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Join us in remembrance of friends and loved ones in our Pet Memoriam pages. If you’d like to have your pet or loved one included, please send your details via our contact page.

Goodbye Dearest Mr.Beau

dogs - Mr. Beau 2 - 1

Mr. Beau


Mr. Beau was adopted from the sanctuary in 2011.   He had a wonderfully happy life with a family who adored him.

This is what they told us: We adopted a rottie x labrador of approximately two years of age from you in 2011. We changed his name from Rocky to Beau, or Mr Beau as he became affectionately known. We are heartbroken to have to tell you that he died yesterday at the vets. He had all his family with him and he slipped away peacefully and with love. He had a tumour which was only discovered when he suddenly fell ill on Monday afternoon. We loved him dearly and miss him dreadfully as does the cat who keeps looking for him. He was a very special dog and we could never have imagined how much he would mean to us.
We are grateful to have shared our lives with such a wonderful dog, we only wish it could have been for more time.

Many treasured memories of a very special dog– you will meet again one day.

Do not grieve for me for now I’m free.

I’m following the path God set for me.

I ran to Him when I heard his call.

I wagged my tail and left it all.

I could not stay another day,

To bark, to love, to romp or play.

My life’s been full, you’ve given so much.

Your time, your love and gentle touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief.

Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.

Lift up your heart and share with me,

God wanted me now,

He set me free..

dogs - Mr. Beau - 1


In loving memory of Shirley Spooner


In loving memory of Shirley Spooner who passed away on 22nd April, 1915.   Shirley was a great animal lover who passed this on to her daughter Tracey.   Shirley was a dearly loved mum and is sadly missed by her daughter Tracey, also a dog owner who’s three much loved pets.

Shirley’s husband, Jim Spooner, passed away in 1998.

Our grateful thanks for the donation in memory of Shirley.

***Living in her family’s hearts forever ***




cats - in mem - summer

Summer was a beautiful tabby cat who passed away recently, she had lived to the great age of 27 years.   Summer had a wonderful life cared for by Denise and her husband – this, without a doubt, contributed to her longevity.  She was a much loved cat of spirit and character and here’s what Denise told us about her:

Summer was born feral and was a great hunter.   We knew before we saw her that she was bringing us a present because of her loud, look what I’ve got purr.
She wasn’t fussy about what she caught, we had a few squirrels and even a bat, caught after she’d gone deaf.
She even went on holiday with us, wearing a harness and lead in the car. There were a few double takes when we stopped to fill up and she was perched looking out of the windscreen.
Her last day was spent as usual, having a wander around outside and having cuddles.
She came in at teatime, had a fit and peacefully slipped away in my husbands arms.

cats - in mem - summer 2R.I.P. Summer – a very special girl – living in our hearts forever


In Loving Memory of Benson

memoriam - benson 2


A loving tribute to a wonderful dog from his owner Gill – ‘Remembering my beautiful boy Benson, who I miss every day.’   A handsome dog who has been well cared for and had a happy life.  You’ll meet him again one day Gill …..

memoriam - bensonR.I.P. Benson, living in our hearts forever


cats - mischa 2IN MEMORIAM


2000 – 2015

Mischa came in to the sanctuary in 2000.  She’d been found in a saltbox at the side of the road with four kittens, who she was looking after with great determination, she was an excellent protective mother.  We found homes for three of the kits but kept one back so that she wouldn’t be too upset.   She loved her remaining tabby kitten who we called Myrtle.   The two of them have been devoted to each other all these years and this is the first time that Myrtle has slept without her mother being close by.  They always kissed when they met and although Myrtle has other friends here, especially Tortie, it’s sad to see her looking for mum.

Mischa was a gentle cat, very loving and ready to purr when she was picked up.  She was friendly with everyone and went to meet and greet our visitors, we used to joke that she was on the payroll!  We didn’t keep any more of her kittens (now I wish we had done) but found them good homes and eventually had her spayed.   Mischa never showed any signs of temper or aggression, she was always even tempered, didn’t fall out with the other cats and everyone loved her.

She was a good eater but not greedy, her favourite food was fish and a few prawns went down well.  If another cat came up to steal her food she’d just let him and never made a fuss.   Apart from anything else Mischa was a very beautiful cat.  She was long haired but didn’t need the endless grooming of some of these cats, her coat was always tidy and without knots.  Her pretty calico colouring was unusual and smudgy, she looked as though she’d been dusted by a flour bag.

Mischa was not a hunter, she was a complete pacifist and never caught a mouse.   She did like to play – with leaves and feathers but it was gentle play only.  No rough and tumble for this lovely lady.

A couple of months ago we gave her a multi-flea-worm spot on treatment.  It didn’t suit her and she never looked well afterwards.   It’s back to the traditional methods of worming for us now.  We’ve had kittens and older cats die after being wormed in the past.  Mischa lost her appetite and we were tempting her to eat.  One night she went to sleep on her heated pad, which she loved, and never woke up.

Her daughter, Myrtle, is missing her although she has friends, especially Tortie, who goes to bed with her.  The other cats congregated on the shed roof and had a vigil which they have often done in the past when one of our beloved cat family passes on.

cats - mischa 4

Rest in peace darling girl

cats - on roof 2

* * * * * *




IN MEMORIAM – Fergus Shelbourne

Memoriam - fergusFERGUS SHELBOURNE – 28.8.15

It was dreamtime yesterday for Fergus a beloved beagle who passed away after struggling with his health for some time.   Fergus was a regular guest at Broomhill Dog Hotel and this polite and good natured dog was loved by everyone.  He’ll be sadly missed.

dreamcatcher 5

In Loving Memory



In loving memory of animal lover Louisa McShee

who passed away 15th April, 2015 aged 92 years.

The Earth is to the sun what mankind is to the angels.

kittens - yum yums 18

In Loving Memory of Diane Attack



who passed away July 2015

Diane Attack was a dog lover who had much loved pets of her own.   Diane worked for A Line Taxis of Chesterfield and she is sadly missed by all her colleagues.  A collection at Diane’s funeral raised £100 which was kindly donated to Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary in her memory.   Many thanks,  R.I.P.


A sad goodbye to little Sally

dogs - sally on chair

Sally was in a terrible state when she came in to us last year.  Her owner loved her but, because of her dementia,  couldn’t look after this little dog.  It was hard to know what sort of dog Sally was when she first came in, she didn’t even look like a dog at all.   We didn’t think she was a pure bred dog but she certainly had some Chinese Crested characteristics, including a most loving nature.   Over months we solved most but not all of her health problems, her nails were cutting in to her feet when she arrived and we had to cut them a bit at a time – Sally was very stressed about having a pedicure.   It was bribery and corruption and we sorted it in the end.   Her skin improved with good food, fresh air and regular grooming.  It was very slow progress and aloe vera gel helped –  the inflammation subsided and most of Sally’s hair grew back eventually.  We couldn’t do anything about her heart condition though, she was an elderly dog and had suffered years of neglect.

Sally loved her life with us, she was always interested and cheerful and had the run of the place, she could come and go around the kitchen, food prep and yard  just as she pleased. At the weekend she went out for her usual afternoon stroll, ate a chicken supper (Sally always had a good appetite) and went to bed as usual.  She slept on a duvet and liked to be covered up for the night.   Next morning she was just as we had left her.  She knew she was loved –  it was a peaceful end for a wonderful little dog.  Rest in peace Sally xxx14939919



In loving memory of Mr. Lawrence Collis

dogs - belle for memoriammadonna


   Mr. Lawrence Collis passed away earlier this year leaving behind a loving family and his beloved dog Belle.   We were happy to take Belle into the sanctuary and care for her until we could find her a new home.   Mr. Collis was a real dog lover who had done an excellent job in rearing this lovely young Labrador.  Belle is a wonderful girl who, thanks to Mr. Collis, is well trained, affectionate and gentle.  It has been a pleasure to look after her.

We have now found Belle a new home where she is much loved – they have told us that ‘she is the best dog they have ever known’.   Thank you to Mr. Collis for doing such a good job of bringing Belle up and thanks to her new family for giving her such a good home.

We’ll be keeping in touch with Belle and if circumstances ever change she will come back here to us.

Many thanks for the kind donations in memory of Mr. Collis, they are much appreciated and help us to go on with our rescue work.

dogs - belle 2madonna