Our old pony wraps up warm






Japonica is our oldest pony and at 37 this year she is still in good health.   She likes to go out for a saunter round every day, no matter what the weather and exercise is good for her.   Keeping wrapped up warm is important though as old ponies lose body heat very quickly.  This is a great rug (thanks to Cadman Animal Feeds who so kindly donated it for her) and covers just about every bit of her.    Japonica is streamlined already and we have to feed her four times a day to keep her weight on.   The problem is that she doesn’t have many (any!) teeth.   This is what most old animals die from – when their teeth go – that’s it.   Unless they have someone to feed them soft and very nutritious food as we do with this lovely old girl.   Japonica has a sweet nature and is polite and gentle – she can still go a good gallop round the field when she wants to though.