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Happy ending for Blossom & Daisy

It’s lovely to hear about the happy endings – ‘Blossom has, just like her step-sister Daisy, settled so well into her new home. She is cheeky, lively and loves cups of tea and cupcakes, as well as lots of cuddles and playing with Daisy! Thank you so much x

Daisy and Blossom look very content – they obviously have you well trained!   Thank you so much for giving them such a wonderful home and for letting us know how they are going on.   Please keep in touch.

Letter page – injured dog

Every day we get lots of emails and letters, mainly they are inquiries and requests for advice.   Lost and found, what to do, some heartwarming stories also.   (Shown above is Milo, a stray youngster who hasn’t been claimed, so sad – he’s a lovely pup.)   We’re planning to put them all this latest news together in a Letters Section.    Sometimes a lost dog is traced many months later so please check it if your pet is missing.   Knowing what has happened, even if it’s not good news, does make all the difference.  Do get in touch if you have anything to ask or let us know.  Here’s an email we received yesterday:          Today, (11.12.11) Whilst driving with my mum we saw a woman hit a dog, the woman got out to check her car before checking on the dog so we stopped and helped the dog, we put her in the car but she unfortunatley passed away, we left her at the vets but she had no collar or micro chip. The vet told us she was approximatley 2 years old and thought she was a staffordshire terrier cross, she was tan and black. We were wondering what the most effective way to try and find the possible owners was or if you had recieved any reports of lost animals to that specification in the Corby, northamptonshire area?

If you’ve lost a dog like this, please get in touch with us and we’ll give you all the details we have.