Lost Pets

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Have you lost your pet? We are here to help. Losing your pet can be one of the most worrying times for any pet owner. Our lost pets service can help reunite pet owners with their pets. If you’d like to advertise your lost pet on our website, contact us via email: info@petsamaritans.co.uk or visit our contact us page for more details. If you can provide a picture, description about your pet and last known whereabouts, we can place a post online in the hope someone might be able to provide assistance.

In derbyshire, we work closely with the local dog wardens and other animal sanctuaries. There is a good chance your pet might have even been brought into the Pet Samaritans Sanctuary, so give us a call.

A small donation is always appreciated when sending requests to help with the running costs of this website.

Three Ferrets Lost in Old Whittington

We received a call today from an owner of three ferrets lost in the Old Whittington area of Chesterfield. Two are albino and one is coloured. All three are males and microchipped. If you have any information please get in touch so we can help the owner find them.

American Bulldog Lost In Chesterfield Derbyshire Area

A gentleman came up to the sanctuary today asking about his lost American Bulldog. If anyone has information about a lost or stray American Bulldog in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire area please let us know, as the owner was very upset and desperately trying to find his beloved pet who had gone missing. If you would like to get in touch via email or our mobile 07432 071122, we’ll do everything we can to help.

American Bulldogs are majestic to look at and quite distinctive as they are a large handsome breed. Classed as utility dog, they are social and active dogs that are great with their families. It is not uncommon for an American Bulldog to fall in love with their owners due to their highly emotional personality. They bond strongly with their owners and become great family pets. Its no suprise they have become a favourite with UK pet owners.

Are prayers are with the owners.

Have you lost a ferret?

Some kind Pet Samaritans recently brought a ferret they had found wondering around on a building site to the animal sanctuary. It looks like it might have been someones pet as it is seems to be well handled. Ferrets usually do not survive long outside because of outside dangers, so it is most fortunate it was spotted and brought to us.

If you have lost a ferret recently in the chesterfield area, please get in touch via email or give us a call on 07432 071122.

Lost Ferret Poster

Here are a few tips for finding a ferret that has escaped.

A tired, hungry ferret will be looking for home, so leave their pen open if possible with food and water. A carrier with food in could be placed in your garden or at areas where you think the ferret might have escaped. If you have other ferrets, the smell of a mate can lead a lost ferret home. Post on social media as it is a great way to reach people that might have seen your lost pet.  You can also try local rescue centres and animal sanctuaries to see if one has been brought in. Don’t forget local post offices and shops are great for lost ferret posters and offering a reward always helps.

Have you seen Mog a little lost cat?

Lost cat

A worried owner sent in an email about her lost cat, Mog. Mog is a 6 month old black and white male cat/kitten. He’s very adventurous and friendly. He was last seen at 4pm 21st August but the owners haven’t seen him since. Have you seen Mog? Please get in touch and we can forward any info onto to the worried. Our thoughts are with you Mog. Please come home soon.

Have you seen this lost cat called Dakota

A worried owner sent in some pictures of her cat called Dakota. She has only just turned one years old. She’s quite timid and no longer has a collar on. If you see her or know anything about where she might be, please let us know.
Our thoughts go with her for a speedy and safe return home.
Dakota Lost Cat Derbyshire

Handsome tabby goes missing


This lovely tabby has gone missing from the Bolsover area, he doesn’t normally roam so it’s a mystery and his owner is devastated.  If you see anything of him please get in touch and we’ll pass the info on.  He has distinguishing features so we’ll know it’s him.

Found – a young rabbit Old Whittington are


Has your young rabbit escaped?   We’ve had a report that one has been found hopping around and looking forlorn on a street in the Old Whittington area.  If you are missing your pet please get in touch and we’ll help you be reunited.

01246 455777 or email.

Missing elderly ginger cat

A 16 year old ginger cat with white feet has been missing from the New Whittington area for several weeks now.  We don’t have many details but if you see him/her please get in touch with us and we’ll pass details on.

Black and white young cat goes missing


Missing 23rd September 2016 from the Dronfield area.   He’s a handsome 7 month old black and white boy cat and owner is very anxious about him.   If you hear or see anything please get in touch with us and we’ll pass details on.

01246 455777 or email via contact page.

Missing ginger cat

lost pets -  ginger cat - 1

8.8.16  THOMAS has been missing now since monday the 8th august from a garden in the Derby area.
He is a ginger male, neutered with black and white whiskers.. he should be wearing his blue collar with a silver name tag which states his name and address.  Is owner says she feels ‘destroyed’ by his absence – please help to find him and get him home.  If you have any news please get in touch with Pet Samaritans and we’ll pass the info on straight away.