Pet Adoptions

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The Pet Samaritans emergency pet rescue service is open 365 days of the year. Find a new pet with our derbyshire dog adoption and pet adoption pages.

Many dogs and animals are brought to us every week requiring are help. We have some lovely Dogs and Cats, kittens and farm animals available for adoption nearly all year round. Browse our pet adoption pages and make a new friend today.

Pair of delightful Degus for adoption

daygus - silver & pearl 3 - 1

They are sisters and very pretty, these Degus have been well handled and come complete with their own extra large cage.   Degus need metal housing because they are adept at chewing and would go through a wooden hutch eventually.

They are smudgy grey colours, we’ve called them Silver and Pearl.  Degus originate in Chile, South America and like warm weather, they need a tub of sand or soil so they can burrow.  In their natural habitat their den would be underground.   They’re about guinea pig size and live to be eight or nine years old.

Feeding them is easy, vegetables, dandelions, grasses, nuts, seeds and the main part of they diet should be hay.  Keep away from anything sweet because surprisingly, degus are prone to diabetes.  No fruit and honey sticks!  Degus are used in research (poor things) into human diabetes.

Degus are sociable creatures and live in groups although they don’t usually tolerate a stranger being introduced.  They like lots of beaches and twigs in their den, so they have something to nibble on.  They are easy to tame, inquisitive and come readily for food.

Silver and Pearl come with  a complete set up and all their toys and belongings.   The large cage would be very expensive to buy and a donation is much appreciated.

We’re open every day from 11.0am to 3.0pm and you are welcome to come and meet the degus..   If you can let us know when you’re calling round that is helpful – it’s always busy here.  Please press the bell on Reception (blue portacabin on right)  on arrival.

daygus - silver & pearl - 1

preloved - degus 1 - 1

Bill Bailey needs a home

dogs - bailey 2 - 1

Bailey is a handsome palomino coloured people pleaser, brought in through no fault of his own and who is now in need of a new home.   He’s about a year old, fully vaccinated and chipped and with a lovely temperament.

Bailey is clean and well behaved, he walks nicely on the lead and is sociable, friendly dog.  He’s about labrador size with a fine silky coat.

Bailey likes to go for walks and play but is just as content to sprawl out in his bed and have a siesta.  He’ll make some lucky person a faithful forever friend and deserves the very best of homes.

We’re open every day between 11 and 3 -please come and meet him.

dogs - bailey 3 - 1

dogs - bailey 5 - 1

Cocker Spaniel for Adoption

dogs - finley spaniel 2 - 1

We’ve met some lovely people for him so not taking any more enquiries at present – thank you – Finley came in because of difficult domestic circumstances – it’s always upsetting to part with a much loved pal.  He’s settled well with us though and hasn’t put a paw wrong since being here.  He’s a handsome cocker spaniel who is two years old, fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

Finley is well behaved, friendly and gentle, he’s a polite well mannered lad.   He’s a pale apricot colour with a silky coat and is medium to small in size.  Don’t spaniels have lovely paws – he’s very huggable.

He’s a clean boy and walks nicely on the lead, he likes to play and go out and about.  If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch, we’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

dogs - finley spaniel 4 - 1

dogs - finley spaniel - 1


Friendly staffi for adoption

dogs - millie staff - 1 (1)

Bella is a gentle staffi who is around five years old.  She came in as a stray and wasn’t claimed, no idea why, she is a lovely girl, very clean and well behaved.  Bella is friendly and affectionate, she likes to give you a paw!

She walks nicely on the lead and hasn’t put a paw wrong since she came in.  We’ve been told that she’s used to living with other dogs and with children.   If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

dogs - millie staff - 1

Ginger boy kitten for adoption

cats - jasper 12 - 1

Re-homed to a lovely family, thank you.  Jasper is a beautiful kitten around six months old.  He was brought in as a stray and we’re fattening him up, he’d been abandoned in a back garden.

He’s a lovely, friendly kitten, as soft and gentle as they come, all he wants is to be picked up and fussed.   We’ve had him vet health checked and he’s passed fine, also his first vaccination has been done.

He’s eating well and is clean and litter trained.  It will be good to see the difference in him when he’s filled out.  If you’d like to come and meet Jasper please get in touch.  We’re open every day between 11 and 3.0 (except for this Bank Holiday weekend when we’re closed – open again on Monday onwards).

cats - jasper 16 - 1


Jack Russell charming duo need a home

dogs - Basil & Bingo 4 - 1Basil and Badger now have a wonderful loving home, thanks folks.  These lovely Jack Russells came in because of their owner’s work commitments, they are super little dogs and haven’t put a paw wrong since they’ve been with us.

Basil (on the right) is the older of the two, about 2 years and Badger is only a year old.  They are best friends and inseparable, a home together is needed.   They sleep and eat together.  Badger is the ‘baby’ of the pair and Basil looks after him, which is lovely to see – he gives him a ‘well-done’ lick when he’s been brave.

They are both friendly and affectionate and well behaved.  They’re a pleasure to walk and good to take out in the car.  Both are fully vaccinated and chipped, Basil is neutered, Badger is not – but there doesn’t seem any reason to have him done as he is well behaved and no problem.

They are both good with cats and other animals, well behaved, clean and absolutely adorable.   Basil is tri-coloured and broken coated.  Badger is also broken coated and full of curls!

If you’d like to come and meet them please get in touch, we’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

dogs - Basil & Bingo - 1

dogs - Basil & Bingo 8 - 1

dogs - Basil & Bingo 3 - 1

Sweet nature Lab x for adoption

dogs - Millie 4 - 1

Now reserved – thanks folks.   Millie was brought in because of a house move, the new flat wasn’t suitable for a dog.  She is a lovely girl with a friendly and happy attitude, she likes meeting people and is used to children.

Millie hasn’t put a paw wrong since she came to us, she’s clean and well behaved and very loving.  Millie isn’t very big, smaller than a lab.  She’s neat and has a sleek and glossy coat, she’s a bit overweight but that will soon change as she gets more exercise.

This delightful girl is looking for a new home and will make some lucky person a faithful forever friend and companion.  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.  We’re open between 11 and 3.0pm every day, check out our Contact pages for more info.

dogs - Millie 2 - 1

dogs - Millie 3 - 1

dogs - Millie 5 - 1

Mini rabbit with lovely colour and sweet nature

rabbits - fudge 5 - 1 (1)We’ve rehomed her to a loving family, thank you.  Bindy is a beautiful little rabbit, very pretty with a beige slightly fluffy coat – stroking her is quite addictive.  She’s a mini lop so although she is tiny, she is fully grown.

Rabbits stay tame if you hand feed them and give them lots of fuss, they need to be handled every day.  Bindi likes natural food, twigs, grass, dandelions – everything offered needs to be free from contaminants and pollution – don’t pick from roadsides or you’re giving petrol and diesel traces.  Make sure any twigs and branches are from trees and shrubs that are suitable and not poisonous.

Hay is the main food for rabbits and make sure it’s sweet smelling and not dusty.  Eating hay keeps the teeth worn down.  A little bit of cereal is fine but not too much as it’s not a natural food.  Our rabbits like a carrot occasionally, a sliver of apple now and then and broccoli stalks are a favourite.

If you’d like to come and meet Bindi please get in touch.  Bear in mind that rabbits like a friend and she would need a companion so long as they get on well together.  All hutches and runs need to be predator proof.  Foxes are especially hungry at this time of year as they will shortly have cubs to rear.

rabbits - fudge 5 - 1


rabbits - fudge 4 - 1

Bereavement left boxer all alone

dogs - boxer 3 - 1

A family whose boxer recently passed away have given Missy a new home, trips to the seaside, camper van jaunts, she’s loving it, thanks folks.   Missy is a beautiful pedigree boxer who was left all alone when her owner passed away.  She’s a beautiful dog with a temperament to match, she is gentle, affectionate and well behaved.

Missy is around 3 years old, she is fully vaccinated and has a sleek and glossy coat in a rich red colour.  She walks nicely on the lead and hasn’t put a paw wrong with us.  Missy loves to go out for trips in the car and sits nicely and doesn’t make any fuss.  She could perhaps do with a little more weight but she will soon put that on again when she gets over her loss.

She’s medium sized, not big for a boxer though.  Missy is a striking dog and will attract attention wherever she goes because of her good looks!  If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

dogs - boxer 2 - 1


dogs - boxer 1 - 1


dogs - boxer 4 - 1

Partially sighted kitten for Adoption

kittens - posy 5A loving home found and Posie settled in straight away, thank you so much.  She’s called Posie, she’s approx. 14 weeks old and she’s beautiful.  But, Posie has a disability – she can’t see out of her right eye.  It was damaged, perhaps at birth.   There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with it unless you look very closely, so it doesn’t detract from her appearance at all – she is a lovely kitten, tabby and ginger so she’s really a tortoiseshell tabby!

Rosie is fully vaccinated and has had a health check done by the vet – she passed just fine, he doesn’t think the eye will cause any problems in the future.

Rosie has a friendly and affectionate nature, she is clean and litter trained too.   If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.