Meet Daydream in our Mini Pony Club

Daydream Mini Pony

Daydream was born at the sanctuary and is Ruby’s much loved daughter.  Her mum idolizes her and Daydream can’t do anything wrong where Ruby is concerned.   Not that Daydream ever does anything out of place anyway, her name suits her and she is easy going and laid back, even as a foal she was always gazing at a buttercup or looking at the sky, she was very placid.

Day Dream

Daydream is a cheerful little soul who enjoys life but at her own pace.   She somemtimes has a gallop round with the others when they are having a ‘mad’ few minutes, but she rarely starts the playtime races.

Daydream is about 32 inches tall and is beautifully marked, red and white with a very long flaxen mane.   She enjoys being groomed and is fine when the blacksmith comes.   She is a friendly pony and likes chatting to Sundance, Grace and baby Bridget.   There’s only one thing she doesn’t like – and that is being separated from Ruby.   Daydream will always be a mummy’s girl.