Horse dentist checks on Japonica

horses - japonica teeth

All the horses in the sanctuary have regular check ups with the Equine Dentist and last week it was Japonica’s turn.   She is our oldest pony and it’s difficult to keep weight on her, she can’t eat hard food or hay and has to have a special diet.

The dentist puts a special bridge on so that the horse’s mouth can be kept open while she rasps down any sharp edges on the teeth.   There were several of these points on Japonica’s teeth, probably because she does not eat any hard food.   Even though her teeth were rasped it was not the end of Japonica’s problems.  As she has aged her jaw has altered and her teeth have become misaligned, so that is partly why she cannot chew her food as well as she ought.

Regular check ups will help, otherwise, there is nothing more that can be done unfortunately.  It’s keep on with the mashes and soft diet.  Japonica, at 37 years, is still fit and well and sound in her legs.   If only she’d looked after her teeth!

horses - japonica teeth 2

Japonica still has all her front teeth – her gums have receded with age though.   This is where the saying ‘long in the tooth’ comes from!

Japonica is a lovely, sweet natured pony – if you’d like to know more about her why not ‘adopt’ her – it costs only £12.00 per year and helps with her care.  We’ll send you an adoption pack, photographs, her story and updates.  Makes a great gift!

To adopt Japonica just send us your name and address (or name of recipient if for a gift).  We’ll send out an Adoption Certificate, photograph ready to frame and all about this lovely pony.   Pay by cheque, donation online or paypal.   Many thanks.

thank you horse