Ponies can sleep standing up but when it’s hot and sunny they do like to stretch right out.   The ground is warm and at last it’s drying up, the ponies are enjoying the good weather.   It can be a bit alarming to see a pony on the ground with head and neck outstretch and when they are in a deep sleep it takes a lot to disturb them.   We’ve occasionally had people come rushing up to the sanctuary to tell us that one of the ponies is unconscious – ‘no, just asleep’ thank goodness.






You will always find one or two of the herd leaders ‘on guard’ and on their feet.   This must be intuition from the days when predators might attack.  Bibby (brown and white) has recently become more dominant in the herd.   We don’t know why she has suddenly taken in on herself to tell the others what to do.  Now they all defer to her, even Chloe who has been ‘boss’ for as long as we can remember.   Bibby is lovely with people but with the other ponies, when she says ‘move’ they all do!







Chloe ususally stands near to Bridget (a mostly white two year old filly).   Chloe has a maternal nature and Bibby is still a baby and a bit disabled – it’s nice that she watches out for her.