Prayers for Pets

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Join us in our Prayers for Pets across the world. We hope you enjoy these prayers and poems for the pets that are no longer with us or who need our help. If you would like to make a dedication for a loved one, please visit our pet memoriam pages for more details.

Operation day for Jack Spratt

dogs - Jack and Nolene 8

No breakfast for Jack Spratt this morning – it’s the day of his operation.  The vet has diagnosed testicular cancer but is hopeful that he will make a good recovery.  He can’t be sure until  he’s done the operation though.   We’re giving Spratt lots of fuss and reassurance, he’s a plucky little chap and if any dog can pull through it will be our little  Spratt.  He’s been promised his own special lunch box for when he comes home – he loves sandwiches and always begs when our volunteers are having their snacks.   We’ll have to give Miss Nolene some extra special fuss, she doesn’t like to be separated from her pal.  We know he’s in good hands at Spire Vets but still, it’s a worrying time.   Special good thoughts and prayers please ……..

Krystal may be time to say goodbye


Krystal 9 copyKrystal has never been the same since she was attacked and blinded.  Her right eye had to be removed when her skull was fractured.  This lovely gentle pony has been nervous since she lost her eye – she has had to leave a sheltered life.   More recently she has developed Cushing’s disease and been on medication which has helped a lot.   We thought we had it beat but perhaps ponies develop resistance to the drugs, anyway her condition has worsened and she has once again become lame and out of sorts.

The farrier came last week to see if there was anything he could do, Krystal has laminitis (fever in her feet) although she isn’t overweight, it’s part of her illness.  The vet has put her on pain killers and these are keeping her free from discomfort for the time being, it’s only temporary relief though..

Although her legs are sound and she is otherwise in good health, this serious illness is diminishing the quality of her life.  It’s so sad, she is well apart from it, even her teeth are good. Dental problems are the number one killer of old ponies, if they can’t eat, it’s all over for them.  That isn’t so with Krystal, she eats well but has to have a special diet because of the laminitis so she can’t go out to graze with the other ponies as she would like.

When the vet comes back, we have to prepare ourselves for what he is going to tell us about the future of this much loved sanctuary pony.   We don’t want her to be in pain but having her put to sleep will be heartbreaking.  Prayers for Krystal please.

Prayers for Badgers

badgers 3

Last night two badger cubs came snuffling round our yard, looking for left over dog food.  It was magical to see them.  Sometimes on the lane in the very early morning we see an adult strolling along, dad maybe.   Our badgers are safe unlike the poor creatures who are now being killed – the badger cull has started today.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccination works and is more effective and the many volunteers who are ready and able to catch the badgers and give them their inoculation, the government has decided to send marksmen out to slaughter them.

This is to protect the dairy industry and the farmers who make their living from producing milk from cows.  It’s worth remembering that cow’s milk is designed to rear a calf to maturity.   It is not naturally intended for humans.  If you like to drink milk here are many types with great benefits – goat’s milk, almond milk, soya milk, oat milk etc.

We do love cows though and wish for them a natural life.   It’s sad that with the current farming trend for keeping them intensively, profit has to come first.

Our prayer:   An end to the badger cull.  A change of heart by the government.   A programme to vaccinate the badgers against T.B.

Sad day for badgers

badgers 2

The badger cull begins today and it’s a sad and cruel time for these beautiful wild creatures.  A vaccine is available and there are plenty of volunteers who will ensure that it is given.   Once again, money and the farming lobby is given priority over wildlife.   Milk production in this country is a huge industry with ‘factory farms’ on the agenda.

Why do we need all this milk?   Cow’s milk is intended for calves and there is debate over whether it is good for humans anyway.   A cow is a maternal animals but when her calf is born it is taken away so that she can be machine milked for the supermarket chains.    She will never see her calf again.   Cows are forced into higher and higher milk production and instead of a long life they are worn out within a few years and then are slaughtered.

Whilst once milk was a rich food source for malnourished, starving children, it is not necessary today.   We have become used to buying these cartons of cow’s mammary secretions though.   The badgers are being slaughtered so that milk can go on being produced and farmers can make money from the poor cows.

Please pray for the badgers and for the cows, most of whom have such an unnatural life.

Prayers for a baby squirrel

squirrels - sammy

Every little life is important on this planet that we all share.   We are all part of the same matter and share the resources all around us.   This beautiful baby squirrel is lost and away from his mother and the place he knows as home.   Let’s send him all our good thoughts and prayers and hopes that he will regain strength and grow and thrive and all our love to this tiny squirrel.

Holy Mary

Baby squirrel rescue

squirrels - sammy

A baby squirrel was brought in today, he was found wandering around in a garden, looking lost.  He’s underweight and clingy, so keeping him warm and getting him to eat are our priorities.  Alright, he’s a grey squirrel and some people regard them as a pest.   We don’t though – all that matters is that he’s a baby creature who needs our help.  It’s always touch and go at first with these tiny animals away from their mom and in a different environment.  Prayers please and hang in there, little fella.

Pigeon rescue

bird - pigeon 2


He’s badly injured but lucky to be alive, this poor pigeon was lying in the road with cars whizzing past him.   No one bothered to stop and he was within seconds of being run over.  A terrifying experience for him. When we picked him up he didn’t put up any resistance, his injuries probably look worse than they are but he is in shock.His wings and legs seem alright but he has lost a lot of blood and is too stressed to move.

We’ve patched him up and put him in a darkened box next to the radiators.   He’s warm and dry and safe.  We’ll leave him to be quiet and recover and check on him again in an hour or so..

Prayers please for this beautiful bird.

Prayers for horses

Horses - Krystal 2 b & w





The cruelty inflicted on animals by humans seems without limit.   Today we focus on horses – noble animals who are sensitive, intelligent and beautiful.   They build up rewarding and enduring relationships with people, they are vegetarians and do not cause injury or act with malice to any other species.

In their natural state they like only to be left alone, to live their lives in peace.

That so many are killed worldwide in such cruel and shocking conditions is a shame on the human race.  If we cannot treat our fellow creatures with respect and kindness what does it say about us?

Yet the focus of the news is not on the suffering involved or the terror these poor horses feel, but on whether the supermarkets should label their minced up meat burgers differently.  Why would anyone want to eat moshed up animal flesh from an unknown origin and that has been manufactured in a factory?   How could it be wholesome?  The horsemeat is said to have come from all over the world.   Such suffering is involved and it ends up plastic wrapped in a hyped-up package in a supermarket freezer.

The scandal, according to the news, is that the burgers have been wrongly described!!!   The scandal is that horses, who have been the saviour and companion of mankind for thousands of years, should be so cruelly treated.

If anyone wants to eat a burger, why not buy a small piece of meat from a local butcher, where you can see exactly what it is and find out where it has come from – locally is best.  To mince it, mix with breadcrumbs, herbs and spices and sizzle it in a pan, only takes a few minutes.   Straightforward food.   We would rather not eat dead animals, the world is full of delicious alternative food of vegetable origin.  Better for you too.

But it’s time to say our prayers for the poor horses, who die in such a horrific manner.   Please let us focus on the thought that eating horses is unacceptable ….. that horses should be treated with kindness and respect ….. that they are never sold for meat …… that more horses are able to lead a natural life.

Let’s pray that more people learn to appreciate their desire for freedom, their spirit, their gentleness and beauty …… to have a horse for a friend is one of life’s great gifts.

ponies - grace 5

Pray for the poor meat market horses

horse - down



Will everyone please  pray for the horses who are sent to markets and sold to the knackerman.   We pray that no one will sell their horse or pony to an unknown buyer.  Better to give the horse a quick end and ask the vet to humanely put it down.  Pray for an end to the slaughter of horses for meat, pray for an end to their transport to markets and abattoirs, pray that people will stop wanting to eat dead animals.  Pray, that, if there is no alternative, that horses are put down quickly and do not suffer.

All the horses and ponies in the sanctuary have been rescued and saved from slaughter and the meat market.  Please help us to go on with our  work – if you would like to adopt one of our horses please get in touch.

A donation, no matter how small, will help us to carry on.horses - thank you


How did the horse get into the burger?

daydream 3


Why are some of the big supermarkets selling horse meat burgers?   Even more difficult to understand is why people buy food that has been made in a factory, has often come from different countries and has mostly unknown ingredients and lots of additives.   It’s quick and easy to feed yourself but the country is addicted, because of all the high powered hype, to meals that have been made in a factory.   We don’t know what goes into our food and this is why horse meat is just one of the many unsavoury things we eat.   The thought of eating a horse makes me feel ill.

How does it happen though?   In the past horses were mainly kept on farms or in working stables.   Horses used to work for us and this was a hard life for them, now people work to keep their horses.    So the pattern of keeping them has changed.   Since the majority of horse owners don’t have the facilities to keep their horse till it dies, this is a big expense.   The majority of horses are kept at livery, which is rented horsey accommodation.  Riding and competing in shows is very popular and if the poor horse can no longer be ridden or does not win the required rosettes, his owner will want to get rid of him and get a replacement.  If a horse goes lame he can’t be ridden.  The livery yard fees still have to be paid.  Sometimes it’s because ponies are bought for children who then lose interest.  Who can go on paying out £30 per week plus to keep a pony or horse who isn’t wanted.

Selling a fit, sound horse with a good temperament is usually possible.   Finding someone for a ‘difficult’ horse or an old one or a pony who is lame, is nearly impossible.  The weekly livery bill goes on though.  That’s where unscrupulous dealers come in.   They offer a very low price for the horse and often give a glowing account of the lovely home that it will be going to.   You meet the worst as well as the best of people in the horse trade.

The ‘lovely home’ will most likely be on a lorry to a meat market.  Did you know that there are horse markets every week in the U.K?   There are few members of the general public at these sales, the buyers are mostly knackermen and horse dealers.  It’s a terrible fate for a horse or pony who has used to being petted and cossetted.  Horses are sensitive creatures whose prime motivation is flight.  No chance for that.   They go from the lorry, where they might have sweated up and been crammed in with other horses, to iron barred cattle market pens.   They have a number stuck on their back, this is their lot number.  That’s what it’s come down to now – not a name, it’s only going to be a number from now on.

When it’s their turn they are taken into the ‘ring’ where the auctioneer sits in a raised box and generates the bidding – the customers are seated in raised seats all around.  The horse, who is usually terrified and likely to be exhausted, hungry and thirsty is led around while the bids are made.  When the hammer goes down, the horse has been sold to the highest bidder.

At the end of the sale the horse will be loaded on to the buyer’s lorry.  If it’s the horse meat dealer who has bought him it will be a ghastly end for him.  There are abattoirs that kill horses in this country.   They are regulated and the horse’s passport will have to go with him.   It’s a bad end for a good horse though.   They wait until it’s their turn,  all the time hearing the screams of horses being killed before them.  They can smell the fear.  At abattoirs I have visited there has been skins and blood of just slaughtered animals in full view.  Sometimes animals are not killed till the next day but hopefully it will be over quickly for them.

Horses can no longer be shipped abroad for slaughter, the law was changed after lengthy campaigns by various organisations, we had a petition running for several years.   They can be transported to Ireland though and this is where some of the people involved in the meat trade, have farms.  The horses are then shipped in lorries, it’s a very long journey and then they eventually they reach their destination, the really unlucky ones can still be shipped to europe as the ban doesn’t apply to S.Ireland.   The rest are slaughtered in Irish horse abattoirs.   Burgers anyone?