Kittens come out to play









The kittens this year have been slower to grow than usual, litters have been smaller too.  They are still as playful though and our ginger boys have the sweetest personalities.   We’ve recently added an enclosed garden area on to the maternity unit and the kits have just started to be brave enough to go out to play.   They love the long grass and chasing around among the leaves.   There is another girl kitten in there somewhere, she keeps herself to herself and thinks the boys are wild things.











Again, she’s a tiny kitten, very sweet and with a placid nature.  The boys are all over the place!









Playfighting is good fun….









The kittens aren’t ready for adoption yet but when they are, wouldn’t it be great if these two found a home together?

Can you spare £2.00?   Any donations to help us with the cost of rearing the kittens would be much appreciated.  [donate]