We do not know what the future may bring and it would be reassuring to know who would look after your pets if you weren’t able to do so.   We are here to help in an emergency and can also provide long term care and a loving home.  Jack and Nolene, shown above, have been with us for over ten years now and are secure, safe and happy with us for the rest of their lives.

PEACE OF MIND FOR YOUR PETS  – You can register your pets with us and if you are no longer able to care for them we will give them a loving home.  If a suitable adopter comes along and we are certain they would be happy, then we will get them settled in.   Even if a pet is adopted he or she must be returned to us if circumstances change, so this is lifetime security.

We have emergency pet care cards available at the sanctuary (call in the shop) or we’ll send one out to you if you let us have your name and address.   A donation to cover registration and postage is appreciated.

Or let us have the details below and we’ll get your pet registration card sent out to you:

Your name:


Phone number:


Cat’s Name:

Dog’s Name:

Other Pet:




Feeding routine – likes and dislikes:

Medical history including vaccination details:



Please email to info@petsamaritans.co.uk or post or bring in to Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary, Broomhill Road, Old Whittington, Chesterfield, S41 9EA – it’s PEACE OF MIND FOR YOUR PETS [donate]

Mischa and Myrtle have been with us for twelve years and are lifetime residents.