More strays in last week – several on one day and guess what?   Most of them are staffi’s or staffi x.   Who out there is breeding them?   They must be able to sell the puppies but, sadly, not to homes that are going to keep them.  Lack of socialization and training is usually the reason they are thrown out when they reach adulthood.   What are we going to do with them all?    No enquiriess about any of them so far and here is little likelihood of them being claimed.

We’ll do what we usually do – turn the bad guys into good guys.  Dogs are intelligent and are basically tuned into to humans – they like us in spite of all that we do to them and understand us much more easily than we understand them.    Dogs are loving and forgiving and when they get the hang of what we are saying and want them to do and when they have their confidence and trust back, they soon respond.

But it all takes time.  Health problems have to be sorted out, every stray who comes in to us has to be vaccinated, wormed, de-fleaed and checked for other signs of illness. Sometimes they have chronic health issues that need expensive medication.   Getting the dogs back to a comfortable body weight takes a while, they are usually thin and undernourished when they arrive.   We’re often asked what the dogs like to eat.   The answer is – anything!   When they’ve been so neglected they are ravenous.

It’s surprising how many dogs come in to us lacking muscle tone – don’t they get exercise?   It seems not.   Obesity may be a problem for pampered pets but so many of the dogs we see here have never had enough to eat.

POUND FOR PAWS APPEAL – Please help us if you can – we need dog food, donations to pay the vet and help with their care.   Even a small amount will make a big difference – can you afford a £1 for the Paws?   Please help us to provide even more care and lots of Happy Endings.  [donate]