Lost Pets

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Have you lost your pet? We are here to help. Losing your pet can be one of the most worrying times for any pet owner. Our lost pets service can help reunite pet owners with their pets. If you’d like to advertise your lost pet on our website, contact us via email: info@petsamaritans.co.uk or visit our contact us page for more details. If you can provide a picture, description about your pet and last known whereabouts, we can place a post online in the hope someone might be able to provide assistance.

In derbyshire, we work closely with the local dog wardens and other animal sanctuaries. There is a good chance your pet might have even been brought into the Pet Samaritans Sanctuary, so give us a call.

A small donation is always appreciated when sending requests to help with the running costs of this website.

Lost tabby kitten

Please could I let you know of our missing 8 month old kitten. She is grey tabby, quite small. She was wearing a blue collar with a bell and cat flap magnet. She is micro chipped but the paperwork has only recently been sent off. She went missing from the Killamarsh area last Monday 11th march. We are contacting you as we were having work done by a Chesterfield tradesman and are worried that she may have got into his van. Please let us know if you hear of a cat matching her description as her brother and us are missing her.

Please get in touch with us in the first instance if you have news of this kitten.

Lost black and white cat

Has anyone seen an adult black and white cat wandering around and looking lost over the past week?   This is a youngish cat who has gone missing from the Old Whittington area.   His owner is distraught, the cat is normally an indoors resident and won’t be able to find his way around.   If you see a black and white cat who isn’t normally in your area please let us know and we’ll pass the information on.

A Golden Retriever goes missing

Lottie, a Golden Retriever, went missing on Sunday 27th January from her home in Rowsley, Chesterfield.   Lottie is aged 2 years and a much loved pet.   She is 2 years old and somebody must have seen her or know something about where she is.   If you have any information please let us know and we’ll pass it on straight away.

What to do if your pet goes missing:

Make a flyer with a picture of your pet and send it to all the vets in as wide an area as possible.

Notify all the Councils within fifty miles – lost dogs are handed in to the Dog Wardens where they are found – not where they come from.  

Every Local Authority keeps a Lost Dog Register – ring first and then send your pet’s details (your flyer) to each Council.   If they have a picture they should check it with the photo they have on file.

Notify the police – just in case – although they no longer deal with stray dogs they may keep a record or have information.  The police do still deal with stolen pets and dangerous dogs.

Send a flyer to every dog kennels over a wide area – especially those who take in strays for the council.

Put flyers up in Post Offices, Notice Boards and Newsagents especially those near schools.  Children notice dogs and might spot yours.

Try to get details of your lost dog out on the radio, the more people who know the more chance you have of getting your pet back.

Offer a big reward – this is likely to work if your dog has been stolen.   Young working dogs are thieves main targets.  There is a big demand and they are easily sold.

Advertise in country sports magazines.

Never give up hope – we have found dogs for their owners after more than a year has passed.

Missing black and white cat

Please let us know if you see anything of a very pretty black and white cat called Meg.  Her owner is desperate for news and this is what she’s told us –

Meg is black and white, at present she has a patch of fur missing on her neck and on the bottom of her back.  Meg was last seen around 10.30 am on Friday when she managed to escape from the house, she had been kept in because of the snow.  Meg is missing from the High street area of Old Whittington
It is very rare that Meg stays out over night, because she isn’t that keen on the dark and likes her home comforts.  Any information would be gratefully received.

If you see anything or have any news of Meg please let us know and we’ll pass it on straight away.  A photo is on its way.

Lost cat, old and blind, please help









It ‘s a terrible worry when a pet goes missing, even worse when he’s a 17 year old cat who is also blind.  Jasper is much loved and his owner is desperate to find him.   The weather is so cold and we have to hope that some kind person has taken him in.

If you’ve seen him anywhere (lost from the Hady area of Chesterfield) please get in touch and we’ll pass the info on straight away.  Elderly cats do sometimes have a real urge to wander off.  He’s a handsome cat isn’t he, let’s hope we can get him back home soon.

Missing Jack Russell















Isn’t she a beauty?  Sadly this elderly Jack Russell went missing from her owners back garden in Brailsford, Derby on the evening of the 27th December.  She was wearing a collar when she disappeared.   This old lady dog is called Ziggy and is a bit frail with poor vision and hearing and she is not very agile.   She is microchipped.   What could have happened to her?   If you have any information as to her whereabouts it would be much appreciated
Any information regarding her whereabouts would be much appreciated – please reply to us in the first instance and we’ll pass the details on to her very worried owners.


Lost Jack Russell

A white one year old female Jack Russell has gone missing from the Holbrook/Makeney/Duffield. She disappeared on Mon 12th Nov 2012.   This lovely little dog has ginger patches on her face, has a full tail and is microchipped.  She is very friendly.

This dog isn’t from this area but it’s surprising where lost dogs turn up.   If you see her or hear anything about her please let us know and we’ll pass the information on to her very worried owners.

Has anyone lost a ginger & white cat?

A Pet Samaritan found a male cat last  weekend in the Dronfield area  –  we haven’t had any enquiries as yet so if you’ve lost a ginger and white cat please get in touch and let’s get this friendly feline back home.

From Sally:  found a lost cat on Sunday morning, he was distressed and obviously lost wandering aimlessly on a country lane in Dronfield.   He is Ginger and White, entire and not chipped with no coller, very friendly i have put up posters and contacted local vets etc    If you have any enquiries about a missing similar cat please can you contact me.    He is staying with my parents at the moment in a spare bedroom but they cannot keep him long term.   Many Thanks, Sally

Please ring or email us in the first instance and we’ll put you in touch.


Injured cat is missing




GREAT NEWS – THIS LITTLE CAT HAS FOUND HIS WAY BACK  HOME – covered in dust but safe and well.   This lovely little cat went missing on Sunday.  It ‘s especially worrying because he has an injured pelvis and needs medication.  He lives on Holland Road, Old Whittington, if you see or hear anything of him please get in touch and we’ll give the information to  his very anxious owner.

I spoke with you this morning about my cat who has been missing since sunday lunch time. I contacted you first as i live close on holland road.
I have attached a picture.
He has a fractured pelvis and needs rest, i let him out for the toilet and he never came back.
I am very concerned, please let me know if you hear anything.

We’ll direct good thoughts, energies and prayers for his safe return.

Please help find a lost kitten











“Jess” has been missing since Tuesday 23/10.   She was last seen in the back garden at home on Haydn Road Chaddesden.   She has white paws, white Moustache and a white stripe from her chest to her belly.   She was wearing a red collar with a bell on.   I had a telephone call on Friday morning of a sighting of a kitten near Maine Drive close to Chaddesden park.  I have been to the area but no luck.

Although this kitten was not lost in this area she may have been picked up and taken somewhere else.  If you see anything of her please get in touch and we’ll notify the owners – they are very upset and the children are fretting for their pet.