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The Pet Samaritans emergency pet rescue service is open 365 days of the year. Find a new pet with our derbyshire dog adoption and pet adoption pages.

Many dogs and animals are brought to us every week requiring are help. We have some lovely Dogs and Cats, kittens and farm animals available for adoption nearly all year round. Browse our pet adoption pages and make a new friend today.

Friendly Collie x is looking for a new home

dogs - barney 5

This handsome collie x came in to us recently and has become a real favourite.  He’s well behaved and intelligent and hasn’t put a paw wrong while he’s been here.  Barney is medium size, not as big as a Labrador though.  He is a lovely colour, light tan shading darker.   He’s a neat well proportioned dog with a nice personality.   He is neutered and vaccinated and is clean and well behaved.

Barney loves going walks and likes to play and catch sticks, when he comes back he is quiet and will happily turn into a couch potato if that’s what you want for a while.

If you’d like to come and meet Barney please get in touch.  We’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.  Please ring the bell on Reception (blue wooden cabin on right in top card) when you arrive.

dogs - barney 6

dogs - barney 8

dogs - barney 12

Labrador x collie pup is looking for a new home

dogs -  pups chunky monkey

HAPPY ENDING – A LOVELY HOME – RESERVED ALREADY - We’ve had a super puppy brought in, he’s a Labrador x collie and nine weeks old.   As well as being very handsome, he has a lovely placid nature.   This pup is really well behaved.   He’s called Chunky-monkey and the name suits him. He looks like a chunky labrador and has the lab temperament – he’s calm, clean, very friendly and affectionate, sleeps well and paper trained already.  Chunky eats well, has had a vet health check and is vaccinated.

If you can give this little chap a loving forever home please get in touch and come and meet him.  We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm.   Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

dogs - puppy chunky

Derbyshire Times Featuring the Sanctuary

derbys times Dec 14

‘Cats are not just for Christmas’ is the headline in today’s Derbyshire Times – it’s a feature about the dozens of stray cats who have been brought in or dumped here in the run-up to Christmas.  The photo shows volunteer Jodie (on the left) with Leo (a Maine Coon) and Jo, who is a Sanctuary Manageress and also Adoptions Co-ordinator.

Jo is holding Sapphire who was left for dead in our yard a few weeks ago.   Thankfully both cats are recovering now.   A big thank you to the Derbyshire Times who have highlighted the plight of the unwanted cats and featured our need for cat food and donations to help care for them.

Pretty kitten for adoption

kittens - mimi 6

Mimi is ten weeks old and was born at the sanctuary .  She is a beautiful kitten and although she likes to play, she has a quiet and gentle nature.  Mimi is a tortieshell coloured kitten so there was no doubting her sex – all torties are female..

She is vaccinated, flea-ed and wormed and has had a vet health check, so she is fine and ready to go to her new home.  Her markings are exceptional, shades of cream, orange, beige, brown and black.  Mimi is fully litter trained and is eating well, she likes to be cuddled, picked up and sit on your knee.

If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

kittens - mimi 3

Silver tabby kitten for adoption

kittens - marvelMarvel is a silver tabby and such a handsome kitten.  He’s nine weeks old and has had his first vaccination and a veterinary health check – he’s passed without any problems.  Marvel has beautiful markings and colour, he has a lovely personality, he’s friendly and loves to be fussed and cuddled.  He’s eating well – he loves food and has kitten pouches and Hill’s Science Diet kitten biscuits.

Marvel is a playful little kitten, like all babies he needs time to rest and sleep, a cardboard box, a cut down duvet, a fleece and he’s in heaven.    We like to give all our cats natural food, so while the kits like their pouches, a bit of fish or meat, cut up fine or minced, is good too.

Kittens need to be kept indoors for many months and definitely until they’ve been neutered or spayed.  It’s much too cold for them to go out this time of year, except for a few minutes and when you are with them.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying things for kittens – cardboard boxes are the best beds, you can throw them away when they get soiled and get another one for free.   Saucers are better than plastic dishes, easier to keep clean and if you go round the flea market or car boot sales, you can get them for a few pence.   They haven’t been made in China and come from the other side of the world either.

We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm so please come and meet the kittens – we have several other beauties, girls and boys, ready for new homes.

kittens - marvel 3

kittens - marvel 2



Pepperpot needs a home

dogs - pepperpot 4

Pepperpot is a young lady Jack Russell and all she wants for Christmas is someone to love.  She’s around two years old, spayed and fully vaccinated and with a delightful personality.  Pepper has been as good as gold while she’s been here and is already a real favourite.  She likes to go walks and play and go in the car for outings.   Pepper is an intelligent little dog who loves people.  She’s a nice size, not a mini J.R. but still a small dog who is easy to look after and take out with you.

Pepper is enthusiastic and always has a smile on her face!  If you’d like to come and meet and make her Christmas an especially happy one, please get in touch.  We’re open every day between 11.0am to 3.0pm.

dogs - pepperpot 1

Ready for a walk….

dogs - pepperpot 2


Dogs for adoption

dogs -  laddie 20

Can you give Laddie a home?   He’s a lovely dog, a Labrador x and with a great personality.  He’s a medium size dog, cream in colour and very polite, he’s clean and well behaved.  Our volunteers take him out to the park for walks and he’s good in the car.  Laddie hasn’t put a paw wrong since he’s been here with us.   Laddie is approx. 3 years old and is vaccinated and neutered.  Although he’s a big lad, he is a wimp and another dog would easily intimidate him.  It would be lovely if he could get a home where he is the one and only.

AMY – Jack Russell – she’s about 4 years old, a pretty tri-coloured young lady, wispy coat, well behaved and clean.  Amy is spayed and fully vaccinated.  She came in because of her owner’s ill health and is very much missed.  We’ve known  Amy for some years as she used to come and board with us when owners went away.  She walks nicely on the lead, likes dainty food and a comfy bed.

PEPPERPOT – Another very pretty Jack Russell, about 2 years old, a bit rough coated, sweet nature, loves people and well trained.  She is a clean little dog, walks nicely on the lead and likes to play.

If you would like to come and meet Amy, Pepperpot and Laddie, please get in touch.  We’re open 11.0am to 3.0pm.   Please ring bell on Reception – blue wooden cabin on right in top yard.

Jack Russell for Adoption

dogs - sparky 14Sparky is a handsome little fella who came in to us because of his elderly owner’s ill health.  He’s a handsome dog, smooth coated and a well marked tan and white.  He might even be a Parson Jack Russell as his legs are a bit longer than the traditional J.R.  He’s still not very big though.  He’s neat and sweet and very affectionate.   Sparky is an enthusiastic chap, ready for anything, he loves walks and fuss and treats, going out in the car and meeting people.  He’s a sociable dog who walks nicely on the lead and is well mannered.

Sparky is fully vaccinated and will have a health check at the vet’s before he packs his bags and goes off to his new home.  If you would like to come and meet him please get in touch.  We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.

dogs - sparky 5

dogs - sparky 11

Shepherd x Needs Socialising

dogs - oliver 2

We’ve had several unwanted dogs brought in over the last week.   They are all settling down but Oliver has more problems than the rest.  He is a lovely dog ….. but ……. he has a lot of issues.  He’s a big lad who has been neglected recently as his owner’s life has changed dramatically and Oliver has been left on his own.  He is around four years old and hasn’t been socialized enough as a youngster so being home alone has made everything worse.  Oliver is nervous and shy of strangers.   When he gets to know you he’s fine but until he does he backs off.

Oliver has not had enough exercise lately and this shows in his lack of muscle.  We’re befriending him, building a relationship with him,  giving a calm and consistent routine.  It’s gentle exercise to begin with – when he builds his fitness up we’ll take him further.

On the plus side, Oliver seems good with other dogs and cats also.  He’s a clean dog and apart from being a constant worrier, he’s good to handle.   We’ll start him on Scullcap and Veralian tablets (we keep them in stock) and these are excellent for promoting a calm approach to life.   Lots of conversations, treats, hugs and fuss will also help.   When he came in his collar was embedded in his neck and we had to cut it off.  It’s what happens when life’s challenges mean there is no longer any time for the dog.

dogs - oliver 3It will be good to see him smile again…

dogs - oliver

Staffi puppy needs a home

dogs - puppy staff 8

Brisco has found a perfect home with fantastic people -  He’s doing well and it’s a happy ending – thanks folks.  This lovely apricot coloured staffi puppy is a real poseur.   He’s called Brisco and has a wonderful temperament already -  calm and clean and gentle – all ready house trained and clean at night.  Brisco is a plump roly-poly placid fella who likes a lot of love and fuss.  He’s adorable, loves to be praised and told he’s a good boy – which he is!  Brisco already knows how to sit and stay – he’s quick to learn and very loving.

Brisco was brought in because of family circumstances – he’s fully vaccinated and will make a superb forever friend for some lucky person..  We think Brisco is about 12 weeks old so he’s ready to go to a new home.

If you can give Brisco a new home please get in touch and come and meet him.   We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm.

dogs - puppy staff

dogs - puppy staff 10