ponies - holly 2Holly is a elderly pony whose owners could no longer care for her, her place at livery had been lost and there was nowhere for her to go.  They did not want to have her put to sleep but it was rapidly becoming their only option.  When we heard about her plight we offered her a place in the sanctuary.   We never put any healthy pony to sleep and although Holly is an old lady, she is still fit and well and enjoying life.  Holly had been used to living with other ponies and we hoped she would fit in well with one of our small pony herds.

ponies - holly

Holly is approximately 11.hands high and is dark brown in colour.   We were told she could sometimes be a bit grumpy with people but was always friendly with other ponies.   However, she was on her best behaviour when she arrived and showed no sign of a temperamental nature.   We gave her a feed and it looked as though she was enjoying all the attention.

ponies - holly 3

She loves food and is well behaved while she is having her dinner.   We put her in a large loose box next to some of the other ponies, she can see them but they are not together.  They can have a gossip over the stable wall and that way they’ll get to know one another.When we turn them all out together we’ll see how they are going to get along.  Ponies are herd animals and ours are a tight knit community.   How will they treat a newcomer?   Is Holly going to bully them?  She is quite a bit bigger than them and size counts in the pony world.  Introducing a newcomer isn’t easy, we’ll take it slowly.