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Have you lost your pet? We are here to help. Losing your pet can be one of the most worrying times for any pet owner. Our lost pets service can help reunite pet owners with their pets. If you’d like to advertise your lost pet on our website, contact us via email: info@petsamaritans.co.uk or visit our contact us page for more details. If you can provide a picture, description about your pet and last known whereabouts, we can place a post online in the hope someone might be able to provide assistance.

In derbyshire, we work closely with the local dog wardens and other animal sanctuaries. There is a good chance your pet might have even been brought into the Pet Samaritans Sanctuary, so give us a call.

A small donation is always appreciated when sending requests to help with the running costs of this website.

Missing long haired cat a real beauty



It’s heartbreaking when a much loved pet goes missing.   Not knowing is perhaps the hardest part.   This lovely long haired tabby is such a beauty that he surely must have been taken in somewhere.  If you’ve seen him please get in touch and we’ll let his owner know.   Our direct number is 01246 455777.    Here’s what his owner told us:
My cat has gone missing from Killamarsh & was last seen 23-9-12.  He is a 4 year old male long haired tabby and white male.  He has pink pads, although his front right pad is mainly black.  I have attached a photo of him.
Thank you for your help

More missing dogs

LUCY is a beautiful fawn and white Jack Russell x who has been missing for several weeks from the Inkersall area of Chesterfield.   She is neat and sweet and smooth coated – she walks with a slight limp.   Any news please get in touch with us in the first instance.

MISTIE is a female lurcher, shiny black coat with a white bib.   She is a much loved pet who was last seen on the fields at the back of Brookfield school, Chesterfield.   She’s wearing a leather tan coloured collar with a tag.   Owners are desperate to get her back and are offering a reward.  Contact us in the first instance and we’ll put you in touch.

Why are so many dogs going missing right now?   If you can email details to us please send a photo also – medium size if possible.   Also notify all adjacent local authorities as well as Chesterfield – when dogs are picked up they are often taken miles away before being handed in.


Lost whippet – where is she?

A brindle whippet disappeared from the town centre last night.   Sally is around six years old and a much loved pet.   Whippets hate the cold and wet so we think she must have found shelter somewhere.   If you’ve found Sally please let us know as soon as possible – her owner is desperate to have her home again.  Please ring us on 01246 455777 or email via the contact pages – we’ll pass the info on right away.

Please check out all the LOST PETS  under the PET ADOPTION HEADING.

Lost mini-labrador

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DISTINCTIVE DOG?   A chocolate brown mini- labrador dog has been lost in the Holymoorside area of Chesterfield.   He has a docked tail, white whiskers and a cauliflower ear so he has plenty of distinguishing features..    This is a rescue dog and is owner is desperate to get him back.  If you have seen him or heard anything of him please get in touch with us in the first instance and we’ll pass the info on.

Another missing cat




Another missing cat – it’s strange when much loved pets go missing.  Hardly likely that they would wander off, is someone taking them?   The owner of this cat is desperate for news – please get in touch if you see her or hear anything of her whereabouts:

Tabitha has been missing since 8:15am on Sunday 26/08/2012. She is a two-year old beige tabby with distinctive ginger markings. She is very timid and will probably run away if approached. She should be wearing a silver collar with a pink heart name tag. She went missing from Sycamore Crescent, Sandiacre. If you have seen her please call us on 01158 548497.

Many Thanks

Missing cat please look out for her

Another missing cat.   There are so many cats disappearing right now we are beginning to wonder if they are being taken.   We are getting several lost cat calls every day.   If you see anyone lurking with a van and trying to pick up cats please get as many details as you can (vehicle registration number, descriptions etc.) and let us know right away.

If you see or hear anything about this latest lost cat please get in touch and we’ll pass details on to his owner who is very worried.   This is what her owner told us:

My name is Joanna and this is Flea – 3 years old, female, neutered, microchiped indoor cat that escaped through open window on Saturday night in Brimington area – hasn’t come back yet.
If you maybe have any information regarding place of her stay please let me know.
 Thank you for all your help


Starving kitten has lucky escape





When he came in to the sanctuary earlier today this little kitten was starving, dehydrated, emaciated and covered in fleas but lucky to be alive.   He was found running about in the middle of the road and picked up by a pet samaritans who brought him straight in to us.  How did the cars miss him!

Judging by his condition he’s been out for some time, he is seriously underweight, you can feel all his ribs and he has skinny little legs.   Even his poor face is pinched.   When we offered him some food, he didn’t eat it – he attacked it!   We had to ration him so that he didn’t overload, he hasn’t seen food in a long while so it’s small meals and often till he recovers.

We’ve called him PeterPan because he really is a lost little boy.  After we’d fed him we de-fleaed and wormed him – I’ve rarely seen a kitten so covered in parasites.   PeterPan has a heartrending little meow – he is still distraught but hopefully will settle a bit overnight and feel better tomorrow.  How long has he been out there trying to survive?   He’s a little sweetie.








The food was good …..



Another missing cat

Great news – Bully has been found.  Thanks Kate for letting us know.   Has anyone seen Bully?   He’s a ginger male cat and very handsome.   We have a poster showing him up in Reception and will pass any news on to his people right away.    Here’s what his owner says about him:

I am hoping you can help spread the word about our lost cat, Bully. He got out on the 8th August 2012 and as he had only been with us for 5 weeks it was a bit too soon for him. He “escaped” rather than having a gentle introduction to outside. He frightened himself by getting outside in an unknown area and ran off really quickly – I am worried he may not have got his bearings and could be having trouble finding his way back. He could be hiding somewhere nearby or he could have headed to the nearest field/woods  – his previous owner said he liked being outside, but had never gone out for this long before. He went from Barry Road, Brimington Common. This is just off Manor Road the Calow end.
I am very upset and worried by his disappearance. He is micro-chipped and insured so there is a reward for his safe return.  Thanks Kate.

We’ll do all we can to help – please let us know when you get him back.   Strong smelling food outside the back door sometimes helps – tuna, sardines, cooked chicken….

Has anyone seen a flyaway cockatiel?

A cockatiel has been lost recently if you’ve seen one flying around please get in touch with us in the first instance and we’ll pass the info on to the owner:   Sonny escaped a week last monday from the Riddings area.  We’ve put posters put up but she could be anywhere. She is yellow, grey and white and has a ring on her left leg with her date of birth on, thank you, Jo.

Missing Siamese x Ragdoll cat please help






A much loved pet has gone missing from the New Whittington area and a reward is offered- has anyone seen him?   His owner is desperate for news:   My cat has gone missing from New Whittington. He has been missing since around 16th July. He is called Mr Bigglesworth and answers to B as well. He is very friendly, has no collar but is chipped. I have attached a picture. Those who don’t know a lot about cats would describe him as Siamese but he is a Siamese ragdoll cross so has longer fur. He has bright blue eyes and should come running if you make a psst noise as he will think he is getting a treat.
His back is a brown colour and he has a dark brown tail and paws. He also has a very loud purr but his meow is a little on the quiet side almost like he has a sore throat.
Also his right eye runs quite a lot as the vet said they thought he had cat flu before I got him. He is about 2 and a half nearly three years old and weighed just over 5kg before he went missing.
We have put up posters and will be putting up more with a reward on them and I will be contacting the chip company so they can contact a wide range of Vets but have contacted local ones already.

He is very loved and very missed. Please let me know if you find him or if you see him anywhere?