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Join us in remembrance of friends and loved ones in our Pet Memoriam pages. If you’d like to have your pet or loved one included, please send your details via our contact page.

A sad goodbye

cats - pebbles in dress

One of our dearest friends, sweet little Pebbles, passed away yesterday in her sleep.  Pebbles came in to us three years ago, she was already an old lady but perked up as soon as she came in out of the cold.  Pebbles was a real lady and loved all the finer things of life, she had the run of the place, her own special chair, a hested pad for whenever she wanted it and always a very comfy bed.   Her food had to be dainty of of the best quality, she liked fresh meat and chicken and small gourmet pouches.  Pebbles had a lovely character and while she did everything on her own terms, she was unfailingly polite and charming.   She was a distinctive cat, very small and pure white with unusual eyes, one green and one blue – her gaze was steady and unflinching and beautiful to see.

On one of her first vet examinations we were told that Pebbles had a heart murmur.  We tried not to think about it except to make sure that her life was tranquil and without stress.  When the weather was warm, she would occasionally venture out for a stroll in the sun, but mostly she preferred to stay around the kitchen where she had her bed.  We don’t know exactly how old Pebbles was but it was obvious that her age made her fragile.  She didn’t jump or climb but still had a play from time to time.  Most of all she liked attention and conversation and would always give you a lovely greeting.

She had stopped grooming herself before she came in and her hair was knotted.   The vet shaved her the first summer she came in and we put her a little dress on to keep her cosy.  Pebbles loved it and from then on she always wore a cardi or dress and very pretty she looked in them too.  Pebbles had her own little dolly that she took to bed with her, she was a gentle little cat who never scratched or bit even when having to put up with something (like medication) that she didn’t like.

In the last six months Pebbles unexpectedly made friends – with another ‘golden oldie’ cat called Peaches.   This old lady (23 years) is nothing like Pebbles and has always been spirited and feisty, but these two who had side by side heated pads, became best friends from the start.  They would pad round together, eat their meals at the same time and take a great interest in what the other was doing.

It was worrying when Pebbles suddenly developed a swelling on her ear but the treatment from the vet seemed to be working well.   She was uncomplaining while we treated her although it must have been uncomfortable.  She started to sleep a lot more but was still eating well.  The night before yesterday we gave her a kiss and put her to bed as usual.  We were heartbroken to find her next morning, curled up in the same place, she had passed away in her sleep during the night.  Peaches was standing next to her and gave her a gentle kiss before we wrapped her up.   Goodbye, dear little friend, we will always miss you   xxxxxxx

cats - pebbles comfy

We’ve buried Pebbles at the sanctuary, we will plant a rose bush to mark her place.  We’ve not made much progress with our planned Memorial Garden but at times like this it becomes ever more important and is still very much on the agenda.  We want always to remember these bautiful animals who make such a difference to our lives….

A sad goodbye to Tigerlily

cats - tigerlily 10Tigerlily, one of our oldest cats, passed away in her sleep yesterday.  She was 19 years and had spent all her life in the sanctuary.   Tigerlily was the only kitten of a stray cat brought in all those years ago.   Her mother was called Tabitha and they were inseparable until she died three years ago.   Tabitha couldn’t give birth naturally and Tigerlily was the sole survivor of a caesarian section.   It cost £400 so she was an expensive kitten!

Tabitha loved her daughter dearly but didn’t have any milk to feed her, so although she did all the cuddling and washing, we bottle fed Tigerlily until she was old enough to eat.   They were inseparable.  Tabitha was more outgoing and a bit of a hunter, Tigerlily was the stay home girl.

Tigerlily was Pete’s (our late Pet Samaritans Trustee) special girl and he was the only person she allowed to pick her up.  She loved him dearly and missed him a lot when he died suddenly, while he was feeding the cats – just how he would have wanted to go.   When her mom also passed away Tigerlily became more withdrawn, she missed her too.   She still kept eating well though and apart from a problem with one of her ears, she remained in good health and active.

Tigerlily went to sleep yesterday and never woke up, we found her curled up in her basket.   It was the best way to go for her but so sad for us.   Tigerlily is together again with Tabitha and with Pete and that is good ….. but we’ll miss you such a lot dear friend …….

Goodbye to a lovely cat called Fenella

FENELLA – a beautiful and gentle cat who has sadly left us to go over the Rainbow Bridge on 21st September, 2012 -R.I.P. we’ll miss you so much little lady…….

Fenella came in to the sanctuary nearly eighteen years ago.  She was a young adult, extremely beautiful and with a wonderful temperament.   Fenella had a lovely colouring, a pale calico with tabby stripes and immaculate white patches.   She was smudgy and looked as though she’d been lightly dusted with a flour bag.

Fenella’s temperament was as nice as her looks, she was a real little lady, very fastidious and refined in everything she did.   She was never a hooligan and kept herself a bit apart from the other cats, especially in her later years she preferred the company of other ‘golden oldies’ like herself.   Peaches, who is twenty this year, was a special friend.

Fenella was brought in as a stray and we thought that such a lovely cat would be claimed.   She never was though and eventually became one of our permanent residents.   It took a while for Fenella to get to know you and the right adopters just never turned up.    Why did we call her Fenella?   It just came and seemed to suit her – she was an upmarket young lady cat who would have been at home shopping in Harrods!

Fenella enjoyed good health for almost all of her life, she was always a bit picky over food – are you sure this is from Marks & Spencers?  She was never greedy.   As she aged her teeth began to give her problems and last year she had an operation to remove some and clean the rest.   We thought it had done the trick as she had a new lease of life – for a while.

Suddenly she began to fade and began to look very frail.   Yesterday she didn’t eat and the vet thought it was time for to ease her away into her next life.   We didn’t want her to suffer but it was so very sad.

We held her while she went to sleep….. goodbye little friend and good dreams till you come back again …… we’ll miss you.


Goodbye Rusty The Stray Dog

It was nine years ago that Rusty came in as a stray.   This large greyhound was in a terrible state.  Not only was he emaciated and exhausted but he had been a victim of cruelty as well.  He had cigarette burns all over him and they were sore and infected.  How could anyone stamp a cigarette out on a dog?   Even though we see a lot of bad things we were very shocked by his condition.

In spite of what somebody had done to him, Rusty was a gentle and loving dog.  We patched him up and had him in on the road to recovery.   Would he have any long term emotional issues?   It didn’t seem so and Rusty soon responded to kindness.   Would anyone want to give such a big dog a home?   Greyhounds are difficult to re-home because most people want a small or medium sized dog.   They are invariably affectionate and well trained and Rusty was no exception.

It was a happy ending – we found a fabulous home for Rusty and he has had a very good life.   Sadly he passed away this week – his family came up to tell us and show us some more photos of him, living in the lap of luxury and looking very contented.   Thank you so much for letting us know – we always like to hear from ‘our’ strays.  It was great to know how much you loved him and how much he loved you.   Over the Rainbow Bridge Rusty – we’ll meet again dear friend……

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a Rainbow Bridge, it’s where all animals who have been our special friends go.  There are fields and woods and hills where they can play and run together.   There’s plenty of food and water and shelter and they are warm and comfortable.   All the pets who have been ill are restored to health and vigour, they are just as we remember them at their best.   They are happy except that they miss those left behind.    Every so often one will stop and look into the distance, the bright eyes will shine, the body will quiver and suddenly he’ll set off, running faster and faster.    You’ve been spotted and your old time friend will finally reach you, looking into your pet’s trusting eyes you will know that you’ll never be parted again….. so long gone from your life but never out of your heart.

Then you’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge together…….


When it’s time to say goodbye

If only we could stop our dogs from getting old.   That they have a much shorter life than us is one of the great heartbreaks in sharing your life with them.   We love our dogs, they are members of our family but then it seems that all too quickly, the playful pup is an arthritic old stager.

Modern veterinary medicine can help dogs to have a good quality of life for a much longer time but there’s nothing to beat good food, exercise, considerate care and a loving home though.    When I was at the vets recently two dogs (with different families) were brought in to be put to sleep.   It was a traumatic experience for the owners and for everyone in the waiting room.   We all had a tear in our eye.   One dog appeared to be very ill, the other was an old stager who could barely totter.   There time had come.

In all cases it’s better to make the decision early rather than late, nobody wants a dog to suffer.   Our desire to keep our pets with us for as long as possible, should never be the first consideration.   A doctor (and great dog lover) once told me that when thinking about sending your dog on his last journey a day early is always better than a day late.   Your vet is the best judge of this if you don’t know the answer yourself.

We like to arrange it so that our animals stay in their home surroundings till the end.   You can ask your vet for a tranquilizer – a favourite meal with some ‘go-to-sleep’ tablets in will make everything easier.   The timing is everything, you need to book an appointment for your vet to come just after your dog has drifted off.   A soft comfy bed, some favourite music in the background, the scent of herbs – lavender or vanilla are relaxing – and one of your old jumpers (or something else that’s familiar and with your scent on it) can by your dog’s side..

The life of your dog has been filled with significance and the final moments should be as spiritual and full of  love as possible.  You have to be brave though, don’t let your dog see that you are sad or anxious.   When the vet arrives to give the injection to ease him or her out of this existence and into the next, your dog won’t feel a thing.  A deep sigh and he’ll be off to his next life and running across the ‘rainbow bridge’ …. to wait for you?   Who knows?

Goodbye Sparky

Our long standing sanctuary resident Sparky, sadly lost his battle with cancer and passed away the day before yesterday.   Although he’d been quite well recently he suddenly began to have breathing difficulties.  We hoped that the vet would be able to give him another ‘magic’ injection as they have kept him going for several months.   But it was not to be, we were told that the kindest thing was to ease him off to another life and so Sparky passed gently away in Jenny’s arms.

It’s always terribly sad when one of our much loved cats leaves us and they are all special – but Sparky was especially so – a cat in a million and we will always miss him.   Goodbye Sparky our dearest friend.

Birthday Memories of a Dear Father

24th April 2012 – Birthday memories of a dear father and animal lover who passed away 1st December, 2011.   Sadly missed by the whole family who also love all animals and have rescued pets themselves.   From his son – Vincent James.


In memory of Pete

It’s now nearly two years since Pete, one of the sanctuary founders, passed away and it is his birthday this month on 5th April. While we will never forget him, the animals also seem to remember this wonderful and kind man who cared for them with so much devotion. Pete was very much ‘in tune’ with cats and dogs, horses and goats. Nolene, shown here, will not allow anyone to pick her up like this. She loved answering the phone with Pete though and would sit on his knee forever.

Even now the dogs run up the fields where he used to walk them, just as though he’s still out there with them. They’ll stop suddenly and look up as though he’s by their side and talking to them   –  animals know so much more than we do and perhaps he is.

Lord Montague

Our pets are members of our family and the grief we feel when they pass on, as all creatures must, is often overwhelming. But all life is a preparation for death and there is nothing we can do to alter this fact. It’s natural to grieve and it’s a process that can help us to recover from the pain we feel at the time. Paying a lasting tribute on our memorial pages is a beneficial dedication to the life of your pet. Nothing is destroyed, only changed and the spirit lives on.

Send us a much or as little detail as you like, history, anecdotes, pictures (medium size please) poems, stories, friends. We’d like to know about people too, your loved ones and friends, we are all sentient beings and share this wonderful planet. We’ll give a blessing and prayer for every animal and human life you tell us about.

LORD MONTAGUE – Above is Lord Montague, Monty to his friends, who passed away at the end of 2011. Monty, a miniature wire haired daschund, was a great character and had a wonderful life with his owner. He lived to be seventeen years of age and is very sadly missed.