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Your donations allow us to care for cats at our animal sanctuary in derbyshire. With your support, we never have to turn a cat away due to lack of funds.

We never put a healthy animal to sleep and if we can’t find a suitable home, they stay with us for life at the animal sanctuary.

If you would prefer to donate via the phone, please give us a call on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878.


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We get through an awful lot of cat food at the Sanctuary for our cats as you can imagine. Keeping on top of the food bill for our feline residents is an awesome task. Cat litter is the next weekly expense along with heating, lighting and water.

We take in pregnant mums, injured, elderly, feral and unwanted cats from across the UK. Often we are the last stop last hope when nobody else can take them in.

Vets bills are one of the biggest problems for us. Every cat we take in has to be vaccinated and health checked. On top of that we often have to spay or neuter them too. If there are health issues, it can run into hundreds of pounds. Having the funds available to treat a cat can make the world of difference – it means we never have to turn an animal away due to lack of funds.

You can donate directly to the cats by purchasing food and cat litter to help with our daily running costs or pay towards vacinnations and our Spay and Neuter programs.

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Sponsor a cat

Buy a bag of Cat Litter £5, Buy a tub of kitten milk £10, Feed a sanctuary cat for a month £15, Vaccinate a cat £35, Pay for a cat to be Spayed or Neutered £50