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The Pet Samaritans emergency pet rescue service is open 365 days of the year. Find a new pet with our derbyshire dog adoption and pet adoption pages.

Many dogs and animals are brought to us every week requiring are help. We have some lovely Dogs and Cats, kittens and farm animals available for adoption nearly all year round. Browse our pet adoption pages and make a new friend today.

Cats for re-homing

cats - ginger sisters

Tina and Tia  -      Good homes wanted for some of our ‘golden-oldie’ residents.   Tina, shown above, has always been with her sister, so these lovely red tabby cats will stay together.  The girls have shared bed and board since kittens, they are friendly when they get to know you, not extroverts though.   Both Tia and Tina are laid back and like a quiet life.  Some nice pouches, a dish of biscuits, a Dreamie or five or six, a comfy bed and they are happy.   These are low maintenance cats who will be good companions.   They have never been outside so if you are looking for indoor cats this is how they are used to living.   It would be nice to let them have a stroll out into the garden on a summer’s day when you are around to watch over them though.  Tina and Tia have been spayed and are fully vaccinated.

cats - ginger girls


Charlie is a golden-oldie boycat - he has had a much loved life but had to be brought in to the sanctuary when his owner passed away.   Charlie is laid back and friendly.  He is a sedate cat who is easy to look after.   Food is his passion, he loves eating although it’s mostly soft pouches because Charlie has no teeth.  They were all taken out some years ago so no visits to the vet and expensive dental treatment for this guy!   He manages just fine though and even eats biscuits when he gets the chance.  Charlie is neutered and fully vaccinated.

If you’d like to come and meet Tina and Tia and Charlie and can give any of our older cats a loving home please get in touch.  We’re open every day 11.0am to 3.0pm – 01246 455777 or contact online.

cats - charlie

American Bulldog Mr.Softie looking for new home

dogs - mrsoftie twoHe may be a chunky lad with a macho image but Mr. Softie is just as his name suggests – the sweetest and most lovable dog around.  He is a big softie so naming him was easy!  He’s an easy going and laid back fella who is so affectionate and friendly, he’s well behaved and clean and a bit of a wimp.   You should have seen him this morning wingeing about the snow – oooh! it’s cold can we go back inside now!  

Mr. Softie is a striking, handsome dog, he’s sociable, likes people and all he wants to do is fuss you, his tail is always wagging.   He’s only a youngster (around a year old), not so tall but he is stocky.  He is fully vaccinated.

Softie walks nicely on the lead, he’s been excellent in every way here with us and is a soppy lad who likes you to talk to him and tell him he’s handsome – he is a bit of a poseur!  Oh yes, he does enjoy an ice cream cornet!

If you’d like to come and meet this faithful forever friend please get in touch.  01246 455777 or email via the website.

dogs - buddie 8

dogs - buddie 6

dogs - buddie 5


What is a Huskita?

dogs - luna

This lovely dog is a cross between a Husky and an Akita.  If Luna is typical this is a great cross, she is very attractive and as good as she looks.   We took Luna in as an emergency, so she is a bit bewildered although settling well already.  Her owner had been made homeless, there was nowhere for either of them to sleep that night.  He told us he was prepared to sleep ‘rough’ but couldn’t contemplate that his dog would have to share the same fate.   We took her in straight away and gave her a big supper and cosy comfy bed.  She is in good condition, although very hungry and is doing well.   Her owner managed to find a bed for the night when he no longer had a dog with him.

We don’t know whether Luna is a deliberately bred Huskita.  We’ve never had this cross in before.   She’s a good girl, sociable and friendly, very well behaved.  Luna is clean and polite, she walks well on the lead.  We’re told she is fully vaccinated but hasn’t been spayed.   She’s small Akita size.  These dogs bond well with their people, she’ll make a best friend and faithful companion for some lucky person.  Please bear in mind that Huskita’s need plenty of room, lots of time and exercise.

dogs - huskita

dogs - huskia 7

dogs - huskita 6

dogs - huskita 8

Jack Russell is a Golden Oldie

dogs - sadie 5

Sadie is a sweet and gentle Jack Russell who is in her late middle age.  She’s a lovely who has come in to us because of her owner’s sudden illness.  Sadie has been with one owner since a puppy so she is a bit bewildered.   She’s a good natured dog though and is settling well, she is very affectionate.  Sadie can’t go back home so we’re looking for a kind and caring home for her.   She is easy to care for, clean and well behaved, fully vaccinated and spayed.  She likes to go for a little walk but wouldn’t want to go too far, a stroll to the park or the shops would be fine.

Sadie loves her food, dainty meals and titbits, she would love a bed by the fireside and to be thoroughly spoilt.   She is a good companion and is sociable and friendly.   If you could give this little lady a good home please get in touch.

dogs - sadie 6

dogs - sadie 8

Young Beagle for Adoption

dogs - beagle 3

Ridley has found a super home – thank you – Ridley is a beautiful young beagle who came in recently through no fault of his own.   He was given up because his new owner had an accident and, with her arm in a splint, was unable to look after him.   She had only just taken him on but has two dogs already, the situation quickly became an emergency and we were glad to help.   Ridley is a super dog who is very attractive and has a people-pleasing lively personality.  He is very thin though but is co-operating enthusiastically in our fatten-Ridley-up regime!  He looks alright with his jumper on but is a skinny lad when we take it off.  He’s quite a poseur and we have some great photos of him already.

Ridley is a tricolour, mostly white with pale markings.  He is clean and well-behaved, very motivated by food – he’s always hungry.  He loves walks and to play, we’re not doing too much with him though until he gets back up to weight.   He’s neutered, vaccinated and chipped and is a sociable dog who loves people.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open 11.0am to 3.0pm in winter.  01246 455777 or email.

dogs - beagle 2

dogs - beagle 4

dogs - beagle 7

dogs - beagle 6

dogs - beagle 8


Labradoodle looking for a new home

dogs - shona 4We’ve found a perfect home for Shona – thank youShe’s a cross between a labrador and a poodle and Shona is a lovely dog.  This is a great mix, she is loving, gentle, intelligent and this chocolate brown girl is gorgeous.   Only some curly waves along her back show her breeding, the fineness of her head makes her look a bit like a pointer.  Poodles don’t shed their hair so this may be another advantage to her pedigree.

Shona came in to us because of her owner’s work commitments.  She is a young, active dog who needs a lot of exercise and companionship.  Such an affectionate dog can’t be left on her own all day.  She’s a large dog, labrador size, but not too chunky, she is an elegant girl.

Since coming in Shona hasn’t put a paw wrong, she settled well from the start and is as good as gold, because she is getting plenty of exercise she is content and happy.   Shona walks nicely on the lead and loves her walks, she will be a wonderful forever friend and companion for some lucky person.  If you would like to come and meet her please get in touch.

dogs - shona 3Shona takes treats with good manners…

dogs - shona

dogs - shona 2


Jester is missing Butters

cats - jester 5Now back together – thank you – This is Jester, a handsome young cat who has been with us for many months.   He became best friends with Butters who has recently been re-homed.  Jester has a lovely temperament and is well behaved and very clean.  He is about a year old, fully vaccinated and neutered.

It would be lovely if the family who adopted Butters could take her best friend as well.  We’ve heard she’s settled down very well with them.  We like to keep in touch but unfortunately their recent email has disappeared.

Jester had a bad start in life, he was knocked down and one of his back legs was broken.  The vets patched him up and he’s alright now but wants a quiet life, to be an indoor cat would be perfect.

If you could give Jester a home please get in touch – it would be great to start the New Year with a happy ending.   01246 455777

cats - jester 6Jester making friends with a rescued kitten.

Another cat dumped but a happy ending..

cats - leo 6

The day after we found Sapphire lying in the yard we had another newcomer.   This handsome cat appeared in Reception just before we were about to close.  The room was empty an hour earlier..  We went in to close up and there he was, sitting on the desk and looking scared.  He couldn’t have made it in there on his own because the door was shut

He wasn’t in good condition, very thin and his coat not brushed, his feet rough as though he’d been walking for miles.   Naming his was easy, he’s a ‘lion’ cat (a Maine Coone we think) and he’s huge with a fluffly coat and a white ‘mane’ framing his face.   He may be big but he is friendly and affectionate.  Picking him up reassured him, he was very apprehensive.   But where had he come from?  At least he’d been left indoors and not left in the yard.

Leo passed his health check and was vaccinated, the vet confirming that he was a Maine Coone and that, apart from being underweight, he was in good health.   Although friendly, he was still nervous and as Sapphire came in aroound the same time, we decided to introduce them.   It was an immediate success.  Sapphire gave Leo the condifence he lacked, she decided that he was her new best friend.

The Derbyshire Times came to take photos, before Christmas we were taking cats in nearly every day.   Cats in crisis!   Thank you to everyone who has helped us feed them.   Leo and Sapphire’s photos were in the paper and the next day we had a phone call.   ‘I think you’ve found my cat….’ It was Leo’s owner who had lost his cat over a year earlier.

Leo had disappeared suddenly, perhaps he had been picked up and taken away.  He is an exceptionally handsome cat.   His owners had searched for him and were overjoyed that he had been found.  It was an emotional moment when they came up to see him and confirm that it was indeed their cat.   There was no doubting it, he was just as pleased as they were.

Happy endings are what it’s all about, the only sadness was for poor Sapphire.  They had fallen in love, she would certainly miss her friend.

Not for long though, the next day we had another phone call.   ‘Can we take Sapphire too?”    Lovely people who couldn’t bear to know that these two friends had been separated.   A few days later and Sapphire went home to Leo.  A Christmas miracle?    Seems like it to us.


cats - leo 8



cats - leo 3

cats - leo 6

cats - leo 5

Derbyshire Times Featuring the Sanctuary

derbys times Dec 14

‘Cats are not just for Christmas’ is the headline in today’s Derbyshire Times – it’s a feature about the dozens of stray cats who have been brought in or dumped here in the run-up to Christmas.  The photo shows volunteer Jodie (on the left) with Leo (a Maine Coon) and Jo, who is a Sanctuary Manageress and also Adoptions Co-ordinator.

Jo is holding Sapphire who was left for dead in our yard a few weeks ago.   Thankfully both cats are recovering now.   A big thank you to the Derbyshire Times who have highlighted the plight of the unwanted cats and featured our need for cat food and donations to help care for them.

Pretty kitten for adoption

kittens - mimi 6

Mimi is ten weeks old and was born at the sanctuary .  She is a beautiful kitten and although she likes to play, she has a quiet and gentle nature.  Mimi is a tortieshell coloured kitten so there was no doubting her sex – all torties are female..

She is vaccinated, flea-ed and wormed and has had a vet health check, so she is fine and ready to go to her new home.  Her markings are exceptional, shades of cream, orange, beige, brown and black.  Mimi is fully litter trained and is eating well, she likes to be cuddled, picked up and sit on your knee.

If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

kittens - mimi 3