In memory of Alfie

ALFIE – passed on to cat heaven at the end of 2011.   He came in to us as a stray and a more loving and placid cat would be hard to find.   Alfie had been with us for a couple of years and had settled well – we love them all but Alfie was special, such an affectionate and good natured fella.

When a lovely family chose him for adoption we were delighted, we knew that Alfie would be happy with them and this was the case for several years.    Sadly, Alfie became ill last year and was diagnosed with a heart condition.   There was nothing could be done and although they managed to keep him going for a while, he eventually succumbed to his illness.

Our thanks to the family for letting us know how happy he was with you and for taking such good care of him.   In cat heaven Alfie will still be walking through the long grass and having a siesta in the shade of a tree – our blessings and prayers to you dear friend.

And these lovely words from Alfie’s family ……

Thanks for the loveley tribute to Alfie.  We were fortunate enough to have had Alfie  nearly 3 years before he passed away on 25/01/12. Everyone who met him loved him especially our scottie, Mac, with whom he was great friends. Most evenings Mac would want to play and Alfie would humour him for a short time before chasing and “batting ” him but there were never any claws out just a gentle pat from a very gentle cat.  Mac misses you loads Alfie as do we all. x

He was a very loving cat and made you feel better when upset.. He made friends with our dog when he was a puppy straight away.He loved all the family and liked to watch our catfish. Jack B age 7