Mini ponies come back home

ponies - come home

Our mini ponies have been enjoying winter grazing away from home over the past few months – there’s nothing better for them than fresh grass!   Now it’s time for them to come home and  they seem very pleased to be back.  We have to hire a horse box as we don’t have one in the sanctuary – it would be wonderful to have horse transport of our own so it’s on our ‘wish list’.

We’ve not brought them all just four good friends – Ruby and Daydream, Grace and little Pixie.   He may be only 26″ but here he is first off and out there in front.ponies - come home 3Daydream had a good look round as soon as her hooves hit the tarmac, they all knew where they were within seconds.  

ponies - come home 4Off they go to the stables, no persuasion needed, they know the way.

ponies - come home 5The ponies have been together in the sanctuary since they were first rescued many years ago.  They range from eight to 15 years now.  Ruby is the deep chestnut one and the oldest.  Daydream is younger and a very pretty red and white.  Grace is bright chestnut with a flaxen mane and Pixie is the dark brown boy pony who is tiny, although he thinks he’s a big fella racehorse sometimes!

ponies - come home 6Is there a feed waiting?   We’ll be fetching some of the other ponies back in the Spring.

ponies - come home 7It’s so good to be home …..

If you’d like to adopt one of the ponies please get in touch.  Let us know which one – a donation helps us to keep them in clover and we’ll send you a photo, ‘your’ pony’s story and an adoption certificate.   Sponsors can come and meet ‘their’ mini friend on our monthly pony days – first Sunday in every month between 12.0noon and 2.0pm.

Dmations by paypal, donate button on site or cheque payable to Pet Samaritans please.