ponies - ruby and daydream

The little ponies like to come out in the snow, they run around and play but then they are soon waiting to come back inside.  They know there is a feed waiting and a rack of hay, it’s warm inside and these little ones soon feel the cold.  A larger, plump and young horse will stand the cold much better but they can only tolerate bad weather for any length of time if they have many acres to roam in and lots of natural shelter.  If there is a wood and thick hedgerows, dips and hollows in the land and a stone barn then they will be alright.  They still need large bales of hay or haylage to feed on and bringing them in overnight is best.   These little ponies need to be in every night.  A quick chase round, a roll in the snow and that’s it – they want to be back inside.

ponies - haylage

ponies in snow