Lost Pets

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Have you lost your pet? We are here to help. Losing your pet can be one of the most worrying times for any pet owner. Our lost pets service can help reunite pet owners with their pets. If you’d like to advertise your lost pet on our website, contact us via email: info@petsamaritans.co.uk or visit our contact us page for more details. If you can provide a picture, description about your pet and last known whereabouts, we can place a post online in the hope someone might be able to provide assistance.

In derbyshire, we work closely with the local dog wardens and other animal sanctuaries. There is a good chance your pet might have even been brought into the Pet Samaritans Sanctuary, so give us a call.

A small donation is always appreciated when sending requests to help with the running costs of this website.

Lost Ginger Tabby Cat

lost pets - Ted - 1

Ted, a ginger tabby cat, went missing recently, it was reported to us today 11th July, 2016.  He looks a beautiful boy, please watch out for him.  He is microchipped and owners desperate for news.   Please contact us in first place and we’ll let them know straight away if you have any news.

Get in touch on our Contact page.  Many thanks.

Reward for missing black & white cat

Missing since 19th May 2016 from Walton, Chesterfield, a four year old male cat – short black coat with white tummy and under his chin. He also has white socks on his back legs. He has been neutered and micro chipped. REWARD ON SAFE RETURN – please contact Pet Samaritans in first instance and we’ll pass any news of James on straight away.

There’s a reward for his safe return –  owners are very anxious about him.   It’s been  while but never give up hope, we heard of a cat who was found again recently after eleven years.  Some cats can find their way home but not all of them.  Sometimes they are kept in by well meaning people and can’t get back.

Lost cat from New Whittington

There seem to be a lot of cats going missing recently and it’s very worrying.  We don’t allow any cats out at night, they are all safely indoors and having their supper by seven o’clock.   There are too many night time dangers, cars going fast and hungry foxes with cubs this time of year. Sometimes cats go walkabout or are taken during the day though.

If you get your cat back please let us know.  This is the latest lost one, if you see or hear anything of her please let us know and we’ll pass the details on straight away.

My cat Squeak went missing on Saturday 30th April, she is longish haired, white with brown tail, ears and nose.   She went missing from the  New Whittington area in Chesterfield.

Any news – please ring 01246 455777 or mobile 0743 2071122.

Missing black and white cat

We’ve been asked to watch out for a black and white cat missing from Chesterfield –

I’m wondering if you could help me? Yesterday (7th April 2016) my 5 month old black and white cat went missing from the Chesterfield area. She has black legs and white paws, with longish hair. Would it be possible for you to put an advert up to try to safely get her back home? Thank you for reading. 

Please get in touch if you see or hear anything of this cat and we’ll let the owner know right away.  Email via contact page please.

Male Tabby Cat Missing from Chesterfield area

lost cat - billyBilly has gone missing from his home recently (notified to us 5th September) – his owners are desperate for news, it is very unlike him to go off.  If you see or hear anything please let us know (via contact page) and we’ll pass the info on straight away.


Reward for lost cat

cats - tallulah beauty

She’s back – dusty, dirty, hungry and tired out.   Thank you for all your help in spreading the word.   This lovely cat went missing last week, the owners have been searching for her. It’s not like her to disappear.  Then they were told that a dog had attacked her so she may be injured.  There is a reward for her return or for news of her.  If you know what’s happened please get in touch.  She is a very special cat, quite large and everyone is desperate for her safe return.

Please phone 07540 427089 or phone Pet Samaritans and we’ll pass the info on.  01246 455777

Many thanks.

Lost cat please help find him


cats - merlin

It’s very upsetting when a much loved cat goes missing.  Hopefully he or she has wandered off and will come back.  There’s a possibility that the cat has been knocked down – ring all the local vets just in case he’s been taken in, also take a poster in so they have a record.  It might be the worst news and the cat has suffered fatal injuries, in this case the Council Cleansing Department may have details  so check with them.

Possibly he’s been picked up, perhaps by children, and taken  home.  Newsagents and post offices are places to put up a poster and offering a reward gets attention.   If he’s an old cat Mr. Fox may have grabbed him, foxes frequently attack cats and we’ve seen this happen.  It’s not certain though and some of them ignore our feline friends, while others see them as a food source.

Hopefully none of the above has happened to a cat called Noodles who has recently gone missing.  Please help his owners find him and get him safe back home.  Here is what they told us:

On Thursday 30th April 2015 our 9 year old grey male cat went missing from our home in Breadsall, Derby. He is not chipped or wearing a collar.
He is very timid and a placid cat and a very much loved part of our family. His name is Noodles if you should ever find him please contact me day or night
we love and miss him so much. Thank you

If you have any news please get in touch with us in the first instance – we’ll pass details on straight away.  (The pictures aren’t of Noodles – we don’t as yet have one.)

Lost chicken

chickens - lost hen

Happy ending – she’s been found!   Such a beautiful Mille Fleur bantam but sadly, this little chicken has gone missing from her home at Calow.  She is brown and white speckled and her owner is anxious to find out what’s happened to her.  Hens don’t usually go wandering, they like to stay close to home and hen hut.   If you’ve seen her or have any information please get in touch with us and we’ll pass the details on.

Please email us – via contact details on this website or phone 01246 455777.

Pet road deaths

Perro - black & white 2

R.I.P.  It’s so sad when we lose a pet, they are part of the family.   Even worse when we don’t know what’s happened to him or her.   Dogs escape, cats go roaming and if they don’t come back home we will be wondering about them forever.  Up to a few weeks ago there was no requirement on Local Authorities to screen pets who had been knocked down and killed.  They were taken to the Highways Depot and disposed of without being checked for a microchip.   It was then impossible to notify the owner and bring closure.

Now it’s mandatory for the Local Authority to check any pet road casualty and notify the owner what’s happened.    A lady from Sheffield whose pet poodle ‘Harvey’ was knocked down by a car only a few minutes after going missing, has won her battle with the government to make Local Authorities scan all pets and, if not microchipped, take a description of the pet.   If any cat or dog goes missing you can now check with the Council to see if he or she has been taken in as a road casualty.   It’s best to know even if it is the worst news possible.

Missing Husky – let’s find him

dogs - husky 10Murphy, the white husky, has gone missing from his home in Chesterfield.  It’s unlike him to stray and his owner thinks he may have been stolen.  Please watch out for him and  if you see him or hear anything about him  get in touch with us right away and we’ll pass the details on.  This is an exceptional dog and his owner is very anxious to know where he is and get him back.   email us or phone 01246 455777.