Pony updates

ponies - holly 2It’s a year since we took in Holly, an elderly pony with arthiritis.   She wasn’t a sweet old lady though, Holly had an attitude problem and was a grumpy pony, she’d give a sharp nip if you weren’t watching out.  Over the months Holly has been transformed, her health improved, aches and pains have gone and she is a different pony.  Now she has a happy face, she is able to run around with the others and we get pony-kisses instead of bites!  It’s all because we’ve treated her arthiritis naturally – and it’s worked.  What a difference a life free from pain makes.   She’s had freedom and exercise and companionship, life is good and so is Holly.   We’re putting the full story in our next newsletter – she’s having a party today so there’ll be pictures of that – and the carrot cake of course!

All are well in the mini pony herd.  Chloe is still looking after disabled pony Bridget (the fidget!), they are best friends and share a stable.  Ruby and Grace are still having to share, we need more stables.  Daydream and Pixie are both in small stables at night, we will need them for goats in the Spring but hopefully by then the weather will be better and the ponies can be turned out.

Pixie is having his hooves trimmed every four weeks, they grow wrong if this isn’t done.   Bridget also, because of her legs, has to have frequent trimming.   All the ponies have had their teeth checked and rasped when necessary.

They like breakfast before they go out, usually carrots and a handful of pony mix.   They won’t scamper off up the fields until they’ve had a feed.

ponies - sundance 4Grace and Bridget are usually first out……