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The Pet Samaritans emergency pet rescue service is open 365 days of the year. Find a new pet with our derbyshire dog adoption and pet adoption pages.

Many dogs and animals are brought to us every week requiring are help. We have some lovely Dogs and Cats, kittens and farm animals available for adoption nearly all year round. Browse our pet adoption pages and make a new friend today.

Stray cat is thin and hungry

cats - binkieShe’s a beautiful cat but has had to rely on the kindness of a disabled lady for food.  Binkie has been living in a back garden with only the shelter of a greenhouse and no home of her own.  She is a beautiful calico cat, lovely colours and markings and a sweet nature.  The lady who found her has been doing her best to feed her but because of her disability it has been difficult.  We agreed to go and fetch Binkie as soon as we heard about her, no cat should be outside in all this torrential rain.  Binkie is a real pet and loves to be picked up and fussed, she is very good natured.

We took her for a health check at the vets earlier today and she is fine apart from being underweight.   She isn’t microchipped so we don’t know anything more about her.  When we first brought her in she wolfed a pouch down and then asked for another, she is really hungry so will soon put weight back on.  She has been vaccinated today and is a clean cat and litter trained.  Has she been spayed?   We have no way of knowing that at present – we can usually tell in a week or two by their behaviour mostly.

cats - binkie 3

cats - binkie 4

cats - binkie 2

Scampi for adoption

dogs - scampi 8

Scampi’s owner has been in hospital and can no longer care for this little Yorkie x.   He’s been with us for a couple of months now and has settled well.  He is a bit of a character and gets on best with people he knows.  Scampi wouldn’t be suitable for anyone with children, he doesnt like cats and we think he’d be best as a ‘one and only’ companion.  He’s around four years old and is neutered and fully vaccinated.  We’re looking for just the right home and if you’d like to know a bit more about him please get in touch.

Friendly Rabbits for Adoption

rabbits - mabel & betty 2These friendly and very tame rabbits are best friends and need a loving home where they will be together.   They eat together, sleep together and hop around without moving far from each other.  Mabel and Betty are a charming duo, we don’t know whether they are sisters but have been told that they are around three years old.  They are dwarf rabbits and very dainty.   Mabel has more grey splodges, Betty is mostly white.   They are both very lovable.  If you can give them a good home please come and meet them.  They need a large hutch with sleeping quarters and a big run or to be free some of the time in a well fenced garden.  Rabbits also like to come in the house and can be trained to use a litter tray.

Mabel and Betty have had a load of brambles for breakfast today, they chew the thick stems and this helps to keep their teeth short.   Rabbits also need good quality hay ad lib and lots of dandelions, clover and grass.  Willow twigs are liked and provide something to nibble on, also small branches from fruit trees.  Half a slice of brown bread toast is good in the morning or a small handful of cereal.   Carrots and apples are good too but hay is the most important item in their diet.

Masbel and Betty love to be stroked and petted, they are real sweeties – if you’d like to come and meet them please get in touch.

rabbits - mabel 4

Mabel is very pretty.

rabbits - betty

Betty is smaller and very dainty.

rabbits - mabel & betty 5

Super Staffi Stella is back with us

dogs - stella coat 2

Stella has been one of our long term residents, we  had her in the sanctuary for many years. Then she was re-homed to a lovely family who gave her a wonderful hone life.  Sadly, ill health, a forthcoming operation and no one to look after her has meant that she has had to be brought back.  There were tears – everyone loves this personality plus staffi girl.  Stella is middle aged, brindle, smooth coated and is friendly, well behaved and a people pleaser.  She is vaccinated and spayed and is good with other dogs and cats and loves everyone.  She loves to go out for a walk so if anyone has an hour or two to spare, Stella will enjoy a stroll through the woods or along the canal.  She likes car outings also and is interested in everyone and everything.   One of her biggest delights is playing football – Geoff, who is one of our volunteers, took her out to the park and let her off only to see her scoot off.  Was she a runaway?  Not at all – she’d seen some lads playing football and went to join in!

Stella is available for adoption so if you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.   We’re open for adoptions from 11.0am to 3.0pm every day.

Ragamuffins come to stay

cats - ragamuffinsThree beautiful Ragamuffin cats came to stay with us over the weekend.  It’s because of the ill-health in the family that the cats can’t be kept anymore.   There were lots of tears at parting with these lovely young pedigree cats.  It’s a rare breed, started in America in the ’70′s and previously associated with Ragdoll cats.  They are now recognised as a breed in their own right.  They are friendly cats, chunky in build and slow to mature, they don’t get to maturity until they are around five years old.

We have two six month old kittens – Pom-pom a young lady and her brother, Caspar.  Pom-pom is shown above.   Also another girl at a year old and that is Coco who is a slightly darker colour.   These cats have exceptionally loving natures, theyt like to go outdoors and climb and play but supervision would be necessary because of their rarity and desirability.   We are looking for homes for the cats, Pon-pom and Caspar must go together, Coco would be fine as an ‘only child’.

All three have settled well and eating, playing, fussing and purring.  They are sociable and charming by temperament.  They are all vaccinated, spayed and neutered.  All are very clean and fully litter trained.   If you’d like to come and meet them please get in touch.

Cat shot at by thugs

cats - tigerlily 5

This is a stray cat who used up one of her nine lives last week.   She was seen being chased and shot at by a gang of lads with air rifles and only just rescued in the nick of time.   This lucky girl cat was taken in to Carrick Vets to be checked over and fortunately none of the pellets had hit her.   Apart from being traumatized and very thin, she is alright.  We’ve called her Tigerlily and a sweeter cat would be hard to find.   A big thank you to Carrick Vets for looking after her so well and for vaccinating her before bringing her in to us.

Tigerlily is very pretty, she is a tabby with pale apricot and white markings and real tabby stripes.   She is very friendly and well behaved, still needs lots of reassurance after her ordeal.   She is very clean, fully litter trained, not microchipped.  We think she is about two years old.   If you could give this lovely cat a good home please get in touch. She is quite thin but is eating well and on the road to recovery.

We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm, 01246 455777.

New kittens

kittens - dorcas babiesWe have some lovely kittens and they are growing fast, they seem to change and develop every day.   None of the next two litters are ready yet, we don’t like kits to go to their new homes until they have had a vet check and their first vaccination at nine weeks old.  Even then, there are some babies who are still emotionally dependent on mum or their siblings.  When they become more independent and confident at being handled we know the time is right.  The tabby here is a little boy, the calico is a female – no uncertainty about that – all tricolour cats have to be female, it’s their genetic programming.  These two are especially sweet, suggestions for names are very welcome.

We do have one boy kitten who is available for adoption, he is a mackerel striped tabby and went for his health check yesterday (a clean bill of health) and his first vaccination.

Stray cat rescue

cats - mitzi 2

This pretty tortoiseshell cat was brought in to us today.  She is without a home and has been fed by a kind hearted cat lover for the past few weeks.   Unfortunately this lady has to move house and there is no one else to take pity on this poor little waif.  We think she is only a young  cat and obvisouly female as tortie’s are programmed to be that sex.  No tortie or calico cat is ever male. She is a lovely colour, mixed shades of fawn, ginger, cream and black – just gorgeous!  We’ve called her Mitzi, she is dainty and small and very friendly.  Mitzi was naturally scared and anxious when she first arrived but is settling well and wolfed a pouch down without any hesitation.

We’ll be putting her up for adoption, we’re sure she’ll make some lucky person a devoted friend.  First we have to find out – is she vaccinated?   Is she spayed?   Is she microchipped?   A visit to the vet as soon as possible is on the agenda.  And we want to see a smile on that worried little face – and to hear her purr!

cats - mitzi 3

If you’d like to come and meet Mitzi please get in touch – visiting is between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

Ginger kitten for adoption

kittens - donovan

Re-homed – thanks folk – Donovan (Donny) is nine weeks old and ready for adoption.  He is a handsome boy kit, a red tabby with lovely markings.  Donny has just been vaccinated and has had a vet health check which he passed so he is fit and ready to pack his little bags and go off to his new home.  He’s a lovely kitten with a sweet personality, a bit of a mummy’s boy still so he will need lots of cuddles.  Donny is clean and is litter trained.  He’s eating well and likes kitten food and also fresh mince and fish… yum!  yum!   Please get in touch if you would like to come and meet him.  01246 455777 or call during opening hours between 11.0am and 3.0pm.   Please press the bell on our Reception (on right) when you arrive so that we know you are here.

kittens - donovan 2

Friendly youngster for adoption

cats - sox abc1

Sox is a beautiful young lady cat who is only one year old.   She has a sweet and friendly nature and the most stunning golden eyes and magnificent whiskers!   She’s a dainty little cat who is well mannered and gentle, she loves to be fussed and likes comfort and dainty meals.  She isn’t used to other cats so would be perfect for a home where she is the ‘one and only’.

Sox was homeless before she came in to us and has now been vaccinated and spayed, she is very clean and is fully litter trained.  Sox is a sensitive and intelligentcat who relates well to people and will be a devoted companion to some lucky person.  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.  We’re open for adoptions every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

cats - sox abc

cats - sox abc2