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The Pet Samaritans emergency pet rescue service is open 365 days of the year. Find a new pet with our derbyshire dog adoption and pet adoption pages.

Many dogs and animals are brought to us every week requiring are help. We have some lovely Dogs and Cats, kittens and farm animals available for adoption nearly all year round. Browse our pet adoption pages and make a new friend today.

Lots of kittens for adoption

kittens - parsley

We’ve had several litters of kittens brought in recently and still have some cats who are in kit.  Usually kittening is over by this time of year, we don’t know why it’s become an all year round event lately – climate change maybe?

Above is Parsley, who is a black and white boy, good looking and with a striking appearance, he is approx. nine weeks old and a little charmer.  Parsley is litter trained and friendly.  His initial nervousness from when he was brought in has worn off and he’s a sweetie.

kittens - bramble 2

Bramble is Parsley sister, she is a lovely kitten with a sweet and expressive face.  She’s short coated and jet black (very lucky, every home should have a black cat!  They are said to encourage good fortune and keep bad vibes away).  Bramble has settled down well, loves pouches and cuddles.  She’s also going to the vet tomorrow for vaccination and a health check.

If you’d like to come and meet Parsley or Bramble please get in touch.

Simba tabby kitten needs a home

kittens - dino 1

Simba is a well marked tabby kitten who is just over 9 weeks old.  He’s a boy kit and well behaved and friendly.  Simba is fully litter trained and is weaned and eating well.  He’s been to the vet for a health check, which he passed fine, and has been vaccinated.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

kittens - dino 6

Denver ready for adoption

cats - denver 2

Denver was a stray who was kept going for a while by a lady who then brought him to us.  She would like to have kept him but it wasn’t possible.  It was thought that  he’d been abandoned by people who’d moved away.

He’s a handsome cat and well behaved, very clean and friendly when he gets to know you, he’s sedate and a bit timid with strangers to begin with.  We think he might have been badly treated at some stage so a bit of patience is needed.  Denver is a loving cat when he gets to know and trusts you.

We’ve had him fully vaccinated and he’s had a health check which he passed just fine.  He’s been neutered and is fully litter trained.  Denver gets on with other cats so long as they aren’t aggressive towards him, he’s a bit of a wimp and would be stressed by bad behaviour!  He’s been sharing a room with Penny and they get on well together.

A quiet, gentle home would suit him, if you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open every day from 11 to 3.0pm.  Please press the bell on Reception on the right.

cats - denver 6cats - denver 5


Penny needs a loving home

cats - penny 2

Penny came in as a stray, she’d been abandoned by previous owners.  She’s a lovely cat, very friendly and easy going.   Her colour is jet black, even her nose and her eyes are a beautiful green.  She’s a round, cushion shaped cat who is very cuddly and likes to be held and fussed.

Penny is not only friendly with people, she is good natured with other cats too, she gets on well with everyone.   We’ve taken her to the vets to have a vaccination and she’s had a health check which was fine.   The vet thinks she is around five years old and as she shows no sign of having ever kittens, we think she is already spayed.

Penny is a good eater, she isn’t fussy and loves her meals.

If you’d like to come and meet Penny please get in touch.  We’re open for adoptions between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.  Please press the bell on Reception (on right) to let us know you’ve arrived.

cats - penny 4

cats - penny

cats - penny 3

Mini-Shepherd dog for adoption

dogs - marcy 22Marcy

Reserved, thanks everyone.   Marcy is a lovely little dog – yes, she looks like a German Shepherd but is a small version.   She’s a cross with a Jack Russell and has little legs so she is compact and just right for the house and going in the car.  She’s good looking and very appealing, always ready for a fuss and a smile on her face.

She’s a playful girl, around 18 months old and loves to go out for walks.  If you like lots of exercise then she would be a great companion.   Marcy is clean and well behaved, she’s fully vaccinated and has had a vet health check, passed fine.

She’s a popular pal here and with our volunteers, she’s good in the car and when she goes out for a walk and lunch.   Being able to have lots of exercise is important, she will be a faithful forever friend for some lucky person.

If you’d like to come and meet her we are open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.  Please press the bell on Reception (on right – blue cabin) when you arrive.

dogs - marcy 26

dogs - marcy 27

dogs - marcy 20

Little Miniminx would love a new home

cats - minnie 10

She is little more than a kitten and quite small for her age, Miniminx came in as a stray and is fussy and friendly and wanting reassurance that she won’t be left again.  Mini wants to be picked up and cuddled and fussed, she can hardly believe she is safe now.   She’s a lovely little girl, probably about nine months old, she is a dark tortie with a lot of mottled colours in her coat.   Mini has to be a girl because cats this colour always are!

She eats well and is very affectionate, she’s fastidious and fully litter trained.  We’ve taken her to the vet and she’s been given a clean bill of health, also vaccinated.  All she wants now is lots and lots of love.  If you’d like to come and meet Miniminx please get in touch, we’re open for adoption viewing between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

Pumpkin needs a home

cats - pumpkin 5


Pumpkin is a huge ginger boy cat who was brought in to us when his owners moved away and left him behind.  He’s a lovely fella, big, fat and round, just like a cushion – or a pumpkin!  He has a charming nature, he’s polite, well behaved and very affectionate.  He likes to be picked up and have a cuddle, he’s quite sedate and a ‘fireside’ cat, very handsome and well marked.

Pumpkin is clean and fully litter trained, he’s a fastidious cat.  He likes his meals and is a good eater.  You can see that can’t you!  He’s nice and rounded at present but wouldn’t want to put any more weight on.

He’s been to the vet for a health check, which he’s passed and was also vaccinated.  When he came in he had a wound on his head, the vet’s seen it and says it’s healing up nicely.  We think he’s middle aged, around nine or ten years old.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

cats - pumpkin 2

cats - pumpkin

Friendly Diesel is ready for adoption

dogs - diesel 25

Diesel was a stray with no one to care for him, when he came to us he was overjoyed and settled right away.  He hasn’t put a paw wrong since he’s been with us.  We believe Diesel to be around 6 years old, he’s in good shape and has been for a vet health check which he passed first class.

He’s a lovely dog with good manners and always smiling, he’s very clean and obedient, he likes to go in the car and loves walks.  Diesel walks nicely on the lead and has a good appetite.  He’s not very big, small to medium in size.

What breed is he?  Some Staffi and maybe Labrador?  He’s a dark brindle with one or two white spots.  His coat is shiny and his weight is just right.  He’s a sociable dog and likes meeting new people and their dogs, he’s been great with everyone here.

We’ve had him vaccinated and so he’s ready to go to a new home, Diesel will make some lucky person a faithful companion and forever friend.  If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open 11 to 3.0pm every day, please press the bell on Reception (on right) when you arrive.

dogs - diesel 28

dogs - diesel 26

dogs - diesel 27

Blue & White Boy Cat Needs a New Home

cats - frostie 12

Frostie is a beautiful cat, he’s a striking blue and white and very friendly. He’s well behaved too, clean and laid back, he’s middle aged and likes a quiet life with lots of fuss and cuddles.  Frostie came in when his owner passed away.  He’d been living in the garden ever since.  When the family (who live abroad) found out about him they brought him to us.  He has such a loving personality and settled with us very quickly.

Frostie is an intelligent cat and a good conversationalist, he’s patient – you talk, he listens! He’s a lovely companion and will be a favourite friend forever for some lucky person. He is sociable with other cats too.

Frostie is vaccinated and neutered and ready to go to a very special loving home. If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

Although we’ve been told that Frostie is middle aged our vet thought he was a bit younger.  He certainly doesn’t look his age.  If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  Check out our details on the contact page, we’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

cats - frostie 7

cats - frostie 11


Lovebirds complete with cage

lovebirds 2THANKS TO ROMANTIC BIRD LOVER FOR GIVING THEM A GOOD HOME – We’ve called them Romeo and Juliet and, like Shakespeare’s lovers, they are devoted to each other.  These are happy birds, beautiful to watch and so affectionate, always together and kissing each other.  They’ve been brought in because of their owner’s illness, sadly she could no longer care for them.     We want to find them the best home possible, lovebirds like attention and the more you are with them and talk to them, the tamer they become.   If you hand feed them they will eventually fly to you for food even if they are loose.   It takes patience though.

Romeo and Juliet come complete with as superb cage, it’s large and has all kinds of toys and perches so there is plenty of variety.  It’s good to let the birds out for a proper fly though.  The last ones we had loved to be out and used to sit on top of the bookcase.

If you are interested in the lovebirds you are welcome to come and meet them – a donation is required.  We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.  Please press bell on Reception (blue cabin on right ) when you arrive.

lovebirds 8

lovebirds 9