandal, according to the news, is that the burgers have been wrongly described!!!   The scandal is that horses, who have been the saviour and companion of mankind for thousands of years, should be so cruelly treated.

If anyone wants to eat a burger, why not buy a small piece of meat from a local butcher, where you can see exactly what it is and find out where it has come from – locally is best.  To mince it, mix with breadcrumbs, herbs and spices and sizzle it in a pan, only takes a few minutes.   Straightforward food.   We would rather not eat dead animals, the world is full of delicious alternative food of vegetable origin.  Better for you too.

But it’s time to say our prayers for the poor horses, who die in such a horrific manner.   Please let us focus on the thought that eating horses is unacceptable ….. that horses should be treated with kindness and respect ….. that they are never sold for meat …… that more horses are able to lead a natural life.

Let’s pray that more people learn to appreciate their desire for freedom, their spirit, their gentleness and beauty …… to have a horse for a friend is one of life’s great gifts.

ponies - grace 5

Pray for the poor meat market horses

horse - down



Will everyone please  pray for the horses who are sent to markets and sold to the knackerman.   We pray that no one will sell their horse or pony to an unknown buyer.  Better to give the horse a quick end and ask the vet to humanely put it down.  Pray for an end to the slaughter of horses for meat, pray for an end to their transport to markets and abattoirs, pray that people will stop wanting to eat dead animals.  Pray, that, if there is no alternative, that horses are put down quickly and do not suffer.

All the horses and ponies in the sanctuary have been rescued and saved from slaughter and the meat market.  Please help us to go on with our  work – if you would like to adopt one of our horses please get in touch.

A donation, no matter how small, will help us to carry on.horses - thank you


How did the horse get into the burger?

daydream 3


Why are some of the big supermarkets selling horse meat burgers?   Even more difficult to understand is why people buy food that has been made in a factory, has often come from different countries and has mostly unknown ingredients and lots of additives.   It’s quick and easy to feed yourself but the country is addicted, because of all the high powered hype, to meals that have been made in a factory.   We don’t know what goes into our food and this is why horse meat is just one of the many unsavoury things we eat.   The thought of eating a horse makes me feel ill.

How does it happen though?   In the past horses were mainly kept on farms or in working stables.   Horses used to work for us and this was a hard life for them, now people work to keep their horses.    So the pattern of keeping them has changed.   Since the majority of horse owners don’t have the facilities to keep their horse till it dies, this is a big expense.   The majority of horses are kept at livery, which is rented horsey accommodation.  Riding and competing in shows is very popular and if the poor horse can no longer be ridden or does not win the required rosettes, his owner will want to get rid of him and get a replacement.  If a horse goes lame he can’t be ridden.  The livery yard fees still have to be paid.  Sometimes it’s because ponies are bought for children who then lose interest.  Who can go on paying out £30 per week plus to keep a pony or horse who isn’t wanted.

Selling a fit, sound horse with a good temperament is usually possible.   Finding someone for a ‘difficult’ horse or an old one or a pony who is lame, is nearly impossible.  The weekly livery bill goes on though.  That’s where unscrupulous dealers come in.   They offer a very low price for the horse and often give a glowing account of the lovely home that it will be going to.   You meet the worst as well as the best of people in the horse trade.

The ‘lovely home’ will most likely be on a lorry to a meat market.  Did you know that there are horse markets every week in the U.K?   There are few members of the general public at these sales, the buyers are mostly knackermen and horse dealers.  It’s a terrible fate for a horse or pony who has used to being petted and cossetted.  Horses are sensitive creatures whose prime motivation is flight.  No chance for that.   They go from the lorry, where they might have sweated up and been crammed in with other horses, to iron barred cattle market pens.   They have a number stuck on their back, this is their lot number.  That’s what it’s come down to now – not a name, it’s only going to be a number from now on.

When it’s their turn they are taken into the ‘ring’ where the auctioneer sits in a raised box and generates the bidding – the customers are seated in raised seats all around.  The horse, who is usually terrified and likely to be exhausted, hungry and thirsty is led around while the bids are made.  When the hammer goes down, the horse has been sold to the highest bidder.

At the end of the sale the horse will be loaded on to the buyer’s lorry.  If it’s the horse meat dealer who has bought him it will be a ghastly end for him.  There are abattoirs that kill horses in this country.   They are regulated and the horse’s passport will have to go with him.   It’s a bad end for a good horse though.   They wait until it’s their turn,  all the time hearing the screams of horses being killed before them.  They can smell the fear.  At abattoirs I have visited there has been skins and blood of just slaughtered animals in full view.  Sometimes animals are not killed till the next day but hopefully it will be over quickly for them.

Horses can no longer be shipped abroad for slaughter, the law was changed after lengthy campaigns by various organisations, we had a petition running for several years.   They can be transported to Ireland though and this is where some of the people involved in the meat trade, have farms.  The horses are then shipped in lorries, it’s a very long journey and then they eventually they reach their destination, the really unlucky ones can still be shipped to europe as the ban doesn’t apply to S.Ireland.   The rest are slaughtered in Irish horse abattoirs.   Burgers anyone?

A badly injured hedgehog



This little chap was brought in today by the kind people who found him with a terrible injury.  One of his legs has been cut clean off.   The vet has had a look at him and there is nothing to be done apart from feeding him up and giving him lots of reassurance and t.l.c.

We don’t know how it happened.   Although he is obviously in shock he has eaten some mealworms and had a little drink of warm goat’s milk.   He looks to be just about full grown so would normally be ready to hibernate.   We don’t want him to do this yet as he needs to heal up and increase his weight – he is a bit thin, possibly because he couldn’t get food for himself so easily after he was injured.

He’s a lovely little chap and has let me stroke him, although he curls into a ball at a quick movement or sudden noise.   You might not think it but hedgehogs have expressive faces.   They can be sad, happy, hungry, interested or determined to do something else.  It’s difficult to photograph them though!

Isn’t it a hard life for so many of the little creatures who share this planet, they are so much at the mercy of the dominant species-  humans.  This poor little chap needs all our prayers please.

Pray for a poorly cat

Sparky is feeling better and is out and about again and back at work as a sanctuary greeter.   We can’t stop him – it’s what he loves to do.   But sadly, our lovely Sparks has been diagnosed with throat cancer and that he’s looking so well is only because of the excellent treatment he is getting at the vets (thanks to everyone at Spire Vets who look after him).

Sparky is eating well again and has his energy back although, as you can see from the photo, he has lost some weight.   He was always such a big cat – not fat but with a large frame.   When Sparky jumped on your shoulder you certainly knew it!  Now he’s a lightweight.

Please send Sparky your prayers, good thoughts and best intentions for his recovery – we’re not giving up on him, while there’s life there’s hope.   We’ve had animals make a full (and quite amazing) recovery from cancer before.

The injections are working and we’re giving him lots of positive thinking – we need an angel now to watch over him.  We love you Sparky….

Prayers for racehorses

Do they look happy?   Or terrified and dreadfully stressed?    Without a doubt it’s the latter.   Horse racing is a bad experience for a horse who has no choice in the matter.   They are bred and trained to run faster and faster and whipped to go beyond their natural speed and endurance.    In the case of steephechasing and the Grand National they also have to leap over huge fences.

Would a horse do this in his natural life?   Of course not.   What is the point of horse racing then?   Why, as a society,  do we allow this to happen to the beautiful, sensitive and intelligent horse?

It’s traditonal.   So was beheading, bear baiting and cock fighting but we don’t do them any more.   People love it.   Why?   So they can say they own the fastest horse?    So they can win a lot of money?    It’s entertainment then?   The Romans games were said to be entertainment too.    None of these are valid or rational reasons for putting horses through this misery and danger.

Let’s pray for the souls of the poor horses who died in yesterday’s ‘Grand’ National.  Also for the others who were forced to take part.   Let’s pray for the owners and all associated with this industry for that is what it is.   We are praying that they will allow horses to have a natural life and give up forcing them to race so that humans can make money and be entertained.

An old dog at the end of her days

Our thoughts, prayers and blessings are all with Dot, a much loved dog who is, sadly, approaching the end of her days.   Please help her to be free from pain and anxiety and her carer, Claire to have the consolation of knowing she has always done her best for the happiness of her beloved friend and canine companion.

We wish you a smooth journey to the next life, Dot.

Jaffa – we’re thinking about you

Please pray for Jaffa, a magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback who has recently been to see us at the sanctuary.  Jaffa  is having an operation tomorrow and, while it is routine, it is still a stressful time.  Jaffa is a big lad but he is a real softie at heart.   Let’s pray that he will not be stressed, will take everything in his stride and make a quick and easy recovery.

Our thoughts are with you, Jaffa.



In memory of Alfie

ALFIE – passed on to cat heaven at the end of 2011.   He came in to us as a stray and a more loving and placid cat would be hard to find.   Alfie had been with us for a couple of years and had settled well – we love them all but Alfie was special, such an affectionate and good natured fella.

When a lovely family chose him for adoption we were delighted, we knew that Alfie would be happy with them and this was the case for several years.    Sadly, Alfie became ill last year and was diagnosed with a heart condition.   There was nothing could be done and although they managed to keep him going for a while, he eventually succumbed to his illness.

Our thanks to the family for letting us know how happy he was with you and for taking such good care of him.   In cat heaven Alfie will still be walking through the long grass and having a siesta in the shade of a tree – our blessings and prayers to you dear friend.

And these lovely words from Alfie’s family ……

Thanks for the loveley tribute to Alfie.  We were fortunate enough to have had Alfie  nearly 3 years before he passed away on 25/01/12. Everyone who met him loved him especially our scottie, Mac, with whom he was great friends. Most evenings Mac would want to play and Alfie would humour him for a short time before chasing and “batting ” him but there were never any claws out just a gentle pat from a very gentle cat.  Mac misses you loads Alfie as do we all. x

He was a very loving cat and made you feel better when upset.. He made friends with our dog when he was a puppy straight away.He loved all the family and liked to watch our catfish. Jack B age 7

Dogs on the menu in China

Cindy is plump and we want to slim her down, but in certain parts of the world people would see her as just right – for the table.   In the U.K. a dog is man’s best friend but in China a canine is often seen as an enjoyable dinner dish.  The thought of killing and eating a dog fills us with revulsion.  It is as much a taboo in the western world as it would be to eat people.   In a recent food ‘festival’ in Yulin as many as 15,000 dogs were slaughtered in one weekend to provide dog meat dishes for visitors who attended.   Dogs are farmed throughout China but Yulin is renowend for the quality of the dog meat which is said to have medicinal properties.   That this is superstition is obvious to us in the western world.

The dog farms are horrific by our standards and dogs are transported to the markets crammed together in small crates, their faces are pitiful to see.     I am thinking about this when I see anything for sale that has the ‘Made in China’ label.    Apparently the Chinese government is considering banning the sale of dog meat.   It can’t happen too quickly.   We are writing to the Chinese Embassy to see how far this has progressed, in the meantime, lots of prayers for the poor dogs in China please.

Lighting a candle or burning some incense is a good way to focus thoughts and send good prayers, blessings and intentions, it’s an aid to meditation too.   We have not put the pictures of the farmed dogs online as they are just too distressing.