Polly the Pig is quite the Poet

Our lovely pig Polly is still looking for a good home. She’s spotlessly clean, well mannered and delightful to talk too. Actually we would be really sad to see her go as everybody has fallen in love with her at the animal sanctuary.

Pig for adoption at the Pet Samaritans

She’s quite philosophical and well read and asked us to share her favourite poem with you.

‘Twas an evening in November, as I very well remember,
I was walking down the street in drunken pride.
But my knees went all a-flutter, so I rested in a gutter,
And a pig came ’round and laid down by my side.

Yes I laid there in the gutter thinking thoughts I could not utter
when a colleen passing by did softly say:
“You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses”
At that the pig got up and walked away!