Pet Advice Guides

Need help with a problem pet? Our pet advice pages cover many topics about dogs, cats, horses, choosing the right pet, looking after goats and farm animals based on years of experience. We help owners achieve long lasting, rewarding and balanced relationships with their pets.   Our aim is to provide pet advice to reduce the abandonment of pets.   After all, every owner wants a happy, healthy companion.   With so much advice out there, it is sometimes bewildering to find an answer when things go wrong.   Many animals are brought into the Sanctuary because their owners can no longer cope with them.

Over the years we have treated countless common pet behavioural problems including dog barking, nervousness, aggression, diet problems, health problems, skin ailments and digestive disorders.   We have a pet rehabilitation unit at the sanctuary and we do have lots of happy endings.   Our website aims to provide a common sense guide to caring for your pet.   Our aim is to help you to achieve harmony and a happy lifestyle with your animal friend.   It has to be mutual to succeed!    We believe in natural methods and for animals to live as much as possible as nature intended.   So many behavioural problems and sicknesses are caused by poor nutrition and they way the animal is forced to live.   Pets don’t usually choose us – we choose them and then oblige them to conform to our standards.  It’s hardly surprising that sometimes it all goes wrong.

We mainly use herbal and homeopathic methods to cure ill health and we are stockists of Dorwest Herbs, tried and tested over many years.   However, herbal remedies are not always appropriate for more serious complaints and should not take the place of veterinary advice and treatment where this is necessary.  We like herbs and nutritional supplements because they are gentle and non-irritant and mostly because they work!     We stock and can recommend many brands of dog and cat food that have been tried and tested at the Sanctuary.      Our volunteers have many years experience with specific breeds – we have a resident goat expert also poultry breeders, horse behavioural therapists, dog trainers, spiritual animal healers as well as cat worshippers!    The work we have done with animals over a lifetime enables us to provide a collective wealth of experience to help you better understand and communicate with your pet.

Please remember that if you are in doubt about your pet’s health or in cases of emergency, a vet should always be consulted.  If you have a specific question or pet related problem that isn’t covered in our Pet Advice section, please get in touch via email. Our pet advice service is free but we appreciate any donations and they help with the care of our animals.