cats - lucky 11

Cats like lots of things that are bad for them.  Some are definitely toxic and can lead to serious illness and even death.  Others take a while to take affect or give mild symptoms.  Here are some of the most common:

Anti-freeze – make sure you have put it away in a locked cupboard.  If any of it spills and your cat laps it up (and she might well do this as it is sweet and palatable) she will become ill quite quickly and recovery is unlikely.   Only your vet can help and may recommend euthanasia as anti-freeze poisoning is a slow and painful death.

Liver – most cats love eating liver.  A small amount is good for them but eat too much and their bones can fuse together.  It’s bizarre but it does happen, we’ve seen cats who look arthiritic and can only hobble around – indulging on liver is the cause.  It’s a treat for high days and holidays only.

Cod Liver Oil – it’s fine for dogs (and people) it’s an anti-inflammatory and can help with the pain from arthritis.   It’s a no-no for cats though, it has too much Vitamin A and this is not good for our feline friends.   Better to use a few drops of salmon oil (for shiny coat) and follow the dosage on the bottle.   Sardines and oily fish are alright for tea from time to time though.

Cut flowers – If you have a bunch of flowers and there are lilies in it make sure you put your floral arrangement well away from cats.  If they brush against the pollen it can make them ill.  It isn’t a contact contaminant – the trouble starts if the cat washes herself and ingest some of the lily dust.   Keep lilies away from cats.  This could also happen if you grow them in the garden.

Green water – standing water can have algae growing in it – you’ll see a surface ‘bloom’ of green or yellow or blu-ish colour.   Our fastidious cats aren’t so bothered about drinking stagnant water so this isn’t usually a problem, but if they do decide to slurp some up you’ll be taking them to the vet.  It’s extremely toxic and some pets don’t survive.  It’s usually dogs who succumb, even paddling in it can cause fatalities.  Fresh water every day is the only answer.