horses - rhoganThis is Rhogan who is one of our older horses – he’s over 20 and has been with us for many years.   Rhogan has had a thick woolly coat all winter but we know it’s Spring when it starts falling out – there are hairs everywhere at present.   We brush and curry (metal scraper) him every day to help the hair come out.  He likes being groomed, perhaps his thick coat is itchy.   Rhogan rolls a lot and this is to help his coat loosen.  There are patches of grey hairs all over the fields.   The birds love it when we brush him and fetch the soft hairs for their nests.

Gradually the old hair will be gone and Rhogan will have a smooth, shiny coat which will be a different colour.  He’s a strawberry roan horse and is almost white in winter and a rosy chestnut in summer.   We’ll be featuring Rhogan in our next newsletter, he’s a lovely old fella and a big softie!