Love those ginger kittens

New arrivals – yesterday a stray cat we’ve called Tiffany gave birth to three all ginger kittens.   Tiffany didn’t look very big so we weren’t expecting a large litter and three are just right.   The colours are beautiful, the one is the middle is a bit bigger than the other two and is a real red shade – a ginger tom maybe?   We haven’t disturbed them to see whether they are boys or girls – it’s a bit too soon.  Tiffany was a bit thin when she arrived and is only just learning about motherhood.   At this stage she’d leave them if she could!    Being a mom isn’t for every cat!

Often when cats have had a hard time trying to survive they tend to discover the joys of kitten rearing when they feel more confident so we’re hoping she’ll come round to it.   She is nursing them and washing them so it’s alright so far.

One of our old cats, called Peaches (who is 18 this year and still going strong) never took to being a mom.   She growled and grumbled and nursed her babies with extreme reluctance when she first came in here.   Even after we’d had her spayed she would try to sneak into the maternity ward and steal other cats newborns and then abandon them.    Peaches had to be confined to quarters when it was kittening time.

This is Peaches on her 17th birthday.   Still as feisty as ever!